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Filming for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has commenced! And to celebrate this wonderful moment James Gunn has revealed that a new hero shall be joining in for this go ‘round.

Mantis has joined the Guardians.

What does that mean? Well, don’t be bashful, like the other guardians Mantis is a lesser known hero in the Marvel Universe (who is guaranteed to see a boost in popularity). She has a long and strange history, originally raised on Earth, before taking off for greater adventures space. She’s a telepath and martial arts expert, she has green skin and antennae, and… has a thing for plants… yes, a thing, not a Thing.*

So we now have another lady as a member of the Guardians, and, not for nothing, another with green skin (one more and we have a pattern). Gunn has vowed to not only add characters to the ranks of the Guardians, but also allow for greater screen time for female characters. As a fan of Gunn (a St. Louis boy, like me!) I hope his efforts in this regard prove fruitful, because I’m still a little unnerved by the backpedaling he needed to do after Drax called Gamora a whore in the first installment (though I will go to the floor about how that’s actually a teachable moment in the film).

Now we only need one question about Mantis answered: will her “thing” for plants lead to romance for the ages between her and Groot (who appears to still be growing to his original size)?

*I also regret this joke.

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