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Star Wars director J.J. Abrams has previously waxed poetic on his admiration for 23 year old Daisy Ridley’s singing voice, calling it “the most beautiful voice I ever heard” during an interview at the U.S.-Ireland Alliance’s Oscar Wilde Awards.  Ridley herself did previously hint to E! that over the weekend she would be recording a duet with an unnamed “massive superstar.”

Under any other circumstances, Ridley’s comment might have been considered something of an overstatement.  But she recently shared a photo of herself with none other than the legendary Barbra Streisand, who still holds the record for most number one albums of any female recording artist, ever .  So yes, the “massive superstar” description is both accurate and well deserved!

This of course brings up the question of why Streisand and Ridley are recorded a duet together.  We know that Abrams loves Ridley’s singing voice, so could this perhaps be a song we’ll see crop up in a future Star Wars film, like “The Hanging Tree” of Mockingjay fame? Might it just be an end credits song or have nothing to with Star Wars at all?  Could it simply be that Streisand is also a fan of Ridley’s vocal stylings and simple wanted to record a song with her for the fun of it?

We’ll just have to wait and find out, though I for one would be surprised if it wasn’t at least for a movie in some capacity or another, be it Star Wars or otherwise.  But let me also be perfectly clear – I hope it is for Star Wars – because how amazing would it be if Rey, feeling overwhelmed by Jedi training sought counsel from a sultry Cantina singer played by Barbra?  (Answer: It would be the most amazing, just think about it)

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