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iZombie 206

Liv’s got gambling on the brain this week. And sex. Not a good combo.

Liv and Major are in full-on couple mode, but questions about sexually transmitted zombie have thus far stopped them from going too far. Ravi’s all over the research side of it, which means he is either really into science or he is a really good friend. But we do have bigger concerns than Liv’s libido.

Remember last week when degenerate gambler/professional weasel Cole admitted to killing Telly Levins, the guy that came to make him pay up on his gambling debts, but claimed the office fixer Thrunk had offed kindly security guard Mike? Well, Cole is out on bail and Clive is not pleased. Clive is even less pleased when two guys on a motorcycle ride onto the sidewalk and automatic weapon Cole to death right in front of Clive.

Naturally, Clive calls Thrunk in for a chat. Thing is, Thrunk has a pretty solid alibi. He was in jail when Cole was killed, but Clive has a recording of his one phone call in which he cryptically asks that Mr. Sheldon be taken care of by the usual guy. Sounds like code to Clive.

We wander off to an out-of-place scene in which Clive and Dale Bozzio (Jessica Harmon) discuss the piece of brain Mrs. Suzuki gave him, which is sitting in his freezer. Chain of custody be damned. Major and Liv stumble upon them and assume they’re also on a date. Anywho, Major learns that Dale is in town to investigate the missing rich guys not Meat Cute, but of course, we know she’s doing both and Major should be pretty worried.

iZombie 206

Meanwhile, Blaine is having the worst day. His pops, Angus (Robert Knepper), shows up at the funeral home and promptly shoots Chief in the head. Rude. Angus has figured out that Blaine isn’t a zombie anymore, and he managed to get ahold of his client list. Worse yet, he’s threatening to turn Blaine back unless Blaine starts working for him. Assignment #1: kill the son of one of Angus’ competitors. Not only would his rival be distraught over the loss of his beloved son, Angus would have access to inside information about the rival’s company after eating the son’s brain. Angus is a jerk. Also, Chief is not 100% dead dead. But he’s not OK.

After pestering Clive into making a bet during date night, Liv has moved on to doughnut odds, but Clive ain’t playing. His reminder that she needs to pay up for the other bet sends Liv into a vision of Telly telling Cole that The Barber wants him to pay up.

They’re off to see The Barber, who runs all the books in Seattle. So why did it take a vision to go see him? Why wasn’t Telly listed as an associate of his? Whatever. The Barber, who is an actual barber, uses all the hypotheticals in the world to say he would never kill the guy that owes him money because that’d mean he doesn’t get paid. His money is on the wife looking for a life insurance payout. The guy in the middle of getting a shave thinks it was Thrunk. Throughout this Liv is shouting random gambler at the horse race on tv and I’m not into it. She places a bet on something that I couldn’t care less about but I think it was horse racing.

Clive drags Liv to Blaine’s funeral home, where Cole’s memorial is being held. She quickly dips downstairs to tell a very drunk and sulky Blaine that he should stay out of sight because Clive has a sketch of him in connection with the Meat Cute murders. Blaine drunkenly muses that being a zombie might not be so bad. After all, it gave both of them purpose, albeit Liv’s mission for justice is a bit better than Blaine’s budding brain-trade empire.

Clive delicately asks Cole’s widow if she killed her husband, which is reasonable given how gorgeous she is and how degenerate gambler he was. But no, there was no life insurance policy. Clive and Liv get to meet Calvin Owens, Cole’s college buddy and a big basketball star. Clive is hella excited to meet him. I, on the other hand, am suspicious. As we have learned, I do not trust “friends.” Liv somehow has no clue who he is despite having eaten his good friend’s brain, but she does ask who he’d pick for March Madness. FYI Arizona. Clive is excited to see Owens’ championship ring, which triggers a vision of Owens telling Cole that he’s not giving him anymore over Cole’s protests about “what they’ll do to him.”

iZombie 206

Liv stops in at the barbershop to pick up her winnings and rolls them over to something else. Then the guy in the chair becomes hella suspicious when he asks for an update on the case. The group discuss the perfect murder, and guy in chair (Eddie Jemison) finally turns to camera as he says in the creepiest of creeper ways possible that he’d get the guy to off himself by skyping with him as he holds the wife, family, dog, etc with guns to their heads. Make it clear it’s him or them. All of this hypothetical of course. Barber asks: What about the wife and family? Those are witnesses. Guy in chair: Gotta get rid of them too. Hypothetically. Yeah, you a murderer, dude.

