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Deadline reported yesterday that the USPS is doing something super cool for those of us that still use snail mail (Guilty as charged. Nothing beats the sentimental value of a handwritten letter that no one can read b/c my handwriting is unreasonably atrocious.) They’re releasing four Star Trek themed stamps to commemorate the franchise’s 50th anniversary this year. Check ’em out:

enterprisevulcan2by2 startrekstamps2by2

In addition to this tribute to fictional space travel, the United States Postal Service is ALSO releasing two stamps in honor of NASA’S New Horizons mission–real space travel. The New Horizons probe flew by Pluto in June of 2015, snapping the first ever photos of the tiny lil’ guy in our Solar System.


Pluto New Horizons Stamps

So for the rest of you who don’t use snail mail–now is as good as ever a time to start!

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