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This week’s case in actually takes a backseat (sort of) in favor of exploring the strange relationship between Lucifer and Chloe a little bit. Lucifer is still baffled by his ineffectiveness to woo Chloe. and is beginning to go to great lengths in trying to get under her skin. Methinks he is definitely infatuated with her.

Lucifer slips into Chloe’s house while she’s taking a shower and begins making breakfast. He says he’s there to discuss their next case, but Chloe doesn’t have a next case yet. Their conversation/argument gets interrupted when Dan and Trixie walk in. Chloe, still in a towel, and Lucifer making breakfast doesn’t exactly give the right impression. Trixie even asks if Lucifer and Chloe had a “sleepover.” As mortifying as the question is, one can’t help but squee at the adorableness. She only gets cuter when Lucifer has to lead her away by hanging a slice of bacon over her head.

After getting kicked out from Chloe’s house again, the flustered overseer of Hell runs straight to Dr. Martin. It’s with her that he concludes that the only way to cease his infatuation with Chloe, he must have sex with her. After all, one always loses interest in a person when they have sex with each other, right?

That’s when the next case of the week comes in, which features (surprise!) a professional pick-up artist whose girlfriend is being held for ransom. Lucifer studies and then questions the validity of the “pick-up game” when he hears and sees the techniques in action. He even tries a step on Chloe, which involves her walking in on him naked (evening up the score from that morning). Whodathunk that this act actually brings Chloe closer to Lucifer? But not in the way you think.


We discover two huge scars on his back where he had Maze cut off his angelic wings. So now we know that Lucifer had his wings even after falling from Heaven. And since we know he came to Earth five years ago, this is a fairly recent scar that is both physical and mental.He showed a moment of true seriousness that borders on an expression most dire when Chloe tries to touch his scars. Something definitely happened that made Lucifer want to cut off his wings. Color me intrigued. Finally.

The case eventually leads the duo to discovering that the kidnapped girlfriend and her brother conned the pick-up artist. The girlfriend, whom the pick-up artist actually loved and wanted to marry, was actually scorned by him a couple years before thanks to his douchy techniques. Her conning him was her way of getting revenge (while also cheating him out of thousands of dollars). Lucifer attempts to show his true face to the cons as punishment, but Chloe catches a glimpse of his glowing eyes and distracts him away from going through with the act. Yes, Chloe still doesn’t believe Lucifer is the devil, but she’s finally starting to come around. That is until she shoots him in the leg.

In the first episode, we know Lucifer can take a rain of bullets and not even break a sweat, let alone bleed or feel pain. But for some reason, he does bleed and he does feel pain as soon as Chloe shoots him. What’s going on? Is he turning human or does Chloe have her own special abilities no one is privy to yet?


Elsewhere, Amenadiel and Maze speak privately about the urgency of Lucifer coming back to Hell. They both want the same thing, yet Maze insists of fighting the angel anyway. There is a moment where she licks Amen’s face and he’s totally taken aback by it, as if he just felt a sensation unfamiliar to him. Yeah, this interaction needs to be explored in the coming episodes.


  • For as old as Trixie is, she is extremely perceptive and bright. She even guess that Chloe may actually like Lucifer for as much grief as she gives him.
  • I’m still trying to figure out Dan’s function. Why is he the only one giving her cases? They’re equal in rank, right? So why isn’t her captain giving out the assignments?
  • Speaking of Dan, we find out that he and Chloe are actually separated, not divorced.
  • I like the actress playing Dr. Martin, but the character is just…well, she might need to reconsider her career path if she continues projecting her own conclusions onto Lucifer rather than help him get there on his own.

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