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Tonight at SXSW, Telltale Games revealed the title of their latest episodic adventure, which will feature our favorite Dark Knight, Batman: Unmasked.

On the panel were Kevin Bruner (Telltale CEO), Pierre Shorette (writer), TQ Jefferson (executive producer), and Job Stauffer (head of creative communications), with Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller as the moderator.

The game will try to focus as much on Bruce Wayne as it will Batman.

“What we’re really trying to do is look behind the mask,” said TQ Jefferson. “We’re trying to get to the core of Bruce Wayne and the choices he makes.”

As previously reported, the game explores the “duality of [Batman’s] own identity and the struggle of responsibility in saving a city overcome with corruption and villainy.”

There will be sections in the game where the player can choose to play either Bruce Wayne or Batman. How you play the game, either as Bruce or Batman, weaves the narrative going forward. As with all Telltale Games since The Walking Dead, choice matters. But the creators hint that there may or may not be consequences to characters with whom you interact. Depending on how you deal with a situation, a character may go down a “bad” road or not.

The creative team promises to be very Telltale in where the narrative takes precedence than action. It’ll be very different than the beat-em-up installments from Rocksteady’s Arkham series. Also unlike the Rocksteady games, the visuals will look as stylistic as A Wolf Among Us but more evolved technologically and creatively.

Without giving much away, Shorette says a few staple supporting characters will show up, such as Jim Gordon, Renee Montoya, Vicki Vale, and Alfred Pennyworth.

Batman: Unmasked is scheduled to premiere this summer, and will definitely be for ages 17 and up. Rated M!

In case you trophy hoarders are curious, then yes, Batman: Unmasked will have a platinum trophy available. They’ll try to remember this time.

Source: SXSW Gaming

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