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Episode 615 of The Walking Dead, “East,”starts off with scenes of some kind of battle: we see blood, a wooden stake sticking through a car window, and random scenes of the ground and stuff like that, then we hear Carol saying, “I can see you, come out” and then we hear a man saying, “Yeah, I’think I’m gonna pass on that.” Then we hear a gunshot and a loud grunt.

Cue opening credits.

When we return, we see Carol’s note from last episode. Then we see Carol in Alexandria (obviously in a time-shifted scene before the end of last episode) sewing up a hole on her jacket. She packs some food and supplies but has to hide her bag when Tobin shows up. They get into a conversation about the late Dr. Denise, but the sound fades out and we see Carol thinking. The next thing we see is Carol sneaking out while Tobin is sleeping in the middle of the night.


Then we see a number of the gang doing normal everyday things. Maggie and Glenn take a shower together. Carl looks at one of the guns from the saviors and sees a baseball bat carved into the grip. We see Daryl holding the Dennis keychain that Denise had gotten before she died. And we see shift changes at the guard tower, including some flirting between Abraham and Sasha, which Rosita is none too happy about.

The next thing we see is Rick and Michonne waking up together in bed. They share some pillow talk, then Michonne tells Rick that Maggie’s worried about an attack. Rick tells her that when the Saviors come, they’ll end it then. “This world’s ours, and we know how to take it. Everything we need is right here inside these walls. We’re not losing any of it again,” he says.

Later, Michonne is outside where Glenn and Maggie are working on hiding some weapons. Daryl rides up to the gate on his bike, opens the gate, and rides out, which no one is happy about. Glenn Michonne, and Rosita head out after him. Then we see the scene from the end of last episode where Tobin shows Rick the note from Carol. While they’re at the gate, Tobin notices that one of the cars they put out is missing. Morgan decides that he’s going to go find her, and Rick goes with him.


Carol is driving down a road in the missing car, which is decked out with spears sticking out of it. She comes upon another car in the road and as they pass, they shoot at her car and blow her tires out. There’s five saviors in the pick-up truck. The main savior introduces himself as Jiro and says he wants information from Carol. She introduces herself as Nancy from Montclair. Jiro tells her he knows she’s from Alexandria and Carol starts hyperventilation and crying. She begs them to turn around and go home. They ignore her and start towards her; as they start to move, though, automatic gunfire bursts ring out and hits all of them. Carol had an automatic gun hidden in her coat sleeve. But one of the saviors survives and comes after her with his gun blazing. Carol gets him by surprise and impales him on one of the spikes from her car.


We then see the scene that we only heard in the opening. Jiro attacks Carol and we hear the gunshot ring out again, although we can’t yet tell what’s happened.

Back in Alexandira, we see Enid and Maggie have a conversation, but it’s Enid, so who really cares what it was about? Nothing important, really, trust me.

Soon, we see Rick and Morgan driving looking for Carol. They get into a conversation about Carol and right and wrong, and Morgan admits that his method isn’t necessarily right, he’s just trying to avoid the wrong that pulls you down. They debate whether Rick is being pulled down by the wrong behavior or not.

Back at the car massacre, we see that another savior has survived, although he’s injured. We also see Jiro down on the ground covered in blood; apparently Carol won that fight. The injured Savior leaves Jiro behind and walks off. Soon after, Rick and Morgan come across the scene. Rick tries to question Jiro but he can’t answer so Rick quickly stabs him in the head. They come across one of the other Saviors, now a walker, eating another dead Savior. Morgan dispatches him and they decide to follow a trail of a blood that leads out into a field. Moments later, the injured Savior comes out of the nearby trees and picks up Carol’s rosary necklace which is on the ground. Then he starts to follow Rick and Morgan.


Michonne, Glenn and Rosita end up near the train tracks where they see blood on the tracks (cue the Bob Dylan music) from where Denise died. They find Daryl’s bike covered up with brush. Glenn and Rosita have a debate because Rosita says that they should let Daryl go after the Saviors, but Glenn doesn’t agree. They head off in the direction the Saviors ran away from their gunfight last episode.


Next, we see Daryl out in a field. He’s clearly using his tracking skills to follow the Saviors’ path. He hears a noise and shoots an arrow, which misses Rosita’s head by inches. He feels guilty about Denise’s death at the hands of a man he feels he should have killed. Glenn tries to convince him to come home so they can plan from the safety of Alexandria, but Daryl refuses. Rosita goes with him, also plagued with guilt over Denise’s death.

Glenn and Michonne head back to their car. As they stop near a river bank, they hear a man whistle. They look up and find that they’re surrounded by Saviors. Dwight leans out from behind a tree and says, “Hi.”


Rick and Morgan continue following the trail of blood, looking for Carol. “You out here because Carol is your friend?” Morgan asks. “I’m out here because Carol is my family,” Rick replies. Morgan questions Rick on why he sent her away from the prison for killing the two sick people in season three. Rick says that if it happened today he would thank her; she was right to do it. They come across a stray walker and kill it; it was her blood they were following, as she clearly hasn’t been dead long.

They follow a trail of walkers onto a farm, where a man is fighting walkers. The man runs as walkers swarm and Rick goes to shoot him, but Morgan pushes Rick, causing him to miss. They fight the walkers and one almost bites Morgan, but Rick stabs it just in time. Morgan yells at Rick about how they didn’t know who the guy was and that maybe he was from the Hilltop. “I don’t take chances anymore,” Rick says. Morgan finally comes clean about the Wolf he had held prisoner and what happened with him. He tells Rick how the Wolf saved Denise’s life, and then Denise was there to save Carl. He tries to convince Rick that everyone can change. Rick doesn’t seem to know what to say. Morgan tells Rick to head back to Alexandria and that he will stay out and find Carol. Rick tries to give Morgan his gun, and Morgan actually accepts it. “But if I don’t come back, don’t go looking for me,” Morgan tells him.

Back at Alexandria, Rick returns and asks about Michonne. Abraham tells him that she’s still out there. “You afraid to go back to it? To let somebody close?” Abraham asks Rick. “Yeah,” Rick says. “Me too,” Abraham replies. “But now, I think I’m that much more ready to tear the world a new asshole.” They wait by the gate for Michonne and the rest to return.

Back at Maggie’s house, Enid shows up. Maggie has her cut her hair, giving Maggie a new look with sort hair that I’m sure the entire internet will be complaining about tomorrow. Maggie suddenly doubles over in pain and starts moaning and screaming.


We cut back to Glenn and Michonne, who are now tied up by the Saviors. Daryl and Rosita sneak up from behind some trees, but Dwight and the Saviors get the drop on them. Dwight has a gun on Daryl, and as Daryl turns, Dwight pulls the trigger and a huge amount of blood splashes the camera. The show fades to black and we hear Dwight say, “You’ll be all right.”

Cue end credits.

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