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Dc Superhero Girls

The latest episode of DC Superhero Girls, the animated web series based off of characters from the fashion doll/action figure franchise by Time Warner and Mattel, delves into the practicalities of female superhero costumes. Wonder Woman has been tasked with designing a new suit, and she discovers that it’s important for the suit to work in addition to looking swag.

It’s a great move on the show’s part, which is geared at young girls. Female superheroes, especially in their comic book iterations, tend to have bizarrely impractical outfits that make tons of sense in the bedroom but no sense for fighting crime. (Starfire is a good example. Just google her). The episode doesn’t go quite so far as to address objectification in superhero outfits, but it does address the need for functionality. Highlights include ankle-wobbling while trying to run in high heels (OMG ALWAYS) and those same high heels getting stuck in the mud (ALSO ALWAYS).

Check out an exclusive clip of the episode from Comic Book Resources below, or watch the full episode on the DC Super Hero Girls website.

(via Comic Book Resources)

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