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Agent Carter must race against the clock to disarm two atomic bombs before Whitney Snow is able to get to them. But she needs an elite team to help pull it off. Enter Chief Sousa, Jarvis, Rose, and Dr. Samberly. Yep, a crack team of the SSR’s finest plus one butler.

Marvel’s Agent Carter pokes fun at all of the heist movie clichés, especially the one iconic shot where the team walks together, side-by-side, in slow motion. The bumbling scientist no one likes, Dr. Samberly, trips during his bad-ass moment, and Jarvis breaks his own English bravado by suddenly remembering that he parked the car around the corner because of street cleaning. This was definitely a fun episode to watch. And instead of some impressive guitar riffs accompanied by a fully loaded orchestra, the gang’s moment is set to “Pistol Packin’ Mama” by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters (which I’m sure many Fallout fans were able to recognize right away). Yup. I am totally confident that they’ll pull off this heist without a hitch.

We finally see this season’s other women in the cast after being absent for two episodes. Except Ana. She’s still nowhere to be seen. Rose the secretary gets her day in the spotlight when she finds herself in front of Whitney’s knife-wielding goons. By looking at her, you would not expect a force not to be reckoned with. With very little effort, she throttles the good with a few easy moves and she’s on to the next guy unfortunate enough to turn around the corner. Lady deals with desperate Hollywood wannabes every day and protects the SSR from being discovered. Of course she’s qualified for field work, Sousa!

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The second lady we haven’t met since episode one is Sousa’s fiancé, Nurse Violet. In a confrontation with Whitney at Roxxon, Peggy falls onto a rebar trying to avoid Whitney’s fatal touch. Peggy and Sousa don’t know who’s in the Council of Nine’s pocket so they go to Violet’s house instead. Violet treats Peggy as best as she can, but while doing so, she notices that Sousa is still in love with Peggy. Poor gal. The day after Sousa finally proposes too.

While we’re on the subject of ladies, Whitney Snow is now driven to collecting more Zero Matter to the point where she needs atomic bombs in order to reenact the test that led to its discovery in the first place. She must have more. Like with Dr. Wilkes, she’s being “called” by the remaining Zero Matter, as if it’s trying to put itself back together and/or become stronger.

The remaining atomic bombs from the test are still at Roxxon, whose CEO is the same guy Peggy throttled back in New York last season. On Whitney’s side, she recruits a bunch of gang members to help break into the Roxxon facility. I guess they have special access to bypass all of the traps all around the facility. The goons are on loan from an old flame, Joseph Manfredi — a gangster whose has the kind of temper on which you don’t want to be on the receiving end. Seriously. On Peggy’s side, she disguises herself as the new office bimbo and steals a special key. Samberly lent her a device that electrocutes a part of the brain that makes the victim forget about the wielder for two minutes at a time. The hilarious problem is that she has to keep shocking Jones because he keeps remembering her true identity.

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Back at the Stark house where Peggy is recovering, Dr. Wilkes takes time out of the lab to visit her. He hints that he’s aware of what kind of place from which Zero Matter actually originates, but he doesn’t say much more than that. Before Peggy can prod any further, Wilkes suddenly fades away from existence (as far as we know).

“The Atomic Job” really delivered this week. It was a fun, dramatic, and action-packed. The entire team, besides Agent Carter herself, are total underdogs overcoming the status quo typical of action films.


  • I thought for sure Ana would show up to at least help with Peggy’s office bimbo look. I want Ana Jarvis, damn it!
  • You know you’re watching a piece of fiction when you see two people, side-by-side, in an air duct…at the same time.
  • “I could have shot…Howard.”
  • “You arrogant plonker.”
  • Was it just me, or was Jones’ secretary trying to do her best Marilyn Monroe impression?
  • Peggy to Jarvis: “Isn’t that why you wore your recreation tie?” I can’t help but think Ana chose that particular tie. It’s too wild looking for Jarvis to pick on his own.
  • Looks like Chadwick is about to tattle on his wife to the Council of Nine. Rightfully so, I guess. Her quest for world domination could really put a wrinkle on his Senate campaign.

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