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YASSSSS. I am a huge-ass animation geek and proud to say it and this makes me proper freaking happy. Steven Universe is my favorite thing since my last favorite thing–my desktop background, my phone background, and the decals on my laptop are all Steven Universe themed bc it is the best, literally the best. The episodes drop in delightfully-titled “Stephen-bombs,” coming out in chunks as opposed to spread out over time…great for binging, but sad for when you need a constant fix. What’s best about this show is its progressive gender dynamics. Stephen lives with the Crystal Gems, superheroes from another planet who appear as kickass women, with insecurities, strengths, and weaknesses of their own to contend with. Plus there are some openly lesbian relationships in the show, which is amazing. The show was created by Adventure Time alum Rebecca Sugar in 2013, and the third season will resume in June.

All of this not to downplay Uncle Grandpa’s return–also a fun show, created by Peter Browngardt, whose credits include Futurama, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, and also Adventure TimeUncle Grandpa follows the titular character and his weird pals Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. There’s a little more random in this show, but it’s also tons of fun. Uncle Grandpa will also be coming back for a 5th season, and was born out of the same homegrown shorts initiative at Cartoon Network that Steven Universe came out of.

Both shows can be watched on Cartoon Network!

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