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Another week has streaked by and there is so much good stuff out there to read. I am looking catching up on my reading while snuggling up and staying warm. The march of October excitement continues and there is so much new stuff that it exciting. Don’t forget that the fall TV line up ahs brought us so many comic based shows that it is hard to keep up. Make sure you check out all the recaps on the Legion of Leia site and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you get all the news.


The first book I want to talk about this week is Batman & Robin Eternal #4. I have been reading this and trying to figure out where Batman figures into it but I think this will be the story arc that brings back Bruce Wayne as Batman. That or this will be another Battle for the Cowl. The writing by Steve Orlando is solid and has me hooked. I normally would have a hard time staying current on a weekly but this one has me locked in. The entire writing team is excellent and shows how good things can be when you collaborate with a great team. The art by Scot Eaton is great as well. The scenes are exciting and everything about this run is worth checking out.


The Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a dark and weirdly hostile book. I couldn’t tell if that was the tone writer Frank Barbiere was going for but it made me a little uncomfortable reading it. It was kind of like being at a friend’s house when their parents are fighting. This was an introductory story and it was good for what it was but I am curious how they will keep this book going. The art by Brent Schoonover was great on the monsters but a bit weak on the rest of it. If you are not a big Dum Dum Dugan fan or a fan of monster books this may not be right for you. I did not feel like you needed a lot of backstory or knowledge to know what was going on which makes it easy to jump in and start reading. I am on the fence about how to rank this book so I’ll give it a few more issues and see what happens.


The final book I want to talk about this week is The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 (again). This is the second time Squirrel Girl has had a #1 this year and they make sure they have fun with it. We see a new costume and some changes for Doreen. Ryan North does a great job with the writing and avoided a pitfall that other renumbered books couldn’t. This is a continuation of the old story but a new reader doesn’t need to have read it to enjoy the current story. I continue to preach that The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is a hidden gem in the comic universe. My only complaint about this book is what Erica Henderson has done with Nancy Whitehead. The artistic redesign looks like RuPaul in a Bozo wig. I know it should not have bothered me but it was hard to get over. The story is classic Squirrel Girl in the sense that she wins by means other than brute force. I love the fact that they focus so much on her education and real life rather than just punching evil in the face. I always recommend The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl highly and this new #1 is no exception.

That is it for another week and I look forward to more good stuff. I am sorry for being late this week but you have to give me a little leeway since it was Halloween and I had 6 different costumes I had to dress my daughter in. Did anyone have any good comic related cosplay this weekend? Show us what you got on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you get out there and check out some new books, you may find something you love. Support your local comic book shop and as always, go read something.

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