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Episode 611 of The Walking Dead, “Knots Untie,” starts off with Abraham and Sasha walking back into Alexandria, presumably from a patrol. Abraham is telling Sasha about his time as a soldier. Then he stops and mentions that he can’t believe Maggie is having a baby, and they talk about it for a moment. Sasha reveals that she’s starting a new shift and that Eugene will be taking over her shift with Abraham. Abraham is clearly disappointed. “See ya around?” he says. “Yeah,” she replies.

We then see Abraham in bed with Rosita (his actual girlfriend) and they have a conversation about Eugene in the afterglow of their… romance. Rosita throws him a necklace she made for him, yet he thinks about Sasha.

Shortly after, we see Maggie and Glenn out in the fields within the town. Maggie’s working on farming some tomatoes, even though it’s nighttime. They see Denise rush out of her house and run back in with another town member.


Next, we see Jesus in Rick’s house. Carl steps out from behind him, holding a gun to his head. Rick and Michonne rush out half-dressed, and Glenn, Daryl, and Maggie rush in, all with guns drawn. The group relocates to the kitchen, and Jesus explains that he comes from a community like theirs and that he thinks the two communities could help each other. Rick and the others are skeptical, but Jesus mentions that they are trading with other settlements already.

“You mean you’re already trading with other groups?” Maggie asks.

Jesus smiles and says, “Your world’s about to get a whole lot bigger.”

Cue opening credits.

When we return, Daryl is working on an RV. Denise tries to give him a healthy snack, but he refuses. Rick and Carl have a conversation, and Rick tells him that he and Michonne, “Just happened.” “It’s cool,” Carl replies. Rick tells Carl he can come along, but Carl tells him he’s gonna stay behind and protect Alexandria. Abraham, Rick, Daryl, Jesus, Glenn, and Maggie (Maggie?!? She’s pregnant. Let’s play good idea, bad idea.) all hop on board and head out.

While they’re driving, Abraham leans in to Glenn and asks him “When you were pouring the bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?” Glenn tells I’m that it’s something they talked about. Abraham tells him that he is floored that people would make that decision. “We’re trying to build something. All of us.” Glenn says. Meanwhile, Rick is driving, and he and Michonne end up holding hands and smiling. Awww…


Rick slows the RV when they come across a crashed vehicle that looks like it just happened. A walker is trapped under a flipped car. “Looks like one of ours,” Jesus says. Rick pulls a gun on Jesus, warning him that it better not be a trick. They move to a nearby building, and Rick tells Jesus that they’ll get his people back, while Jesus stays back under Maggie’s guard.

Inside the building, Rick and the gang slowly make their way through. We can hear walkers, and the group quickly dispatch a couple of them in the dark hallway. They rescue two people, while Glenn and Daryl fight off a couple more walkers ahead. They find one more of Jesus’s friends who tells him he’s looking for one more friend. Abraham finds that friend and almost kills him, but stops short.

Back in the RV, one of the men introduces himself as Harlan. He also reveals that he’s a doctor. Glenn asks if he has any prenatal vitamins, and it turns out that Harlan was an obstetrician. Jesus talks to one of his friends named Freddie — the one Abraham almost killed — and he’s pretty upset. He reveals that he saw a vision of his dead wife.

Suddenly the RV stops; the wheels are stuck in something. Jesus looks out the window and says “No worries, we’re here.” Everyone gets out and Jesus says, “That’s us, that’s The Hilltop.” They look on and see a big wall similar to the one at Alexandria.


The group walks up to the gate and a man standing guard yells at them to stop where they are. The gang pulls their guns, and an argument starts between the two groups. Jesus reveals that his people ran out of ammo months ago and that he’s letting them keep their guns. “I trust you people. Trust us.” They open the gates.

The gates open and we see that in the middle of the compound is a huge Victorian house, surrounded by a makeshift village of sorts. Harlan tells Maggie and Glenn to come see him whenever. “A lot of people came from a FEMA camp,” Jesus says, “Trailers came with them.” He tells them about the house: “Barrington house. It was a living history museum. People came here because they figured it would keep running after the world stopped running.”


