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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice inches closer to us every day, and today brought an all new teaser with mostly new footage from a single scene from the film.

What strikes me most about this moment is how villainous Superman seems to be portrayed. He’s got his scowliest scowl on as he rips off Batman’s mask to reveal Bruce Wayne underneath… and he doesn’t seem all that surprised. I’d written off BVS for a little while, but now I’m pulled right back in. They can’t just make Superman a bad guy (unless they did, in which case, way to take the easy way out) so the anger he appears to be directing towards Batman has to be from somewhere. Has Wayne  stooped to true lows in his one-man-war on the Kryptonian? How personal does this fight get? Is this Superman, who already has a (probable) high body count to his name, truly wiling to leave a Bat-shaped smudge on the underside of his boot?

Anyway, the teaser also teases a new trailer later this week. So stay tuned!

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