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Brie Larvan has escaped! Our favorite Bug-Eyed Bandit has managed to hack into her prison files and score herself an early release, but what for? Read on to find out!

Beacon of Hope begins with Team Arrow oblivious to Brie’s escape. Thea, Laurel, Diggle, and Oliver are engaged in a 4-way training session, where Oliver is kicking everyone’s butt. He’s been pushing everyone hard. Shortly after they take a break, Thea finds out that Alex (I guess they’re still going on?) has an interview with Ruve Darhk. Oliver won’t restart his mayoral campaign, so Laurel suggests Alex interviews for an opening at Palmer Tech. Everyone sees nervous mentioning Felicity in front of Oliver, but he’s okay with it and thinks it’s a good idea. Thea goes to talk to Felicity. 

Over at Palmer Tech, Felicity and Curtis are discussing how expensive the biostimulant chip in her spine will cost. It’s about a quarter of a mil, and it looks like Mr. Dennis and the Board want to keep it that way, making walking again a luxury item. Felicity is not okay with this, but Curtis is too sick to keep discussing this and Mama Smoak has arrived to cheer Felicity up. Curtis is sent home, and before Donna can be nicely gotten rid of, Thea arrives to talk about Alex. Felicity has a Board meeting to get to, but Mr. Dennis is a jerk and she likes Thea better.


It’s a good thing she’s late to the meeting, because a latecomer, Phil, ends up dying from bees exploding out of his body. It looks like Brie’s target is Palmer Tech and the chip. But there’s only one working biostimulant in existence, the one in Felicity’s spine. Brie knows this and she gives Felicity a deadline to give herself up before other Board members start dying. She’s also created a swarm a robe-bees to swarm around Palmer Tech, cutting off access and jamming communications.

While all of this is going on, Curtis has made it home. Wonderful Paul is trying to feed him soup when the news reports on the situation at Palmer Tech come on. Curtis realizes Felicity is in there and needs help, so, over Paul’s objections, he runs out to get help. Using the phone the Green Arrow had given him a while ago when they were looking for Ray, he tracks the location of the Arrowcave. He finds the hidden elevator at Oliver’s old campaign headquarters, takes it down, and finds Oliver, Laurel, Quentin, and Diggle. Then he promptly passes out. It’s more from the illness than the shock of finding out who everyone is, but he’s still pretty shocked.

After Curtis is given an IV to rehydrate himself, he comes to, and fanboys over learning about Oliver, Laurel, and Quentin. He doesn’t remember who Diggle is. Oops. But that’s okay. Oliver cares more about how and why Curtis is there. Curtis is there to help. He sees the computer and immediately starts trying to help figure out how to hack the bees. Oliver is still leery of him, but allows it, because Curtis is the only one who might be able to control the bees.

Meanwhile, Felicity, Thea, and Donna have had to crawl through an air vent in order to escape the swarm. They manage to find temporary shelter in a janitor’s closet, but one bee gets in. Luckily, it’s Curtis. He has control of the bees. He informs the ladies Team Arrow is on the way.

The ladies make a “bee”-line for outside, but Curtis loses control of the bees. They create a barrier between the women and Team Arrow. Then they form a large Bee-Man. Oliver tries to fight it, but he gets stung. The women run back inside, and Team Arrow heads back to the Arrowcave to help Oliver.

oliver hurt

There’s a bee inside of Oliver. He wants Curtis to cut the bee out of him, but that’s pointless, because the bee is replicating inside of Oliver. It’s pretty gross. However, after panicking for a few moments, and then getting the brain nudge by Quentin and his digital honey idea, Curtis determines a sonic blast might disrupt the bees frequency and get them out of Oliver. But they have a portable sonic projector to do this. As luck would have it, Laurel happen to use one when she’s fighting. All she needs to do is let loose and give Oliver a full blast Canary Cry and that should do the trick. And it does. Now, Curtis can go back to figuring out how to stop the bees.

Back at Palmer Tech, Brie has given Felicity a small extension on the deadline to give herself up. She relays this message while in Felicity’s office. That means she’s not with the Board. She gets an idea from Donna to help the Board escape. They get into Felicity’s secret elevator. It doesn’t stop at the conference room floor, but using unintentionally explosive communication devices created by Curtis, Felicity blows a hole in the wall and loads the Board into the elevator. Before she or Thea can get back on it, Brie returns to the room. Felicity sends the elevator on.

Thea and Felicity are taken back to Felicity’s office. Thea tries to figure out what Brie’s deal is. Brie loves the bees and wants to bring more attention to their decline, and she wants Felicity’s chip because she has a tumor on her spine. If it is surgically removed, she will be left paralyzed. She can’t afford Felicity’s chip, so she wants the schematics. Felicity tells her where to get it. Brie goes off to retrieve them, and Felicity gets on her computer to check on her mom and start working on the bees.

curtis in ac

Curtis figures out the bees are adapting. That’s why he lost control of them earlier and why the Canary Cry won’t work on them again. He can get control of enough bees to get team Arrow through and he’s going to create a virus that can be uploaded into the hive. It’s all going to come down to timing.

Felicity sees her mom and the Board are okay, but before she can do anything else, Brie comes back. She has the schematics, but while going through Palmer Tech’s files, she also recognizes a certain code that was used to help send her to jail. She knows it was Felicity who helped Barry. Thea is knocked out, and now it’s time for Felicity to pay.

