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Photo courtesy of Associated Press

Photo courtesy of Associated Press

Brilliant. Icon. Legend. Genius. We tend to use these words freely and inaccurately, nowadays. But when it comes to David Bowie, they’re extremely appropriate. He wasn’t just a musical genius. He was a true inspiration and hero to all the weirdos out there. When the world turned us into outcasts, the Goblin King made us feel cool and beautiful, and it pains me so much to write about him in the past tense as I, like many of you, always thought this majestic Starman was immortal.

Nothing any of us write about our beloved Ziggy will ever capture the out-of-this-world phenomenon that he was and will always be. So go listen to his music and let’s be grateful that we’re all extremely lucky to have lived in his lifetime.

Rest in peace you beautiful, brilliant, legend of a man. Thank you for making our lives more wonderful and strange. Hope to see you on Mars one day.

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Dorina Arellano grew up in the land of soccer, tacos and Morrissey, the awesome country that is Mexico. She's studied music since she was in her mother's belly, can hum all of John Williams' soundtracks, and sings some pretty amazing Buffy karaoke. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her toys, comic book collection, and equally nerdy husband, who doesn't seem to understand why Batman is better than Superman. She currently works for one of the nerdiest companies ever, Google. In addition to being a Legion of Leia contributor, in her spare time, Dorina also writes for Nerds In Babeland. Follow Dorina on Twitter @evildorina and dare to challenge her at Mario Kart.

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