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One of the things I love about Blindspot is their willingness to answer the questions they pose. Of course, the reason they do so is because even when they provide the answers, we’re left with even more questions, but in today’s “leave as many mysteries as possible” entertainment society, it’s still refreshing. Which questions were answered? Let’s dive in and find out.

Older Cutthroat Canyon begins at night. Supposedly, it’s the night after Jane was told if she didn’t comply, Oscar and his band of mystery men would kill Weller, but that means Reade was held all day and all night. There is a little continuity issue here. But let’s pretend it’s the night after. Jane meets up with Oscar and he asks her to place a GPS tracker in her team’s vehicle. She grudgingly agrees.

Reade wakes up, cuffed, in his car. There is a masked person behind him. They put a gun to his head and tell him to stop looking into Carter’s disappearance. If he doesn’t either he will be killed or the people he loves will. The person shows Reade a photo of Sarah and Sawyer. Then the keys to the cuffs are thrown to Reade, and while he’s uncaring himself, the masked person gets away. Shaken by this encounter, Reade tells Mayfair he jumped the gun and didn’t have any info to share with her. Not only that, he believes he was wrong for being suspicious of Jane. He “realizes” the error of his ways. Mayfair pissed and you can tell she doesn’t really believe him, but there’s nothing to be done because the team has a case.

While Jane was with Oscar and Reade was knocked out, a robbery at a high-end gallery happened. A painting by Banksy-inspired artist, ZOMO, is stolen. As Patterson gleefully points out, it’s a biggie. It’s a painting of a burning rose, exactly like one of Jane’s most prominent tattoos. Understanding how significant this is, the team immediately leaves for the gallery.

kurt bleeding out

There, they find ZOMO’s assistant, Kristy, and demand to speak with ZOMO. Kirsty wishes them good luck. Even in her seven years of working for ZOMO, she has never met the artist. They only communicate through postcards. She hands Weller the latest postcard. The team gets ready to leave, but Weller notices a sculpture has been moved. As Weller inspects the sculpture, Zapata sees a camera pointing at it. Weller puts the two together and tells everyone to run. The bomb inside the sculpture goes off. Everyone is okay except for Weller, whose jugular is nicked by the flying shrapnel. An ambulance is called, and Weller is taken to the hospital.

Zapata, Reade, and Jane head back to the FBI. The best way to hep Weller is to figure out who ZOMO is and why the team is being targeted. It’s surmised that ZOMO is either one of the architects of Jane’s tattoos or they are the one trying to kill them all, but without any clues, they can’t determine which one ZOMO is. Reade has the smart idea to look at ZOMO’s other works. Maybe there is a clue in them. They realize one of ZOMO’s paintings has a photo of a skyline in it. Patterson determines the skyline is real and figures out its location.


Reade, Jane, and Zapata head over to building. Because they don’t want to risk letting on that they’re FBI, Jane and Reade go into the building in plainclothes, accompanied by a bomb-sniffing dog. Zapata and a squad of agents are nearby. They clear the door of all bombs, but when Jane uses the scope to peer into the room, she sees a man tied to a chair, bleeding out. They break down the door.

Jane goes to check on the man, and shots tear through the window. Jane is hit, but she’s wearing kevlar, so she’s shaken and sore but not hit. Reade takes off to join Zapata and the squad on the sniper hunt. He passes an agent on his way into the building, who tells him Tasha caught the sniper. But we all know if that were true, then this would be a very short episode. Of course, it’s the sniper in FBI gear. Reade meets up with Zapata, who has found the sniper’s nest, and realizes he was duped.

By now, the sniper is out of the building and runs into Jane. They exchange fire. Jane hits him in the shoulder. Jane gets a good look at the sniper and realizes she knows him from before. He was a part of Oscar’s group. She, along with everyone else, realizes she’s the target. Jane dumps her comms and takes off without clueing in the team.

At the hospital, Weller wakes up from surgery. Mayfair and Sarah are there to greet him. Before he can be told, he tells them Jane is the target. Mayfair confirms and fills him in on all the latest developments, including Jane’e going off the grid. He gets why she did it and now he needs to help stop the sniper. Against everyone’s objections, he leaves the hospital.


Meanwhile, Jane is on the street. She finds a payphone (I didn’t think there were any operational ones left in the city), and places a calls. An older man in what looks like a trailer picks up. Speaking in code, Jane tells the man she needs to cancel an order. I think it has something to do with finding Oscar, which she does. Oscar explains the sniper, a man named Cade, is one of theirs. Cade had been integral to the creation of Jane’s tats and the their plan. He had always been a little volatile, but his strengths outweighed his flaws until they didn’t. Taylor made the decision to nix him from the group, but he knows too much.

Remember those answers I told you about? This is where we get some. Shortly after Jane was delivered to the FBI, Cade snapped. He thought what they were doing was just as wrong as the people they were trying to stop. He tried to kill Jane, but ended up killing the Ruggedly Handsome Man instead. Oscar fought Cade, but Cade got away. All Cade wants to do is end Jane, so it’s up to her and Oscar to find him before he hurts anyone else.