But wait, Oliver conveniently arrives to subdue Brie and stop the swarm. Or does he? He plants the virus rigged arrow, but back in the Arrowcave, Curtis is held up by Oliver’s bee coming back online, and doesn’t start the program. He and Quentin chase it all around the cave, making a mess as they go, until Quentin is able to smash it. Curtis uploads the virus, but not before Oliver is knocked around by the Bee-Man and shot at by Brie.

Felicity finally takes control of the situation and electrocutes Bee-Man with a broken lamp. Then, Curtis’ virus fully uploads and Curtis gets control of the bees. They attack Brie, and she is left in a coma, due to an OD of their venom. Oliver and Felicity check in with each other, and Thea stays with Felicity to help fix her office.

felicity to the rescue

They talk. Thea doesn’t understand how Felicity could give the team up. They’re a beacon of hope. Plus the rush and thrill aren’t too bad either. But the rush was never why Felicity joined the team. She had wanted to make a difference, and inspired by Brie, she thinks she now knows a way to make Palmer Tech a beacon of hope.

Team Arrow returns the cave to find it a mess. Curtis is trying to fix it up. Oliver apologizes to Curtis for being hard on him earlier and lets him know he is always welcomed. Curtis needs some time to digest everything and goes home to Paul, promising not to run off all mysterious-like again, and Laurel commends Oliver on apologizing. Oliver has decided to try and take some of her advice to continue to be a beacon of hope (there it is again), while saving some for himself.


Damien also had an interesting day. First, a still one-handed Malcolm pays him a visit. He’s there to inform Damien that Project genesis will continue, but without him. He’s not getting out of jail anytime soon. Maybe if he didn’t have a habit of killing people who wronged him, they might be more willing to get him out. Oh well.

Next, he’s attacked by two goons and their boss, Murmur. Remember him? He’s the cop killer with his mouth sewn shut. Damien gets a few good licks in, but he takes a beating. Before he’s pounded into a pile of pulp, the guards stop the fight. But later that day, they pay Damien a visit in his cell. No guards are around, which is good, because that means Murmur only has to kill them. You see, Damien figured out about Murmur’s only living relative, his grandmother, and threatened to have her killed if he didn’t do what Damien told him to. Damien also instructs him to pass on a message to a particular someone.

That someone is Malcolm, because of course, he’s playing every side he can. He speaks to a man in a car, and says Damien called him his “Ace in the hole.” Is that true? Then we see the man in the car is none other than Andy Diggle. We all knew his story wasn’t over. 

Other points of interest:

~ In our flashback, Oliver goes to meet with Reiter. He has hidden the idol. Reiter wants it. Taiana jumps out and tries to shoot Reiter, but he is immune to the bullets. Now, they are beginning to understand what is going. Reiter wants to become a monster god. He sends Taiana flying and fights with Oliver, getting the upper hand. He’s about to kill Oliver, goes all yellow eyes and everything, but then he loses his “soul”ar power (see what I did there?). Oliver takes this opportunity to knock Reiter out and check on Taiana. She’s hurt but alive. While Oliver is distracted with her, Reiter comes to and goes searching for the idol. This means he’s not going after the villagers. Oliver wants to use this chance to kill all of Reiter’s men and free the villagers. We leave it at that, but can I just point out that if Reiter finds the idol and is nearby when the men are killed, this plan might backfire on Ollie? Just a thought.

~ Holy Pop Culture! The references were flying tonight. I could barely keep up. Voldemort, Harry Potter (Oliver reads!), Battlestar Galactica, Aliens, Die Hard, NEAL ADAMS, Star Trek, tribbles, the Borg, My Girl, Panic Room, Mariah Carey, and Independence Day all got mentions. It was a pop culturepalooza! While it mostly came from Curtis, Felicity, Quentin, and surprisingly, Oliver, all got in on it. This geeky gal’s heart nearly burst with happiness.

~ Thea and Felicity agree that naming bad guys should be left to Cisco.

~ Mama Smoak and Quentin are still going strong. Felicity thinks it’s cute.

~ Donna recognizes these attacks happen almost weekly, and they are bad for high fashion. She’s going to need to invest in a pair of more sensible shoes.

~ Even though they are running for their lives, Donna still tries to get Felicity to open up about her feelings. It doesn’t really work, but points to Donna for trying.

~ It is great to see Oliver and Laurel get a little time together. I still wish Laurel had more to do, other than be there for Oliver, but at least she got to be the strong one. She understands his pain and now, she gets to help him through it. She will also call him out on his bs when he takes his pain out on others, whether it’s training Team Arrow too hard or yelling at Curtis. We, and Oliver, need more of that. There is a lot more to Laurel than we’ve been given. Now that Felicity is off the team, I’m hoping she will be given more of a role. Also, it’s about time we got to see the full effect of the Canary Cry. It’s been such a lame tool up until now. I hope we get more of this type of cry.


After all the drama we and Team Arrow has faced in the past few weeks, I thin we needed an episode like this. It didn’t take away from the importance of all that has happened, but it was lighter. The team needs someone like Felicity or now Curtis to remind them, especially Oliver, of the good they do, and also to bring the funny. Too much dark and they will drown, but bring in someone to keep things lighter, and everything becomes a little more hopeful. Until next week…

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