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Can we just take a moment and savor the fact that Jessica Jones features a pretty darn genuine friendship between two women? They can argue, disagree, and exchange really low blows at each other, but at the end of the day they still know to push all of that pettiness aside to concentrate on the important things.

We get a few flashbacks to when Dorothy, Trish’s mother, decides to adopt young Jessica to further the Patsy brand — “‘Patsy’ Actress Adopts Young Girl Orphaned from Tragic Car Accident. What an Angel!” We find out later that this is the literally the only reason why Jessica is living with the Walkers. Inside the household, she’s just a guest who has no right butting into their business. Overhearing another struggle between Dorothy and Trish, Jessica gets so frustrated that she demolishes the marble sink. This is also when she discovers her powers, by the way.

Young Trish and Jessica haven’t built their undying trust between one another yet, but they agree to not tell on each other for the sake of becoming just another spectacle to others — Trish as Hollywood’s newest abused child star, and Jessica as Dorothy’s newest meal ticket. But as antagonistic as Jessica is (yes, this has always been her personality after all), she foregoes their arrangement when she finds Dorothy trying to force Trish into throwing up for eating an extra slice of pizza. At that moment, Jessica reveals her strength to Dorothy and saves Trish, beginning a new respect and friendship we know in the present.

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Sidetracking to Simpson for a bit, he is an interesting subject to look at. According to him, he was this really nice guy who wanted nothing more than to protect and serve as a cop. Then we learned that he was a Special Operations Interrogator before that. Okay, this guy’s a lot harder personality wise than we thought. Then Kilgrave got a hold of him and messed with his brain a little bit. That encounter, which took away his own power as a man and hardened soldier, is what threw him over the edge, I bet. Simpson must reclaim what he lost before Kilgrave entered his life, but either he lost sight of his true goal or he is overreacting an already twisted and morphed notion of what he already thinks is the right thing to do. An example of the latter would be killing his former brothers in arms and locking up Trish in her own bathroom. This is to not only take out anyone who dared to get in front of his warpath against Kilgrave, but to protect Trish as well. He doesn’t want to hurt Trish, but he will intimidate, throw her around, and lock her up.

What Simpson fails to understand is that his way of doing things is not at all good. He’s not helping the cause. He’s impeding it by trying to take out the one person who has the ability to actually stop Kilgrave. At this point, I’m willing to accept that Simpson is attacking Jessica because he’s too proud to allow a tiny woman take away his manly duties as a “protector” and “soldier.” Step aside, ‘roided up macho man, let the lady do what literally only she can finish.

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While he may now share the same goal with Jessica, neither Jessica nor Trish can allow him to continue on if it means killing more people. As for Trish, she knows her best friend is too injured to fight super soldier Simpson (she got hit by a car and broke a few ribs). To protect her best friend and sister, she risks her own life by taking Simpson’s combat enhancer and beats the living crap out of Simpson long enough for Jessica to deal the final KO.


  • How boss did Luke Cage look when he walked out his exploding bar unfazed? There are cool guys walking away from an explosion, and then there’s this mo-fo walking out of it literally giving no f**ks.
  • I know Jessica’s focus was all on her dying best friend, but she couldn’t have looked for those live-saving blue pills? Well she did have a lot on her plate. I’ll give her a pass just this once, but she better be looking for those things later!
  • Kilgrave made a foreshadowing remark about leaving hope behind once you’ve entered the gates of hell. While I’m sure he mostly meant it for Jessica, the statement also extends to Malcolm and the other Kilgrave survivors. After what happened to Hope at the restaurant, the survivors are awakened to a whole new level of psychotic they had not experienced before with Kilgrave. No one is willing to show up for any more support group meetings except for Malcolm. He’s still trying to help, trying to hold onto the hope that there is still room to heal together. Then the ever paranoid, and untrusting of other people, Robyn pushes her truth onto him: that people are all essentially bastards who only want to look out for themselves. If there’s no hope left for humanity, then what’s Malcolm fighting for? It pains me to see his heart break a little.

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