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Facebook user Hablemos de Marvel posted some promo art from the upcoming Cap film–it’s unclear whether these are official for the film, castoffs, future toy packaging, or what. But these images are a nice holdover until the film’s release, which is on May 6 of THIS FREAKING YEAR (I’m not over the fact that it’s 2016. I don’t know when I’ll be over the fact that it’s 2016. HOW IS IT 2016 ?!).

The film stars the usual suspects: Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron-Man. The two caped crusaders and one-time exchangers of witty repartee find themselves on opposite sides of the battle lines as Cap goes rogue. The rest of the heroes in the Avengers stable pick and choose sides and thus–Civil War.

Check out the promo art below:

captain7 captain6 captain5 captain4 captain3 captain2 captain1


(via Comingsoon.net)


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