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This week’s The Originals starts with a flashback of Klaus’s first moments with Aurora as their love blooms. His voice over tells us that Aurora makes him feel like the man he wishes to be. Then, Aurora walks in as the Mikaelson family is feeding, and she runs out horrified. Klaus finds her sobbing in a field of lavender and gives her a letter explaining what she saw, professing his love, and apologizing for what he is. We then are taken to the present where we realize that the voice over we had been listening to is actually what was written in the letter, and that Aurora is the one telling the tale in the flashback. She’s telling a girl in a perfume shop that it was the most beautiful letter that she has ever read, but that it turned to ashes just like hers and Klaus’s love. At the compound, Elijah and Klaus discover the body of the perfume shop girl positioned on a bed of lavender. She was left for them with a warning from Aurora. Aurora wants them to come find her. She is a woman scorned… wish an extra dash of crazy.


There is a celebration commencing in the Quarter. Vince and Camille are there following Lucien, and Vince is telling Camille the story of the Axe Man. He explains to Camille that the Axe Man was a witch and that’s why the witches celebrate his day.

Klaus and Elijah are also in the Quarter on the search for Aurora. A flashback shows Aurora begging for Klaus to turn her into a vampire. In the present day, Klaus pieces together where Aurora is, and walks into a perfume shop. She is there waiting for him.


Davina pleads with Hayley and Jackson to protect her from the witches who are on to her. Davina knows that many of the witches have figured out that she is the one who orchestrated the slaughter of so many of their kind. Jackson and Hayley agree, but only because if Davina dies, they will be once again cursed to stay as wolves.


We are cut back to Klaus and Aurora talking, and Klaus asks her why she is there. Immediately a flash back begins that shows Aurora crying on her birthday. She explains to Klaus that her mother died in childbirth. She feels as if she is cursed because the first act she did upon this earth was to kill her mother. Klaus confesses to Aurora about the murder of his mother. Aurora…cause you know… crazy reasons… sees their confessions as gifts to each other and she swears to never speak of it again. We are cut back to present day where we get the revelation that Rebekah sired Aurora, NOT Klaus. (I did NOT see that coming)

Vince and Cami are still following Lucien in the quarter, when all of a sudden Lucien disappears. Before Vince or Cami can comprehend what happened, Cami is also spirited away. We see Lucien throw Cami to the ground as he states how he’s been waiting to get her alone. He confronts her about why she’s still won’t believe that he’s innocent for the murders. Lucien threatens her, but Cami reminds him that if something happens to her, that Klaus won’t be happy. Lucien blows off the warning and kills another human before running off.


Back in the perfume shop we see Klaus and Aurora fighting as to whether or not Aurora has the right to protect Rebekah. A flashback starts that takes us to the time Rebekah turned Aurora. Rebekah walks into Aurora’s bedroom to see that she has attempted to take her own life. Rebekah revives Aurora with her blood. They have a small argument as to who is more cursed, the Mikaelson’s for being vampires, or Aurora for being mortal. Rebekah takes her leave, and Aurora jumps out of the window, again taking her own life. Because she had Rebekah’s blood in her system, this explains how she was turned. (Not as fun a reason as I was hoping, but I’ll take it.)


Back in present day, we see Davina trying to make a speech for the witches’ holiday. She becomes troubled and walks away. Hayley sees that she’s upset, and goes to comfort her. Davina and Hayley have a heart to heart about who Davina is, and whom she thinks the other witches want her to be. Hayley tells Davina that she needs to be herself if she wants respect.

Back at the perfume shop, we see more of Aurora and Klaus’s history. Aurora is clearly still in love with Klaus. She pleads with him to remember how they were before everything fell apart. She tells him that in reality, she is in New Orleans for him. Then they kiss… cause you know… Klaus makes awesome decisions reasons. (Did the sarcasm read in that sentence? I hope so.. cause it was, indeed, sarcasm.) Almost immediately they break it up, and we see a flashback of why Klaus and Aurora broke up the first time. The Mikaelsons needed to flee the area again, and Klaus pleaded with Aurora to come with them. She rejected him very cruelly. In the present day, Aurora explains that Elijah is the one who forced her break up with Klaus. Elijah compelled Aurora to tell him the secret about Klaus’s murder of their mother. Elijah then, in revenge, compelled her to see Klaus as the “monster he truly is.” Klaus is obviously pretty peeved at Elijah now, in light of this discovery.


At the witches’ celebration, Jackson stops a seeming assassination attempt. He brings the guilty person to Davina, and she realizes that what he was doing wasn’t to kill her, but to make her confess her deepest secrets. He wants her to be open about her involvement in the witch slaughter. Davina reminds him that his mother had threatened her. Davina says that she was just doing what she thought was right in order to keep the peace. He isn’t impressed and walks out on her.


Meanwhile, Aurora admits that she is the one who killed the witch. She wants to undo her prophecy and change it.

Back at the witches’ party Davina lifts the curse on the wolves. She tells Hayley that she would rather have her as a friend.


Since Cami was found at the scene of the murder, she is now a suspect. The detective finds her stash of black magic items, confiscates them, and then arrests her.


Klaus confronts Elijah about compelling Aurora and an all out brawl breaks out. Elijah tries to defend his action, but Klaus isn’t buying it. Klaus informs Elijah that his betrayal was the source of everything Klaus became later. Elijah is finally fed up with Klaus’s shit, and tells Klaus that if he wants a fight, then Klaus needs to bring it.


We learned so much tonight and all of it was great. The show hasn’t been this exciting since it started. It’s sad to see the Mikaelson’s fight, though. Truly I’m happiest with the show when the family is standing together against a greater evil. However, they are treating the reasons for their split really well. I can’t wait to see them come back together, though, and take care of all those who are trying to tear them apart. I feel as if a massive reckoning is coming, and it’s going to be amazing.


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