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iZombie 207

iZombie is back on the fun train! Blaine teams up with Liv for some sleuthing and distractions from the fact that he killed his grandpa in a twisted revenge plot against his pops, who ended up going missing anyway because he was next on Major’s list and somehow we’re not going to move forward at all with either Blaine’s guilt or Major’s zombie army (or whatever he’s doing with the zombies he’s keeping on ice – it’s Major so probably he’s hoping to cure them and set them free, but I like zombie army better). Whew. We’re not dealing with that. We’re just gonna have a magical case-of-the-week and a whole lotta fun with Blaine in ‘Abra Cadaver.’

When you watch a cop show and a maid is about to enter a hotel room, you know she’s gonna find a dead body in 3…2…yup. Criss Angel lookalike Syd Wicked got his throat slit by a queen of diamonds trick card with a metal edge. Syd was in town for PrestoFest (Ravi is on the mailing list) so that means they’re gonna be interviewing a lot of magicians. Ravi’s excited. Clive would like very much to be anywhere else.

The maid, Irina, says that when she first did her rounds, there was a do not disturb sign on the door and she heard Syd shouting at angels. Right. Ok.

Ravi has identified the source of the horrible smell in the room, and it isn’t Syd’s corpse. It’s coming from a gross decomposing fish in a welcome gift basket with a note saying “Enjoy the Decay.” So Syd has some enemies.
Liv on magician brain is all about showmanship. Ravi is loving her tricks, but when she asks Clive to pick a card, he just nopes out of there and makes them watch the security footage. Sadly, the footage reveals no one else entered the room.

iZombie 207

Liv does a tarot reading for Syd with the room lit by candles, as one does. Someone’s feeling a bit dramatic, which is perfect because our favorite scenery-muncher is dropping by for a chat. Blaine informs Liv that the missing rich people were mostly zombies and he asks her to help track down the zombie-killer. He gets her on board with his plan to recon Dale Bozzio (the FBI agent heading the investigation into the disappearances) by reminding Liv that these guys had families and were “good people.” Blaine needs to be in every scene forever. (Who caught the lovely David Anders on Once Upon A Time this week?)

Clive brings in Syd’s assistant for an interview. Turns out Syd wasn’t arguing with angels, he was arguing with Angel his assistant. She’s got an alibi with security camera footage to boot, but she points out that Syd was not popular in the magic community. He made his name by exposing other magicians’ tricks in his YouTube series, especially ruining the acts of Houdina and Magnificent Magnus. She directs them to check out twitter, which Ravi happily dives into.

At Houdina’s show, Liv gets pulled on stage for a little William Tell style trick in which Houdina slices the celery stick Liv’s holding with some trick cards. It also triggers a vision of Houdina in a wedding dress throwing her ring at Syd and calling things off. Liv swipes Houdina’s deck and discovers several cards are missing, including the queen of diamonds.

When Clive and Liv interview Houdina, she points out that she ditches cards when they get dull. Nothing new there. She tells them that her relationship with Syd was fine until his stage persona started to become who he was off-stage. They broke up when he hired a Wiccan to marry them. Also, she doesn’t believe Syd’s really dead even after Liv tells her she performed the autopsy.

iZombie 207

Liv and Blaine stakeout Dale’s place with plans to break in when she and Clive head out to the movies for their date. But instead Dale and Clive stay in (good for you two) so Liv and Blaine return the next morning. They sort through Dale’s files on the case, which includes the bit about Alan York’s hair in Meat Cute’s drain. Liv is not pleased. Blaine finds a picture of the missing dog of one of the zombies (remember Minor, the pup Major kidnapdopted), and he does not show this to Liv. Methinks Blaine knows what’s up. Just then, mail arrives from the FBI test lab showing that the brain from Suzuki’s fridge was human. Liv decides not to trash it, but to replace it with a forgery that says the brain was from a cow. I LOVE watching Liv and Blaine together, so I really hope this partnership continues.

Back on the case, Clive and Liv chat with Magnificent Magnus, who also doesn’t think Syd is really dead even when Liv tells him she held his brain. (she ate it too, but she left that part out) As Magnus tells them about Syd starting as his opening act, Liv has a vision of Magnus getting angry at Syd for writing a mean blurb for the back of his book in which Syd calls Magnus’ show like “watching the carcass of magic decay.” Magnus admits the “Enjoy the decay” fish was from him, but it was just a joke. He insists that he was hooking up with an auburn-haired beauty in the men’s room while Syd was getting killed.

Peyton stops by Blaine’s funeral home to let him know that Stacey Boss is probably onto him, so Blaine gives her his card and says she can call anytime she’s worried. I SHIP THIS

Ravi has uncovered some mean tweets from Penn and Teller-like duo Smoak and Meers that Syd responded to with “You’re next” and emojis of an anvil and an explosion. Ravi interprets this to mean that Syd plans to expose Smoak and Meers’ most famous trick, which involved an anvil.

Their alibi is that they were at the Houdina show at the time of the murder. Smoak says she disappeared off stage for 15 minutes at the end and didn’t come back for a bow, which could have given her time to kill him. Meers just writes on his dry-erase board.

Houdina says she didn’t disappear. She comes back on stage dressed as a cocktail waitress and reminds the audience to tip their servers. The best tricks are the ones you don’t realize are tricks.

Liv and Clive circle back to the maid, Irina, who is the only person that went into the room while Syd could have been alive. Turns out she was undocumented so the hotel paid her in cash and haven’t seen her since she found the body. Liv notices some writing on the hotel’s whiteboard, and it’s time to arrest someone.

Clive cuffs Meers, but Liv makes a show of detailing the plot. She rips off Meers’ disguise, revealing Meers is also Irina. The handwriting on the hotel’s whiteboard matched that of Meers’ whiteboard. And Smoak was the assistant: he hired the auburn-haired beauty (whom Liv produces from under a room service cart) to romance Magnus away from security cameras so he wouldn’t have an alibi.

With the case all wrapped up, Liv stops at Dale’s to deliver the fake report saying Suzuki’s brains were bovine, but some woman is watching from a car across the street. Once Liv is gone, that woman drops off a padded envelope at the door addressed to “occupant.” Who are you? Also, Clive is disappointed to learn that the brains were just from a cow.

We close the episode with Liv futzing around on a Ouija board and Major choosing not to talk to her for some reason. Not sure what that was about, but I’m finally rooting for these two crazy kids after not really caring last season.

iZombie 207

Ravi’s focus this episode, apart from his love of magic and combing through twitter, is his lack of enthusiasm for his apparently over-enthusiastic girlfriend. He tries to talk to Liv about Steph, and she reminds him that if he can have sex with her without making her a zombie, then she is not the person to complain to. Ravi then goes to Peyton, who just runs the blender until he shuts up. I love you, Peyton. When Steph puts together a mega British date night in celebration of Guy Fawkes…two weeks late, Ravi is not on board. And tickets to a football match the next month send him drinking. When he wakes up the next morning incredibly hungover, he finally ends it with Steph. Look, I’m fine with that relationship ending, but this personality shift from Steph came out of nowhere and feels a bit like they didn’t know what to do with Ravi. He then tries to kiss Peyton after she freaks out about someone maybe being at the door late at night, but Peyton shuts that down even after she learns Ravi broke up with Steph. Poor Ravi. You’ll find love!

We’re taking a break next week for Thanksgiving. When we come back, Liv is on Fatal Attraction brain!

Notable Quotables:

  • “This is the best brain ever! I almost want to start killing magicians so it never ends”
  • “Did you eat Edgar Allen Poe?”
  • “I’m an acquired taste. Like gazpacho or the free U2 album”

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