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Sara’s escaped, is soulless, and is out for blood. That’s the quickie summary of this week’s episode. But this is a recap, so we should talk about all the funs things that happen while Team Arrow is looking for her.

Haunted picks up a few days after Sara broke out of Laurel’s basement. A young woman is disposing of garbage behind a restaurant, and she’s attacked by some men. Sara appears out of nowhere and kills the men. Then she attacks the woman, but SCPD arrives, so Sara bolts. Quentin arrives to take her statement, and realizes she was attacked by Sara. Laurel shows up and confirms his theory. He’s pissed she didn’t tell him or Oliver. Laurel just wants a little more time to clean up her mess.

Across the way, at Oliver’s campaign office, Thea introduces him to Alex Davis, a political strategist Thea hired. Alex feels that Oliver needs to start distancing himself from the Lance’s because there’s too much baggage between the two families and their history will be used against him. Oliver doesn’t seem happy about that.

The next evening, Oliver and Thea are sparring. Oliver notices an improvement in Thea’s technique and mental state. She isn’t happy about what Alex said about the Lance’s, but Oliver concedes he did make a few good points. Before they can discuss it any further, their new overlord (Felicity) announces over the P.A. system, that the blonde woman is attacking people at a nightclub.

Laurel arrives to the club first, and she tries to stop Sara. Sara gets the upper hand, but Oliver and Thea arrive, and then the secret is out. Sara uses that moment to get away.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver is pissed. He works out the girls lied to him, and Sara is suffering from bloodlust. He doesn’t understand why Laurel didn’t come to him. It’s because she didn’t want to deal with him being all judgmental.

At the loft, Oliver and Felicity talk about Sara’s resurrection, and losing the people they care about. Oliver confesses to always thinking about his parents and Tommy. Felicity tells him about Ray’s recording. Then they figure out Sara’s attacking women who look like Thea.

Oliver tries to call Thea, but she declines his call. Too bad since Sara busts in and kicks her butt. Thea manages to escape, but not before being choked, thrown around the apartment, and falling down stairs.

Thea Oliver Hospital

Thea gets to the hospital, and that’s where she tells Oliver what really happened in Nanda Parbat, including the guys she killed to satiate the bloodlust. Oliver is stunned, and when Laurel arrives to check on Thea, he confronts her about everything. Laurel, rightfully, calls him a hypocrite. Why didn’t he tell her about Thea? She feels it’s because he doesn’t see her as an equal. He only tolerates her as the Black Canary, and he only thinks of his family, never hers. Then she checks on Thea. Thea tells her what’s really happening to Sara and why she’s targeting Thea. Thea is absolutely willing to be bait, but Laurel won’t hear of it. A little bit later, Oliver and Laurel start to talk about their argument, but a disturbance in Thea’s room interrupts them. Sara’s back, but she runs away when Oliver and Laurel enter.

And that’s enough hospital time for Thea. She leaves and the team reconvenes at the cave. They decide Thea will be bait. They use Verdant as their location. Sara arrives and is rabid. Laurel pulls a gun on her and is prepared to shoot her, even though, like her father, the thought of it kills her. Luckily, Oliver shoots Sara with a tranquilizer arrow and makes an important phone call.

It’s time for our not-so-secret special guest, John Constantine. He’s come to help get back Sara’s soul. He has Felicity gather some ingredients, including a peacock feather for scratching his back, and takes Oliver and Laurel on a journey to the other realm.

Oliver Laurel lazarus Pit

The other realm looks a lot like Nanda Parbat, but it’s trickier. Laurel quickly discovers they’re stuck in a loop, but Constantine guides them out to the proper path. They arrive in the room with the Lazarus Pit. Sara is stuck in there, trying to break free, but there are League of Assassins guarding her. Laurel and Oliver take care of the guards by the pit, and help Sara, while Constantine fights the main baddie. It’s nice to see him sword fight. They free Sara, return to their realm, and Sara wakes up, whole. Quentin, Laurel, and Sara have a happy family reunion.

Before he leaves, Constantine offers a bit of advice on what to do about Damien Darhk: be careful and leave town. Oliver thanks him for helping and tells him to call if he ever needs help. With that, we bid Constantine adieu until next time (hopefully).

