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Episode 607 of The Walking Dead, “Heads Up,” gives the show’s fans the news they wanted to hear: Glenn survived! The episode starts off with the walkers apparently eating Glenn, but the camera pulls back and we see that they are actually tearing apart Nicholas’s body on top of Glenn. Glenn pulls himself under the dumpster and waits throughout the night until the walkers dissipate.


The next morning, he crawls out, and as he looks around, Enid appears on top of the building next to him and throws him a bottle of water. He follows her inside and asks what happened at Alexandria. “What always happens,” she replies. “People died.” He asks her if Maggie is okay, but she runs away and he loses track of her. Oh yeah, she’s definitely a Wolf.

Back in Alexandria, Rick is walking through the town (that seems to be all he does these days) and he sees Morgan and tells him they need to talk. Then he sees Maggie up at the top of the guard tower and goes to talk to her. He tells her that they will come up with a plan to clear the walkers out so that Glenn, Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha can walk right in.

Next, we see Rick and Carl with Ron, and Rick gives Ron a lesson on how to handle guns. Carl pipes in with some comments that make him come across like a complete a-hole, which I can’t imagine endears him to Ron any further. Rick lets him keep a gun, but with no bullets. As they’re walking they pass Father Gabriel who is hanging signs up for a prayer circle. As he walks past, Rick takes them down and tears them up.

Back in the town, we see Glenn wandering around a bit. He comes across David’s body up against the fence where he was eaten by walkers. David turns his head and we see that he’s now a walker. Glenn quietly dispatches him, and after he does so, he finds David’s note to his wife Betsy. He picks it up and takes it with him as he walks away.


Back in Alexandria, Morgan goes to Doctor Denise’s house, but he is reluctant to tell her why he’s there. She tries to get him to talk, but he won’t. Then Rick comes around and asks if they can talk now. In the next scene, Rick, Carol, and Michonne are talking to Morgan about the Wolves that he let go that ultimately attacked Rick at the RV. Morgan tells him that, “All life is precious,” mirroring what we learned a few episodes again. Rick asks if he can really expect to survive in the world the way it is now without getting blood on his hands. “I don’t know,” replies Morgan.

Next we see Rick talking with Michonne about how to draw the walkers away. Rick wants to keep their plans just between them, but Michonne objects. Rick says they need tome time to catch their breath. Michonne tells him that they’re all in there together, they are catching their breath. Deanna comes up to them with her plans for the expansion of Alexandria. Rick says that they have a few other things on their plate right now. Deanna says that she knows that, but that there will be an “after this.” Michonne takes the plans.


In another part of town, Rosita is teaching a group of townspeople — as well as Eugene — how to use machetes. Eugene is lost in a fog. Rosita asks him what he’s afraid of. “That would be dying,” he replies. “You should be afraid of living,” she says, “Of the people around you dying.” She gives him a bit of a talking to and he walks off.

Back in the town, Glenn finally catches up with Enid in the abandoned restaurant. He tries to take her back with him, but she refuses. When he tries to press the point, she pulls a gun on him.


Back in Alexandria, Rick sets up some workhorses. He starts working on some supports for the wall. As he’s struggling with a brace, Tobin comes along and helps him. Tobin tells him that Rick scared them half to death when he first arrived. “Things moved slowly here. And then they moved fast,” he tells Rick. “Don’t give up on us.”

Enid and Glenn come upon a half-decayed walker, and Enid kills it. A little bit later she finds some of the helium balloons the group were using as markers. She cuts the string and ties them to her backpack, telling Glenn they can use them to distract the walkers. Glenn tells her there’s a helium tank with more balloons in the bushes. She finds it and starts to fill up some balloons. They have a conversation, and Glenn tells her that it’s okay to be afraid, and she replies with, “We don’t have to talk.”

In the pantry, the girl who guards it hears some cans clatter. She goes to clean them up and we see Ron sneak past her into the armory. He empties a pile of bullets into his hand.

Back outside of Alexandria, Glenn and Enid arrive to find the town surrounded by the walker herd. Enid turns to run away, but Glenn won’t let her. “The world is trying to die. We’re supposed to just let it,” she says. Glenn tells her that she’s wrong and that getting back into Alexandria is important.


Tobin and Rick are walking along the wall when they see Spencer halfway between the wall and a building outside, crawling across a wire. They run up to help him, and we see he’s sent a grappling hook across the way and is inching along it. At the next guard post, Eugene and Tara see what’s happening and Tara leans over the wall and starts firing her gun at the walkers that are trying to get Spencer. She al,pst falls over the wall, but Michonne saves her. Spencer’s hook gives way and he falls into the mass of walkers trying to reach them. He knocks a bunch of them over, and Rick yells for him to come up the wall. Spencer grabs the rope and tries to climb up the wall, and Rick, Tobin, and Morgan finally get him up before he can get bitten.

Rick turns and yells at at Tara. “You already risked your life once for these people! What the hell is wrong with you?” She looks at him in disgust and flicks him off. Then he turns on Spencer and yells at him. Spencer explains that he thought he could get to a car and lure the walkers away. Rick tells him that if he has any ideas he should bring them to him. “Would you have listened?” Spencer asks.


Later, Morgan shows up at the infirmary to talk to Denise. He asks her about the community’s antibiotics, and he tells her that he didn’t talk to her this morning because he didn’t want to involve her in a secret she might not want to be involved in. A few minutes later, they leave the infirmary. Carol is out on the porch of a house holding Judith, and she sees them walking away. She sets off to to follow them. She then runs over to Jesse’s house to ask her to watch Judith. Jesse needs a minute and invites Carol in. Sam — who’s still upstairs — calls out to Carol. Then he asks her, “What happens if you can’t live with it?” “I told you, it eats you up,” she replies. “If you kill people, do you turn into one of the monsters?” he asks. “The only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster is killing,” she replies. She then goes to the house where Morgan is holding the wolf. As she’s opening the door, Morgan is right there. She looks at him and says, “Who the hell do you have in that cell?”


Carl is walking through town when Ron appears behind him and starts following him. He pulls the gun out from his waistband. Over where Rick and Tobin are working, Tara arrives and asks if they’ve seen Denise. They haven’t so she moves on, but Rick runs after her and apologizes for what he said earlier. He tells her that she didn’t have to do that for Spencer. Tara says she didn’t really think about it. Just then, Deanna arrives and thanks Rick for saving Spencer. “Thank Tara,” he says. “I already did,” Deanna replies. “Now I’m thanking you.” Rick tells Deanna that Spencer was stupid. He then tells her that when Spencer fell, there was a gap that Rick could have used to get through to get to a car and led them away. “But you didn’t.” Deanna says. “Why?” “I saved him because he’s your son,” Rick says. “Wrong answer,” says Deanna with a knowing smile.

Just then, the townspeople start to look up. They see a mass of green balloons floating up into the sky. Maggie sees them, too, and climbs down from the guard tower and runs to Rick. “That’s Glenn,” she says, “That’s Glenn!”

Just then, the tower right outside the wall creaks and groans, and gives way. In slow motion, we watch it collapse, falling into the town and taking a huge section of the wall with it.

Fade to black.

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