Jesus gives them a tour of the inside. It’s a gorgeous, old-styled home filled with paintings and antiques. The rooms have been converted to living spaces. A pair of doors opens and a man walks out and Jesus introduces Gregory, the boss of the community. Greogry insists the group gets washed up. He’s definitely a bit odd and boisterous. Rick tells Maggie to clean up first and talk to Gregory.

Maggie goes to talk to Gregory. He thanks them for saving Doctor Carson. She asks how they’ve survived this and Gregory basically takes credit for the group’s success. They discuss the crops, the guns, the infirmary. Gregory calls her out on not having enough food. He offers to let the Alexandrian people work for their goods. He basically hitss on Maggie as well — offering her a different kind of trade — and she quickly shuts him down. She tries to steer things back to trade, but Gregory shuts her down in return. “We can help each other,” Maggie pleads “We’re doing fine,” he says, “Are you?”


Jesus is talking to Daryl and Rick and tells him that Gregory wants to deal, they just don’t need ammo or medicine. Jesus tell them that he’ll talk to Gregory for them. He asks for a few days, and Rick agrees. Suddenly a man burst in and says, “They’re back.” A group of three of Hilltops’s people come in, looking defeated. Gregory asks where the others are and they tell him that they’re dead. “Negan?” Gregory asks. They ask him if the food drop was light, and Gregory says no. They tell him that Negan said the trade wasn’t enough, and that he still has a man named Craig. The lead man, Ethan says he has a deliver from Negan, then he pulls out a knife and stabs Gregory in the stomach.


A fight breaks out as Rick and Daryl try to stop the three Hilltoppers who just returned. One of the busy starts chocking Abraham and almost gets the better of him, but Daryl breaks his arm. Ethan gets on top of Rick with a knife to his throat, but Michonne comes up from behind. When Ethan looks back at her, Rick stabs him in the jugular and he dies, bleeding out all over Rick.


The Hilltoppers stare at Rick, and he just looks at them and says, “What?” Ethan’s lady friend comes over and punches Rick, and one of the guards comes over with his spear. But Jesus runs in the middle of it and stops them all. “Ethan was a coward who attacked us, he says, and these people stopped us.” Eventually, everyone lowers their weapons. Abraham gets up and doesn’t realize Rosita’s necklace is laying in the grass below him.

“You need to know, things aren’t as simple as they might seem,” Jesus says.

A little later, Jesus tells the group that Dr. Carson was able to patch up Gregory. Rick asks him about Negan. “Negan’s the head of a groups of people he calls The Saviors. They make a lot of demands, even more threats. They even killed one of us. They beat him to death right in front of us. They said we needed to understand right off the bat.” Jesus goes on to tell them that Gregory made a deal to give Negan half of everything; food, medicine, and livestock, and in return Negan won’t kill them. Rick asks how many people Negan has, and he tells him that they’ve seen groups as big as 20. Daryl offers to go kill Negan in return for food, medicine and “one of them cows.”

Jesus seems skeptical, as the Hilltop people aren’t fighters, but Rick says, “Confrontation’s never something we’ve had trouble with.”

The group talks about the trade. “It’s gonna cost us something,” Maggie says. Then Jesus comes in and says that Gregory is up and wants to talk to Maggie.  Maggie goes in to see him and presents they’re plan. “We’ve handled people like Negan,” she says “How?” he asks her. “They’re dead,” she replies.

“You give us supplies, we’ll save Craig and take care of Negan and the saviors permanently,” Maggie continues. “We need food. You have it. We’re willing to work for it.” Maggie then tells Gregory that she wants half of what they have right now or the deal’s off. Gregory agrees, but even with a stab wound, he’s pretty much a jerk.


Rick questions one of the Hilltoppers about Negan’s compound, and tells him they need him to come with them. He agrees. Rick asks Michonne if she’s up for it. “It’s gonna be a fight,” she says. “We’ll win, Rick says. “We have to.”

In the infirmary, Doctor Carson is giving Maggie an ultrasound. Glenn and Maggie see their unborn child and smile. A little later, the RV drives off, and Glenn shows Michonne a picture of the sonogram. She passes it around the RV. Daryl scowls at it, but Abraham looks at it and smiles at them.

Fade to black.

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