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Maybe you’ve Carcassonne-d yourself out. And forget Settlers; that was so high-school. Maybe you love all the board games and are looking for a new, bigger way to channel that love. Or maybe you just hate board games, period. Well, games review website Wink Fun recently posted a link to a product just for you, no matter which of these things ya are.

Board Game Manufacturing has a delightful thing called the Game Inventors Kit which is exactly what it sounds like: all the fixins to come up with your own adventure board game. The kit comes with a box, game board, pawns, dice, blank cards and play money, among other trappings, and is available in multiple “sizes” with fewer or more items depending on which one you get: Junior Game Inventors Kit, Advanced Game Inventors Kit, or Advanced Game Inventors Kit x2 (which is two Advanced Game Inventors kits). You can also buy piecemeal parts if you already have an idea in mind and know exactly what you need for your very own Cones of Dunshire.

So whether you’re tired of what you’ve been up to, you want to take that gamer love to a whole new level, or think you can make something better than the board games out there, you’re in luck! You can buy the kit here.

(via BoingBoing)

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