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We’re one episode away from Blindspot’s Fall Finale, and the stakes have been considerably upped.

Authentic Flirt starts in Barcelona with a couple torturing a man. He swears he doesn’t know where his brother is, and once they confirm he’s telling the truth, they kill him and are on their merry way.


Then we head over to New York, where Patterson is getting coffee from a food truck. She looks at its sign and realizes there’s a code in it. It spells out “I MISS U.” She looks around and there’s David waving at her. She goes to him and he wants her back. He’s madly in love with her and knows she feels the same way. She doesn’t deny it, but citing being on her biggest case ever, she tells him their timing is off. She goes off to work, leaving him crestfallen.

Zapata also has a morning run-in. Tom Carter wants a word. He gives a surveillance device to place in Jane’s safe house. Zapata refuses, but Carter promises his words won’t be so nice if she doesn’t. This puts her on edge, and she’s especially tense around Jane later that day.

The big case of the week is Patterson uncovered an anagram in Jane’s tattoos, which led her to Ashwell Creek Kennels and a lost puppy message board. One post in particular stood out, and the team decides to investigate.

The post leads them to an abandoned house on Staten Island. Upon entering, they draw fire. Before they’re killed, one of the shooters calls out in Bulgarian, and wouldn’t you know it? Jane understands it. This helps Reade take out the other shooter. They search the house and find a hidden pair of gala tickets and a pin.

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Back at the FBI, Patterson is marveling at how these shooters were carrying around the best fake passports she’s ever seen. She also figures out they had been in Barcelona when an American tourist named Perry Byrne was brutally tortured and killed. Perry had a brother, Robert. Robert had turned state’s evidence and helped put away a dangerous mob boss, Victor Morello. He’s currently in Witness Protection. The assumption is the shooters were hired assassins for Morello. But considering this al just happened, why is this a tattoo on Jane?

The US Marshals send over an old friend of Weller’s, Allison Knight. She fills the team in on the situation. There has been a massive data breach to the Witness Protection Program. Over 200 names have been compromised including Robert Byrne’s.

The team realizes the assassins were going to buy the list of names, using a necklace they had with them. The tickets told them when and where the exchange was going to happen, and the pin was to identify the buyers. This means the buyer doesn’t know their faces, so Weller and Jane will go undercover and Zapata, Reade, and Patterson (when did she become a field agent) will provide backup.

Allison admires Weller in his tuxedo and suggests they go and grab a drink later. They definitely have history, and Weller tries to politely turn her down, but he becomes distracted as Jane enters in a full-length gown that covers everything but her neck. The tattoos are covered up with makeup (Jamie Alexander must have appreciated the break from them). She feels ridiculous in the dress, but that’s not how Weller sees it. Since the assassins were a married couple, Weller and Jane put on wedding rings, tension fills the air, and Jane has a flashback. She may have been engaged to the Tree Man. But more on that later.

They arrive at the gala, hand in their tickets, and are escorted to a different car. This takes them to a helipad, and they are whisked away to an unknown location. Patterson can’t track them, so they are on their own.

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They’re taken to a beautiful property, frisked, and are told the seller will see them soon. They decide to blend in. Weller asks Jane to dance. They talk. She asks about Allison. Weller and her were involved for a year or so. Jane realizes she doesn’t know much about him, so she asks if he’s ever been married. He has not. He’s too choosy. Jane tells him about her flashback, but they’re interrupted. The seller can see them now.

The seller is none other than Rich DotCom. Yes, that is his real name. He changed it when he became rich. He used to be a talented programmer for hire, but he made a serious investment in BitCoin when it started, became worth at least half a billion dollars, and went on to become one of the most trusted names on the Dark Net.

If he wasn’t such a bad guy, I would want to hang out with Rich. He’s a high-energy, wacky, intelligent, person with a twisted but fun sense of humor. He’s excited to meet Weller and Jane. He also hits on her, asking if her relationship with Weller is committed or open. He’s also down for watching. He tests her by asking some of this in Bulgarian. Jane passes with flying colors. He takes the necklace to be verified, but gives them the list as a show of good faith. Besides, if the necklace is a fake, he’ll just kill them, so no big. He also takes the pin, and that’s where Weller and Jane find out they are not the only buyers. There’s one more.