Over at the FBI, Weller is interrogating Kristy. She was caught heading to JFK. It turns out SHE is ZOMO, not the dead guy. The dead guy was her boyfriend, Eric. Together they created ZOMO. He was the front. She was the artist. Right before the exhibition opened, Kristy was sent a letter saying she needed to meet with the sender or her identity would be revealed. Eric went in her place. He was given the picture of the burning rose and instructed to create it or suffer the consequences. ZOMO did as they were told. Kristy is placed in protective custody.

Before they can go after Cade, Jane and Oscar need to gear up. They head over to a garage. A man greets Oscar. Jane has another flashback. She once knew this guy. The man tries to say hi to her, but realizes the problem. Getting back to business, the man shows Oscar the car he’s gotten for him and the small arsenal in the trunk. Watching the man banter with Oscar makes Jane realize she likes this guy. They get ready to leave, but as the man is opening the garage gate, shots are fired. Cade is there. He hits the man. Jane starts shooting and hits him. Cade runs. Jane checks on Oscar and the man. The man keeps apologizing over and over and eventually dies. Oscar doesn’t want to leave the body, but they have to. The cops are coming and they need to get to Cade. Jane makes the garage look like a robbery gone wrong and they drive off.


Patterson discovers something with the bomb fragments that were used. They are extremely old. She’s able to track them to a decommissioned power plant.  Reade, Weller, and Zapata go to investigate. It appears abandoned, but upon further inspection, they discover a boat docked behind it. They try to be stealthy, but accidentally trip an alarm. Cade, who had been stitching up his wounded shoulder, springs into action. He fires on Weller. They give chase, but get trapped.

Jane and Oscar are trying to figure out their next move. She apologizes for what happened to Danny. Unless it happened off camera, Oscar never told her his name. How did she figure it out? Oscar checks in with the older man. He doesn’t want Jane to hear what the man has to say, but she insists. Turns out Cade called the man and told him he had the FBI agents trapped. Oscar knows this is a trap for Jane and won’t take her. A gun to the back later, and Jane takes the car, stranding Oscar.

On the boat, Weller is going out of his mind, trying to get out. He figures out the door is hollow and tries to devise a way to blow the door, using gas and his gun, but Jane shows up. She tries to unlocked the door. It won’t work. Cade comes behind her, puts a gun to her head, and moves her elsewhere. Weller goes back to making the explosion.

Cade takes Jane outside. He believes Oscar is with her and wants him to see Jane killed. He blames Oscar for what happened to Marcos. Who’s Marcos? In that moment it doesn’t matter, before Cade can kill Jane, he is shot. Oscar has arrived. However, Weller’s explosion has worked and they are now coming for Jane. Oscar tackles Cade over the side and into the water below. Jane tells Weller she shot Cade.

Back at the FBI, Mayfair rips into Jane for disappearing. Weller agrees with her. He’s pissed because he thought he lost her, once again. But he also would have done exactly what she did. Mayfair walks past Reade and tells him Jane’s story is a little off. She double checks if he really believes she’s not hiding anything. He sticks to his story, even though anyone can see he doesn’t believe it.

Later that night, Reade shows up at Weller’s place. Weller is not happy to see him, but since Reade is there to talk to Sarah, he’s just going to go to bed. Earlier, while Sarah was at the hospital with Weller, she told Reade she loved him. He never replied. Now, he tells her that he doesn’t feel the same as her. She thinks he’s lying. He breaks up with her. We all know he’s doing it to protect her, but it still stinks.

Jane finds Oscar. He’s fine. She wants to know about Marcos. All he tells her is Marcos was someone Cade had cared about and something happened to him. Cade held Oscar responsible. He was. It was an unfortunate price to be paid for what they’re doing. Jane points out that not everything is going according to the plan and wonders if there’s anything else she should be worried about. Oscar assures her everything is back on track now that Cade is dead.

But wait! We head back to the boat, where a gentleman is in his car, about to enjoy a sandwich. But before he can take a bite of that delicious bit of food, his door opens and he is pulled out by none other than Cade. Cade steals the car and goes off to who knows where.

While this was a good overall episode, the inconsistencies made it difficult to fully immerse myself in it. Clearly Reade wasn’t held overnight, but at the same time, how did Jane lose a day? And why wouldn’t the audience be shown Jane knowing who Danny is? Her acknowledging him would have been a great moment, considering how quickly he died. Also, there was a little too much predictability in the episode. I love that we’re getting more of Reade, but having him break up with Sarah because she was threatened is tired. We’ve all seen how that goes. Now we have to look forward to things being tense with Weller, which will cause tension on the whole team. The real questions raised are will he clue anyone, whether it’s Zapata or Weller, on what’s really going on, will he continue to look into Carter’s disappearance on his own, or will he stay out it for Sarah’s sake? What do you think he’ll do?

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