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The Han and Leia Star Wars love story is, absolutely, one of the most epic love stories of all time.

Most of us want a fun, fiery, passionate, respectful, supportive, and loving relationship! And Han (played by Harrison Ford) and Leia (played by Carrie Fisher) definitely appear to have that.

So here are 10 reasons why Han and Leia’s love story is so totally epic:


1.) They respect each other:

They disagree. They argue. But they always have each other’s back.


2.) They challenge each other:

They question each other constantly. They have differences of opinion and, instead of letting that be a negative, they use each other’s points of view to become better, more well-rounded people.

Sometimes Leia is right, sometimes Han is right.

And that whole, “I’m not a doormat and I don’t want you to be one either” attitude helps them both to grow as individuals.


3.) They are very different yet very similar:

Han and Leia are very different people, at first glance– A smuggler and a politically progressive princess?! Come ‘on! Doesn’t get much different than that.

She loves that he’s a bad boy with a good heart. He loves that she’s good girl who can handle herself in a gun fight. And it’s awesome.

But! They are both rebels in their own right. They both push societal boundaries even though they do it in different ways.


4.) They’re hot for each other:

This one is pretty obvious. But it’s important to say it anyway.

They are attracted to each other and that’s soooooo important.

Everyone wants to be in a relationship where they feel that their partner is super into them. And Han and Leia certainly have that.


5.) They both value their families and friendships:

They love their family and friends and they will do anything for them.

And that’s really important that they share that.


6.) They have similar beliefs:

In the beginning, they have very different beliefs but, while it’s never directly discussed in the films, I would argue that, by the end of their journey in Return of the Jedi, Han has become to believe in The Rebellion & The Force, just as Leia does.

Han may not believe in it as completely as Leia does, but they share a common appreciation and respect for The Rebellion & The Force, that unites them.

We see this illustrated in the films as Han evolves from being a lone-smuggler to believing in the good and importance of fighting for The Rebellion alongside Leia.


7.) They are sweet to each other:

Throughout the original trilogy, Han and Leia share many very kind and sweet moments that are important to any healthy relationship.


8.) They can be vulnerable in front of each other:

Han and Leia save each other numerous times.

When Leia saves Han from the carbonite for example, and Han is unable to see, Leia tells him she loves him and comforts him. And Han accepts that comfort.

Original Trilogy-Leia-Han-Star-Wars

9.) They are fiery:

You know exactly what I’m talking about. “Flyboy,” “Worshipfullness,” etc.

Their bickering is hilarious and cute and a great example of the passion that they bring to their relationship. And, since they can both dish it out as well as they can take it, that fire works for them.


10.) They genuinely love each other:

We are all aware of the famous, “I love you.”/“I know” scene.

The “I know” could be seen as a dick move. But if you watch the scene closely, Han and Leia share an incredibly passionate kiss before Leia drops the “Love” bomb. And Han’s response isn’t rude or cocky; it’s passionate and strong yet vulnerable.

Then, their eyes linger on each other as Han is dropped down into the carbonite and it’s heart-wrenching.


I’m so excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As life goes on, the love people share for one another grows and evolves. I can’t wait to see where life & love has taken Han and Leia since we last saw them!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18th.

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