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In an interview with Variety, Steven Moffat, showrunner, writer, and producer of Doctor Who, announced that Peter Capaldi will star as The Doctor in the show’s 10th Season!

Variety asked Moffat if he could say anything about casting and Moffat replied, “We all know that Jenna Coleman is leaving this year.”

Moffat was then asked about Capaldi, to which he said, “Peter Capaldi is going nowhere.”

Awesome news.

Doctor Who is so beloved! According to ScreenRant, the show has been a part of UK television for 52 years consisting of 26 seasons and one TV film. Furthermore, The Doctor has been played by 13 different actors. Whoa.

As we all know, The Doctor of the 9th season, which is currently airing, is being played by Capaldi. And many fans really, really, really, want it to stay that way!

With Jenna Coleman (who plays The Doctor’s companion, Clara Oswald) leaving this season, there have been rumors swarming around about Capaldi’s future with the show.

But fans can rest easy now knowing that Capaldi will be sticking around for a while! Whew.

In addition to that, Moffat also stated that the series is far from being over:

“It is definitely going to last five more years. I’ve seen the business plan. It’s not going anywhere. And I think we can go past that. It’s television’s own legend. It will just keep going.”

Fans can now focus on finishing Season 9 and coping with Coleman leaving the show! As well as speculate on when we will find out who the new companion is!
ScreenRant theorizes that we may not find out anything about the new companion until the very end of Season 9 or possibly not even until the Christmas Special.

What do you all think? Who do you want the companion to be? And are you excited for the Christmas Special?

(via ScreenRant)

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