Later in the campaign office, Oliver is getting ready for an interview. He makes sure Alex knows that the Lances are non-negotiable. They’re not going anywhere. Laurel shows up and Oliver admits she was right. He’s been a bad friend, and promises to do better. They hug it out.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the B- & C- plots.

The B-plot is Damien gives Quentin a job. He needs something plugged into a federal server. Quentin goes to Oliver for help, but Felicity can’t break into the device fast enough. Quentin has to do the job. Oliver sends him to Diggle for help.

But first, Quentin has to come clean to Diggle about everything. Diggle is pissed and explains about Andy and HIVE. However, Diggle is willing to help, because Quentin is closer to Darhk than he ever got. They go to the location, and plug the device in. It starts deleting files on people. Diggle sees Andy’s name among them, but he can’t stop the file from being deleted. They just barely get away, thanks to some quick thinking by Quentin (and a slight concussion for Diggle).

Quentin goes to Darhk and asks about Andy. Darhk is feeling generous and offers up the story. While stationed in Afghanistan, Andy became a little bit of a crime lord, but HIVE was already there and couldn’t have the competition, so bye-bye Andy. Quentin looks into this a little more and finds a file containing info on Andy. He delivers it to Diggle, and poor Diggle has to come to terms with this. I don’t think this is the end of it, but like Diggle, I’m glad we finally have some answers.


The c-plot is shorter but juicier. Felicity goes to Curtis to listen to Ray’s recording. There’s something else on it and she needs help figuring it out. Curtis agrees and after downing far too many energy drinks (think Abby Sciuto & her Cafe-POWs on NCIS), he gets to the rest of the message. Ray is alive and needs help!

This week, the flashback directly ties to the present day. We find out how Oliver and Constantine know each other.

It starts off with Conklin confronting Oliver with the A.R.G.U.S pack. Oliver feigns ignorance. Conklin takes him to see Reiter, who’s a little busy punching a guy. Who’s is he? It’s Constantine. He arrived on the island to look for artifact. Reiter cares more about that than Oliver possibly being a spy. Oliver recognizes the location on Constantine’s map, so Reiter orders him to go and get it. Conklin can follow. But Constantine is a rascally fellow and uses magic to get free. He takes Oliver at gunpoint, disables the other vehicles, and they go to the location.

Using more magic, Constantine uncovers a hatch, and down the men go. Constantine locates his artifact, the Orb of Horus, and Oliver saves his life, because everyone knows mystical artifacts are usually boobytrapped. For that, Constantine owes Oliver a favor. Before he leaves, Constantine insinuates that Reiter might not be interested in just drugs on the island. He reveals the island is nexus which draws bad people to it, and he demonstrates more magic by transferring a tattoo from his arm to Oliver’s torso. Another tattoo explained. It’s insurance against Reiter. He offers to take Oliver off the island, but Oliver declines. He doesn’t want to leave the people with Reiter. A punch is thrown and off Constantine goes until Oliver calls him years later.

Other points of interest:

~ Thea thinks Constantine is yummy, much of Oliver’s dismay. Also, Oliver apologizes for making Thea feel she had to keep Nanda Parbat and everything happening a secret.

~ Constantine would’ve come to Star City sooner had he known Oliver hung out with so many beautiful women, and Felicity is glad that for once, a person in Oliver’s past wasn’t a gorgeous woman.

~ Curtis was a bronze medal decathlete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

~ Walter is the guy who recommended Alex Davis to Oliver. It’s nice to know he’s still around.

Constantine Oliver

This was a ridiculously good episode. I don’t know if you ever watched Constantine, but after watching him here, I now can ay my belief that the show was an exercise in wasted potential. Matt Ryan was a delight to have. I wouldn’t want him to be a regular on the show, but I hope we get more of him, because Constantine worked so well with Team Arrow. He brought humor and snark, but kept with the tone of the show. It’s time to start a #BringContantineBacktoArrow campaign. I also hope Alex Davis has a bigger role. He’s already proven he’s not afraid to tell Oliver things he doesn’t want to hear, and I think he can help Oliver grow as a candidate, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he either got involved with Thea or had a shadier side. They all have a shadier side.

What did you think of Constantine’s appearance and the rebirth of Sara? And how do you think Felicity is going to get Ray back to people-size?

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