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I Am Elemental NYCC 010

One New York Comic Con exclusive. One charity fundraiser. One awesome female-positive toy company. And two awesome new action figures.

If you haven’t heard of I Am Elemental, let me catch you up real quick. Tired of the scantily-clad, un-realistic body proportions often seen in the world of super heroes, Julie Kerwin and her team created a new team of female heroes with healthier body types and non-sexualized costumes. On its own, it would be a great concept, but what really makes I Am Elemental something special is the character designs themselves, which retain all the positive traits of super hero style– streamlined costumes filled with vibrant colors, striking silhouettes, and character-specific powers and accessories– with none of the negative tropes.

The first series of figures featured seven heroes– Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence, and Fear– all of whom were based around the core concept of Courage. Each character features her own special super power related to the concept she represents, and together they make up a formidable team of super heroes that have been embraced by fans of all ages, and genders.

While the I Am Elemental team is hard at work developing their second team of super heroes (this time based on the theme of Wisdom), they designed two variant figures this Fall. Gold Honesty, a New York Comic Con exclusive, saw the winged hero get a new deco with a bright gold bodysuit replacing her previous silver one. The alternate colorway makes the new Honesty a striking figure, and sets her apart from the silver suits of her teammates. The figure stands about 4″ tall, and she features a lot of articulation, including a ball joint neck which allows her to look up for flying poses, ball joint shoulders and hips, and half-ball elbows and knees. These moving pieces make it possible for the figure to strike any number of heroic poses, with or without her removable wings and special shield.

The second exclusive figure is an alternate pink-colored Bravery. Like Honesty, this exclusive edition repaints the original action figure, now with a very cool metallic pink costume. Bravery features removable armor and a shield of her own, and she is packed with a set of ten greeting cards by some of the biggest female artists in comics and animation. Kerwin hand picked this impressive roster of artists, which includes Annie Wu (Hawkeye, Black Canary), Danica Nogorodoff (A Late Freeze, Refresh, Refresh), Olivia Huynh, Brittney Williams, Christine Brunson, Mariah Huehner (Angel, Spike), Jen Wang, and Andrea Fernandez. Each artist brings her own style to the I Am Elemental heroes, and the resulting images help expand the mythology of these new superheroes.

The coolest part of the pink Bravery figure, though, is that all proceeds from the sale of this figure will benefit breast cancer research at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It’s toy collecting with a cause! Bravery was the ideal candidate to get the pink treatment for this awesome charity project, as she might be the character closest to Julie’s heart. Bravery’s French Braid hairstyle was crafted as an homage to Julie’s mother, so featuring her as the hero for this very special edition exclusive makes perfect sense.

The Gold Honesty figure is now sold out, but the Pink Bravery figure, complete with greeting cards, is available now through I Am Elemental’s website. Click here to purchase yours!

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