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Because, sometimes the Internet is wonderful AF. The Great Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo, is a new Pokémon game for Nintendo 3DS, to be released in this year the 20th anniversary of the franchise.  Chanting the words “The Great Detective Pikachu” are now part of my daily self-care routine, because how can those words all strung together not you not smile until your head pops clear off your body?

The Pokémon Company debuted the trailer for the game earlier this week. Fans immediately heard the wonderfully deep voice they gave the cute lil monster-come-Sherlock:

…and realized that the only thing that could make this any more tha-best than it already is would be Danny DeVito voicing the English version. AND OMG YAS IT IS THA BESTEST:

Seriously. You can hop on board and sign the petition here–it’s nearly at its target number of signatures. I sincerely hope this petition works because then everything will be great.

(via The Mary Sue)

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