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Hey, guys! I had to take a break from Jessica Jones for a couple of reasons: family visiting for Thanksgiving, and the show really started to mess with me emotionally. But I’m back, and we’re nearing the end of the season! You know what that means, some serious sh*t is about to go down.

I honestly thought the whole episode would turn out to be one big revenge fantasy for Jessica, and it definitely started that way. Jessica is still hellbent on getting the evidence she needs to free Hope. To do that, she needs to somehow provoke Kilgrave into using his powers on someone. On top of that, it needs to be done from behind a hermetically sealed cell, in front of a camera, Hope’s lawyer (Hogarth), and a cop (Det. Oscar Clemens). Originally, it was supposed to be Jessica who would go in and make Kilgrave use his powers on her, with the room rigged to electrocute the both of them as her only safety net. However, it was Jessica who nearly kills him on tape rather than the other way around.

Kilgrave is far too clever for this plan to really work; he already knows what Jess is up to and he takes on the role of helpless victim to an audience who doesn’t know any better. A conversation with Trish gives Jessica another grand idea: find Kilgrave’s parents.

In an earlier episode, Kilgrave mentioned that he had been looking for his parents who had abandoned him at a young age, but his efforts proved unsuccessful at the time. He didn’t have an ace investigator at his disposal.


This scenario kind of bothered me a little bit. We know Jessica Jones is good, but I get the impression that the writers didn’t want to waste more than a single episode looking for Kilgrave’s parents. She finds them in, like, a day, conveniently hiding from their son in a motel in the same city.

Meanwhile, Jessica leaves Kilgrave with Hogarth, who is still trying to get her wife to sign her divorce papers. If you may remember, Hogarth is intrigued by Kilgrave’s powers and the potential it can have if “used for good.” We’ve seen Jessica’s idea of what that concept would entail, and now we’re getting a small peek into what it means for Hogarth. Kilgrave, after reading Hogarth’s lips during a heated conversation with her pissed off, soon-to-be ex-wife, offers his assistance. He’ll get Wendy to sign the divorce papers in exchange for his freedom. Hogarth doesn’t buy it at first, but then Wendy’s sneaky attempt to disbar her awakens the lawyer’s ruthless side. Before Jessica brings in Kilgrave’s parents, Hogarth cuts the wire that would electrocute anyone inside Kilgrave’s cell.

The scene is set: Clemens, Hogarth, Trish, Jessica, Kilgrave’s parents, and Kilgrave are all together now.

David Tennant does a fantastic job when it comes time for Kilgrave to reunite with his parents. He makes a solid point that his parents never explained his abilities to him, that expecting a child (especially one having a typical tantrum) to never say the wrong thing is impossible. Rather than tie Kilgrave’s depravity to one definitive moment in his life, however, Marvel’s Jessica Jones is quick to argue that the whole family did a pretty sh**ty job at holding each other up. It’s more realistic this way, and it becomes a critical thinker in itself.

And then everything goes to hell. Kilgrave and his mother share a tearful embrace. I was convinced that Kilgrave actually felt nothing, that this was a ruse to get her close so he can whisper a command into her ear. Instead, I (and Kilgrave) was caught a little off guard when it was the mother who tried to kill him with a pair of scissors. Angry (understandably), Kilgrave drops his performance(?) and commands his mother to stab herself multiples times and his father to cut out his own heart. He tells Trish to put a bullet in her head (thankfully, Trish already unloaded her pistol trying to shoot out Kilgrave’s window). And he tells Clemens to follow him, forcing the detective to pull his hand out of Jessica’s handcuffs. The only command that doesn’t work is when he tells Jessica to let go of him.

Yes, she’s immune to his power now.

"Gotcha, bitch."

“Gotcha, bitch.”


  • I just noticed that I’ve been spelling a few names incorrectly. Hope and her parents’ last name is Schlottman instead of Schlott. And I think I’ve been going back and forth on the spelling of Krysten Ritter’s name. Damn the various spellings of common names! In any case, sorry guys. My bad. I’ll be extra extra vigilant next time.
  • Simpson is alive but seriously injured.
  • Simpson also happens to be a super soldier now thanks to a Doctor Kozlov, whom I have no doubt will start making more appearances in other Netflix/Marvel series.
  • Kilgrave’s real name is Kevin.
  • “Was Murdercorpse already taken?”
  • Young Kevin was sick with a bone disease that would have killed him before he turned 12. His scientist parents were trying to cure him. His powers was the side effect.
  • It’s worth noting how well Kilgrave likes to twist words or memories around and throw them right back at the other person. Jessica calls Kilgrave a murderer, and Kilgrave maintains that he’s never killed physically anyone. He said this in another episode where he argues that he never told Jessica to kill Reva. He simply said to “take care of her.” It was always Jessica who killed Reva. Limey, bastard.

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