They go mingle while figuring out their next step. They need to find the other buyer. Pretending to be upset over Rich’s indecent proposal, Weller takes a swing at him, but is stopped by the guards. That’s ok, because Weller just wanted to snag an id card.

sexy jane

They use the card to get access to the security cameras, zero in on the other buyer, and wipe the cameras. Jane cautions this will alert Rich to a problem, but Weller doesn’t want them to be discovered. They’re about to make some moves.

They find the buyer and pretend they were misled. Weller claims they were only given half the list, and so was he. They go to another room, claiming to have computer access to compare, and attack the buyer. But the buyer has moves. It takes both Jane and Weller to subdue him, but before they can search him, Rich and his guards show up demanding answers.

Weller claims the other buyer is a Federal Agent. He blames everything on him. Somehow he managed to plant the id card on the buyer. The guard whose card it was is shot as well as the buyer. Then Rich decides he needs to verify Weller and Jane’s story one more time.

reade zapata hanging out a helicopter

Weller does pretty well, but rather than giving Rich the upper hand, Weller just attacks the guards. He and Jane shoot them and take Rich to the helipad. They demand he call back his helicopter, but instead he asks the guards at the helipad to kill Weller and Jane. They kill the guards first, more guards appear, and they run for cover in a nearby pool house. Weller and Jane get pinned down there, but not for long, but who should appear? None other than Zapata and Reade. They had been flying around, checking all of Rich’s nearby properties, and finally found the right one. Weller, Jane and Rich are taken back to headquarters.

Allison thanks them for all their help, and tries with Weller once again. This time, he turns her down because they’re having a housewarming at Jane’s. Before she leaves, Allison tells Jane that Weller has walls that “may never come down” and he’s ridiculously introverted, but he’s a great man.

Before we conclude the episode, let’s talk about the B- and C-plots.

The B-plot is after Patterson left David, he went back to the library where they found the coded books. He was just there, losing himself in his memories, when a red-headed woman went to the books. He starts to follow her, and the audience discovers David is being followed too. David spends the entire day tailing this woman.

The C-plot is Carter visits Mayfair to discuss Saul Guerrero. He wants Guerrero taken out of the equation, but Mayfair plans on creating a backdated paper trail, citing Guerrero as her informant. As long as he signs, and he will, they’ll be in the clear. It’s the best path and the one that leads to the fewest bodies.

Now back to the final moments of Authentic Flirt.

We see the team minus Zapata enjoying pizza and beer at Jane’s. Zapata decides not to plant the bug at Jane’s and breaks it. This is come back to haunt her later. Mayfair is at the federal prison where Guerrero is being held. He’s being brought to her, but before he get there, he is brutally and repeatedly shanked. Of course, it was orchestrated but Carter. While Mayfair is checking out his body, she receives a call from the guy who was following David. The red-headed woman attacked him. Mayfair calls Patterson, putting an end to the night’s festivities and the team go to the hospital. The episode ends with Mayfair confirming David is dead.

I don’t know how to feel about this episode because for all intents and purposes, it’s a good one. But I’m pissed about losing both David and Guerrero. Unless Guerrero somehow is still alive and secretly being hidden somewhere by Mayfair, which I seriously doubt, he was a complete waste of a character. Guerrero was charming and evil and would’ve been a good lesser villain for Mayfair and Carter. I get that Carter is the big bad of the season, but why make him appear to be omnipotent when you can make him sweat just a little bit? His death felt cheap and easy.

As for David, I understand why he had to die. I expected it the moment he got involved, but again, his death felt cheap because he had just proclaimed his love for Patterson. It seemed too obvious that something bad was going to happen. Sometimes, it feels like the show is literally following the unofficial TV show rule book. I want more surprises that feel like surprises.

That said, I was pleased to see Zapata choose to do the right thing, and not obey Carter. Of course, all of her secrets will come out and she may not live much longer, but at least for a moment, we got something a little different.

I don’t know about you but I want to see more of Rich DotCom. He’s ridiculous but murderous. The ease with which he killed or talked about killing was delightful. He’s a villain who knows what he’s about. Since he survived, I would love to see the team have to work with him on a case. It would go horribly wrong, but that would be part of the fun. What do you think?

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