Murderer doesn’t even cover it. Turns out guy in chair is Stacy Boss. He visits Peyton late at night to point out that every few years some DA decides to go after him, but they never get anywhere. No, he doesn’t kill them. Not all of them. He just makes it worth their while to drop it. Peyton turns him down, and Stacy notes that the info on the white board is out of date. About two years out of date. And what happens if that one source that left his employ about two years ago (Blaine) suddenly disappears? Also, if Peyton, a 27-year old, got put in charge of this big deal case, maybe the DA doesn’t really want it to succeed.

Remember Mr. Sheldon? He’s just the turtle from Thrunk’s desk. He was calling about a pet sitter. For some reason there are several movie references and then Clive breaks the decorative castle from the turtle’s tank. Oh hello cocaine! Clive gets to arrest Thrunk, even if it isn’t for murder.

Liv and Major have skype sex. For safety. It’s cute I guess, but I feel invasive watching it so the whole scene makes me uncomfortable. Especially the end: Just a couple more days til the real thing. Not ominous at all.

Liv on gambler brain has managed to turn $24 into $1500, and she’s letting it ride on Arizona to win it all because Owens told her. Barber says if anyone knows about betting on college basketball, it’s Calvin Owens. Liv heads off to do some research about Owens’ championship season in college. Seems he got careless late in games, which suggests he was shaving points to somethingsomethingthe spread. I don’t gamble.

Clive has tracked the motorcycle from the shooting to some Serbian nationals that have already left the country. Their name, Slijepcevic, happens to be the same as the name of one of Owens’ former teammates. They bring Owens in to chat, with Peyton lurking in the back of the room. Owens’ former teammate Goran Slijepcevic was the father of the shooters. Also, he’s a war criminal. Peyton offers Owens a deal if he rolls on his buddy.

Blaine is still in a bad place. He visits his Gramps and tells him that Angus has taken over his business just like he did to Gramps. But Blaine’s gonna teach his dad a lesson. Which, for some reason, involves killing his grandfather and feeding his brain to Angus instead of the brain of the rival’s kid. Dude, no.

iZombie 206

Quick jaunt over to the lovebirds Liv and Major who are stupidly considering doing the sex without Ravi’s permission. Thankfully they don’t because Ravi has learned that the zombie virus is super tiny and it went through every single condom he tested. They cannot ever have sex while Liv is a zombie. I guess I care?

Blaine is appropriately upset over killing his Gramps when Scott E Don E runs downstairs to inform him that Angus has been kidnapped. Want to know by whom?

That’s right! Major! For a second I began to question his method of shooting zombies in the head before dumping them given Chief’s not total death. Then I saw Major’s warehouse. Holy hell. Major has been shooting and dumping mannequins in the river. The zombies? They’re stored in a freezer. What the what?!?! Major, you do not make the best life choices. You know that, right?

All in all, I’m loving where iZombie has taken the zombie storyline this season, but these cases of the week are not up to snuff. Part of my struggle to connect has been the way the brains overwhelm Liv. While last year there was some nuance to her brain personalities, this year she seems to become stereotypes and loses most of her own self (and at times self-control). It is still a fun hour of television, but I worry that more focus is being put on developing the serialized elements, leaving the brain of the week to succumb to stereotype.

Notable Quotables:

  • “I have proven that when you purchase boxes of every brand of condom available at once, the lady at the drug store looks at you funny”
  • “So we infiltrate a Serbian crime gang. It’s almost too easy.”

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