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The 90’s are back! Well, maybe. On the talk show FABLife, 90’s darling Melissa Joan Hart of Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina The Teenage Witch fame (and Melissa and Joey…but let’s try to forget about that) mentioned a meeting to discuss potentially resurrecting either show, given Netflix’s Full House revival. Hart did stress that it was just a meeting– “They’re throwing around ‘Clarissa’ and ‘Sabrina’ ideas, but it depends on who’s going to give up rights, who’s going to do it, how’s it going to be done. It’s a lot of politics — we are nowhere near doing anything.”

But the thought of either is exciting. I was always partial to both shows, and have recently been lamenting the looming death of the sitcom…besides, Hart was always a delight to watch.

(via Comic Book Resources)

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