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What?! No way! People actually want to buy Rey dolls?! But she’s a girl! Imagine that.

*cocky snicker*


Many of you will probably remember that, a few weeks ago, our Legion of Leia founder & Editor-in-Chief, Jenna Busch, started a #WheresRey campaign (which got some solid traction) after noticing that Rey was blatantly missing from a Star Wars: The Force Awakens action figure set.

You can read more about that campaign here!

We wanted to understand why main-character Rey was missing from the set, which consisted of all male characters.

So here’s the deal now… Today posted an article, claiming that Rey is “taking over” and Star Wars toys “aren’t just for boys anymore.”

Well, alright, I’d love to argue for 45 minutes about how Star Wars toys were NEVER “just for boys” but, you and I both know that girls have always loved Star Wars toys as much as their male counterparts so we’ll just move right along…

According to Today, Rey toys are on display in Disney stores but, as we know, are much more difficult to find in places like Target or Toys “R” US. Furthermore, they stated that stores are reporting that Rey products are selling out very quickly which is disappointing consumers.

Today also reported that Jessica Offerjost, “a spokeswoman for Toy “R” Us, said the company doesn’t have gender-dedicated sections and that slim Rey pickings are due to popularity.” Rad. Offerjost said, “We are replenishing weekly but the toys keep flying.”

One seemingly non gender-related explanation for this, as reported by Today, is that Disney and Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams are holding back on releasing certain merchandise until after the film premieres in theaters on December 18th.

They claim that this is all in an effort to avoid spoilers.

Furthermore, according to Today, Target spokesman Lee Henderson stated that stores stock numerous Rey items and said, “Fans will be seeing even more of her after the film opens.” Well, we certainly hope so.

Totally makes sense that they need to hold back on certain items until after the film’s release to avoid spoilers. But. Still super lame that customers are bumming out because there aren’t enough Rey dolls in stores, and just more Rey merch in general, as it is painfully clear that people want it!

(Source: Today)

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