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The time has finally come! Our favorite Scarlet Speedster meets the Girl of Steel in this week’s episode of Supergirl, aptly titled “Worlds’ Finest.”

I was concerned on how they would introduce The Flash to a new audience who may not have watched the CW series as well as take too much time explaining how he miraculously jumped from one network to another. Thankfully, “Worlds Finest” addresses both of these while still making sure it’s all about Supergirl and the world she lives in. And they do so in a fun, cheesy, and action-packed way.

I’m not gonna lie, “Worlds Finest” is a goofy episode. Barry Allen, who is more surprised that the girl he saved is really a super-powered alien from Krypton than he is of running into a new universe, brings a lot of light-heartedness to the show. Well, a lot more. I love how Winn instantly bonds with Barry and geeks out about the existence of multiverses and time travel. I giggled my ass off when shows Kara’s friends his super speed by bringing them all ice cream in under two seconds flat. And I love Kara’s extreme enthusiasm when she makes a new super friend. What happens when you put two incredibly adorable and endearing characters together on one show? You get all the squees.

Seriously, that scene where Barry brings Kara an ice cream and her “Yaaaaasssssssss!” reaction is freaking priceless.


Last week we discovered that Siobhan has scream-y super powers, which saved her from bellyflopping into the concrete from four floors up. Supergirl and Winn take her to the DEO to see if she’s an alien, at least. We find out later that Siobhan stems from a long line of women plagued by a banshee curse. According to her aunt, every woman born in the Smythe clan are not only predestined to be…um…”unlikeable,” but they are also cursed to become the mythical banshee as soon as they’re deeply wronged by someone in their lives. In Siobhan’s case, that would be Kara Danvers. The only way to permanently quiet the banshee spirit, Siobhan must kill Kara. And maybe Cat Grant. But they’re both protected by Supergirl, so she has to go too. The list keeps growing! She knows she can’t do it alone, so she enlists another Cat Grant hater who can stand a chance against the protector of National City: Livewire.

Brit Morgan and Italia Ricci bring the camp in their way as Livewire and Silver Banshee respectively. Seeing these two villains on screen is good, but when it’s also a huge crossover episode featuring The Flash, I wish they could have spent less time establishing  the Silver Banshee’s origin. We know the Banshee is communicating with Siobhan (although we don’t hear it), and we know she’s already being compelled to kill her enemies. Leaving out the Banshee’s origin would have been better for another episode. With only 42 minutes I’d have much preferred to spend more time with Kara and Barry, trading stories over a mountain of donuts.


Thankfully, Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin are who they are and drop the charm bomb right on heads. There are so many moments that involve them geeking out over Kara’s space ship, playfully arguing who’s the faster runner, or having a heart-to-heart on the CatCo “Balcony of Reflection.”

National City still doesn’t trust Supergirl, despite her efforts for redemption. She even goes as far as help a family assemble a piece of furniture from IKEA. So desperate is she to win back the people’s trust that she begins to make stupid mistakes when going in to face Livewire without a plan. And that leaves both her and Barry blindsided by the shocking disc jockey’s team-up with Silver Banshee. Luckily, Barry knows a thing or two about superhero public relations problems. He encourages Kara to take things slow, to give the people of National City some time to see the good in her.

And he’s right. In the final showdown with Livewire and Silver BansheeSupergirl “takes the bullet” and saves innocent bystanders from a potential disaster. The people instantly recognize what she just did for them and rally around the fallen hero. In fact, it’s not Supergirl or The Flash who ultimately save the day. In the end, it’s National City’s firefighters who open water (get it?) on Livewire and Silver Banshee, taking them both out in one go. The whole deal happens rather quickly and it’s cheesy beyond belief, but I’ll give “Worlds Finest” points for pulling off that unexpected turn. When the firefighter stands over Supergirl, holds out his hand and says, “It was our turn to help you,” I got a little choked up.


Supergirl has impacted the people of her city more than she ever realized. Her heroics brought out the good side in people and it took “Worlds Finest” to finally show it — Cat Grant refuses to go into in hiding while Livewire is on the loose because she believes in Supergirl’s abilities, Winn tries to reach out to the already far gone Siobhan with an empathetic speech, and Kara takes James’ advice about holding metahumans responsible for their actions through the legal system. Barry helped set up a metahuman prison where villains can be held while they await a fair trial.

At the very end of the episode, after she helps Barry pass through another dimension, Kara notices that the citizens of National City are suddenly under some kind of hypnotic spell. Without any explanation, everyone but Kara drops what they’re doing and congregate to an unknown location. Turns out that this is the next stage of Non’s plan to conquer the humans. Guess that two-week bereavement is over, huh?

I can’t help but chuckle at the timing of this episode. Batman v Superman just came out this weekend. In one fell swoop it has caused quite a split within our community, even here on Legion of Leia. The movie, as well as Man of Steel, isn’t particularly interested in exploring the classic mythos that the comic books have spent 75 years building. CBSSupergirl, on the other hand, has all of the traditional Superman values of empathy, kindness, and inspiring heroism built right into the foundation. So if you want to see a real Superman story, look no further than on CBS, every Monday night at 8pm EST.


  • Could the writers not decide to put the apostrophe before or after the “s”  in “Worlds Finest”? Before the “s” would imply that both Supergirl and The Flash are the one world’s finest super-powered duo. After the “s” implies Supergirl and The Flash being the finest from more than one world. Either way, it’d be correct. Leaving out the apostrophe all together, however, just doesn’t make sense. At least not to me at this very moment.
  • Cat protecting her box of fancy cupcakes from Kara is exactly what I would’ve done. In other words, don’t touch my fancy cupcakes!
  • “You look like the attractive yet non-threatening, racially diverse cast of a CW show.”
  • The Flash? Sounds like someone whose only superpower is jumping out of an alley in a trench coat.”
  • “Ker-rah, I thought I told you to tell Bernie Sanders that I am not interested in hot yoga.”
  • Cat about Barry: “He was so unfailingly charming and nice he either had to be a superhero or a Mormon.”
  • “One for all and for… You guys have the Three Musketeers here, right?”
  • “What do you say we step away from the nice lady? Settle this like women. [Kara stares at Barry] What? There’s more of you guys here than me.”
  • The Silver Banshee’s scream actually makes Supergirl’s ears bleed O_O
  • I’ve been saying to Shaun, The Flash’s reviewer on Legion of Leia, that Barry is the absolute worst at keeping his real identity a secret.
  • JAMES AND KARA FINALLY KISS! Git that brown sugar, Kara!

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  • I loved this episode it was every bit as adorkably awesome as I had hoped. Barry and Kara need to form a spin off Buddy Superhero show at some point where it’s just them geeking out and fighting crime.

    It was also a good intro to the Flash for people unfamiliar with the character. My mom is a fan of the Supergirl show but had never seen the Flash and she found him really interesting.

    It might be enough to make her a fan of the Scarlet Speedster in time. Who knows either way she loved the episode, I adored every second of their screen time together, and we’re both eager to see more.

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