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When the Suicide Squad trailer dropped, listening to the opening of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to set the tone for our first real look at the SKWAD, was genuinely exciting. But as the trailer went on, I had no sense of who these bad guys were, what their motivations were to help with whatever mission they were being used for. It felt like ‘Here’s this waaay cooler song for these waaaaay cooler looking bad guys gone good-ish! Look how badass they look! Look at the big booms!’ But it looked like a mess which sucked because I’m still vaguely interested in knowing what the story of the Squad is and why I should still be excited.

The trailer also felt like it used broadstrokes of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer tones (like music being glaringly obvious) but missing something. So I watched the trailers back to back and I noticed some key differences which this trailer mash-up highlights.

Because holy crap, this trailer will give you the chills with how it utilizes a cohesive story and music better.


From the start you’re presented to the world these characters live in and understand who they are and why they’re interesting. You get a sense of their personality and want to (g)root for them. You can see how using clear moments to show the motivations of the characters can drive interest in the film. Rocket’s “What has the galaxy ever done for you?” speech shows the relationships these people have on their stance of having to work together. The music doesn’t do all the work and the jokes land while being enhanced by the use of Bohemian Rhapsody. When it ends you feel like you want to know more about these anti-heroes.

Now clearly the GOTG and Suicide Squad aren’t the same. The latter, of course, probably less redeemable and more volatile but we’ve yet to see why outside of just how badass they look. If there will be additional trailers, it would be fantastic to get a better sense of these characters and their story. How they’re more likely to implode than work together to set them apart.


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