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Luther Trailer Idris Elba

Luther Trailer

Happy day after Thanksgiving! You know, the further into adulthood I get, the more Thanksgiving becomes a depraved, alcohol-soaked display of unashamed gluttony. Is everyone I know using the holiday to eat their feelings? Entirely possible. I know I am! Whoo, adulthood!

SPEAKING OF DEPRAVED (see what I did there? If so, can you explain it to me, because I’m not sure myself), BBC One dropped a trailer for the Luther two hour special–or, two one hour episodes, depending on how you want to hash semantics–that will air Dec 15 on BBC One in the UK and Dec 17 on BBC America in the States.

One of my favorite pastimes is deconstructing trailer tropes and the slow dinging piano keys at the beginning of this one are definitely eye-roll worthy. But despite the fondness of TV execs for programming shows featuring depressed/”ruined”/effed-up detectives at their center, Luther has always managed to step wide of tropey and push boundaries. Hang in on this trailer, and it dos the same. Idris Elba is so singularly captivating as a man plagued by some serious inner demons that those piano keys are forgivable. Can’t wait for the special.

Check out the trailer below.




(via Deadline)


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