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Star Wars

I was able to roundup two very fun Star Wars rumors/spoilers for us this week! I’m bummed that I wasn’t able to find more but at least they are two, pretty juicy ones!

So let’s jump in…

The first rumor is about Star Wars: Episode VIII and the second is about Star Wars: Episode IX.

Usual Disclaimer: Rumors and potential spoilers ahead!!!! Please stop reading now if you would like to avoid them!

1.) Star Wars: Episode VIII’s official title is Star Wars: Tale of the Jedi Temple.

This rumor comes from Movie Pilot – According to the site, the photo below was leaked online by Facebook and Reddit users and, if it is legit, it has revealed the official title of Episode VIII.

I think that the title, Tale of the Jedi Temple, could absolutely be the real title. We all know that Episode VIII will focus heavily on Luke Skywalker’s tale journey as a Jedi. And, as Movie Pilot also reported, we have been hearing for some time now that important plot points in Episode VIII are linked to the first Jedi temple.


As most fans are aware, the official title of the film is supposed to be announced on May 4, 2016!

So I guess we will just have to wait and see if this is the real deal or not!

2.) Laura Dern will play Luke Skywalker’s love interest and Rey’s mother in Star Wars: Episode IX.

This rumor, that Laura Dern (Jurassic Park), has been cast as Luke’s lover and Rey’s mother, comes from IGN’s Rebel Base.

The theory here is that Dern will be playing Evaan Verlaine, who, in the Princess Leia comics, was raised, alongside Leia, by Queen Organa. Furthermore, according to Rebel Base, Evaan Verlaine was a great pilot who pledged her allegiance to Princess Leia.

It’s an awesomely intriguing theory and, I have to say, I can see the resemblance between Dern and the comic book character. It makes a lot of sense to me that this could be true and, from a character development perspective, it would be a very cool way to link Rey to the Skywalker family.

Check out IGN’s Rebel Base video below to learn more about the theory:


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 5th!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on December 16, 2016!

Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters on December 15, 2017!

Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film hits theaters on May 25, 2018!


(Sources: MoviePilot, IGN’s YouTube)


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  • I doubt that title is real because they would have registered that web domain months ago covertly, along with any other title they were considering. That’s standard. But “”taleofthejeditemple.com” wasn’t registered until March 1, 2016- after this story broke, probably by someone seizing the opportunity to get what they thought might be the real movie title domain. But the name on the website (you can find out website ownership just by googling it) is not Disney or anyone connected to it. I’m calling bogus on this title. And on anything moviepilot ever publishes actually.

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