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Calling women of all ages! I mean, come on!!! He’s a total hunk! You know it’s true.

So let’s just jump right into it, shall we?!

There are sooooo many reasons why women crush hard on Star WarsHan Solo. And here are my top ten:



1.) He’s confident.
There is, quite literally, nothing sexier than a man with confidence. Han isn’t afraid to speak his mind and be exactly who he is. No apologies.

2.) He’s handsome.
Han’s got that “incredibly rugged but still looks like he smells nice” thing going on which is very yummy.


3.) He’s got an edge to him.
Yeah, he can be kind of a dick but there’s more to it than that… Too much of an edge (i.e. being a cocky douche) is obnoxious as all heck. Women don’t like that. At all. And while Han definitely teeters on cocky, he also has that heart of gold thing happening, which makes us weak in the knees.

4.) He is, no doubt, great in the sack.
He definitely looks like he could mess you up a little bit in the bedroom (*WITH YOUR FULL AND COMPLETE CONSENT! Don’t make this into a thing!*) and girls love that. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy and exciting sex life. And no woman has ever thought, “Oh, yeah, I bet sex with Han Solo would be just okay.”


5.) He’s passionate.
Watch any kiss between Han and Leia! Any kiss! And you will feel Han’s passion shoot off the screen and smack you right in the heart.
He’s a man who feels deeply; and that kind of passion makes us swoon.
A man without passion is like… I don’t know, a Jedi without a lightsaber; it just shouldn’t happen.

6.) He’s a really good friend.
Just ask Chewie!!!


7.) He’s loyal.
Han’s got your back! You just know that this guy would be there for you in less than twelve parsecs if you ever needed anything.

8.) He’s unbelievably charismatic.
Remember the scene at the Medal Ceremony where Leia gives Han a medal for destroying the Death Star? And he smiles and winks at her? Of course you freaking do. Because it sent shivers down your spine.
In fact, admit it, you’re blushing right now just thinking about it, aren’t you?!


9.) He isn’t afraid of commitment.
The freaking Millennium Falcon!!!! He LOVES his ship!
If a newer, more sleek model came along and was offered up to him on a silver platter, he would laugh, roll his eyes, and walk back to his, one-and-only: the Millennium Falcon. Because when Han commits, he commits hard. And we love that about him.

10.) He likes strong women who can kick ass.
Need I say more?! No, I didn’t think so. But, yeah, okay I will…
Princess Leia is one of the greatest heroines of all time. She’s strong, spunky, sweet, and kind.
(I mean, let’s not forget that Leia saves Han quite a few times in the Star Wars films!)
And Han is alllllll about her which makes him even more attractive to us!
We all want a man who will appreciate us for the passionate, strong, fiery, gentle, amazing women we are!

I can’t wait to see Han in Star Wars: The Force Awakens which hits theaters on December 18th!

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