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Episode 613 of The Walking Dead, “The Same Boat,” starts off with Carol and Maggie during the events of the last episode. They are having the argument from last episode when Carol hears rustling behind Maggie. A Savior comes out of the woods and Carol shoots him. Maggie goes over to kill him, but more Saviors come out of the woods and surround the pair.

Then we see the conversation from last episode from the other side, as the lead Savior woman calls out to Rick on the radio. Rick offers to trade the Savior they have for Maggie and Carol. The Saviors argue amongst themselves and the leader, Paula, tells Rick she’ll get back to him. Then they cover up Maggie and Carol’s heads with their jackets.

Cue opening credits.


When we return, we see Carol and Maggie being led… somewhere. They’re put into a car and driven away. Paula calls out on the radio to other Saviors and they set up a meet. Eventually, they arrive at an undisclosed location, a meat processing plant of some sort. A walker sets on Maggie, but Paula kills it. Maggie and Carol are tied up and left in a room by themselves, a room that we see is a “kill floor.” Maggie starts trying to cut her bonds while Carol just looks terrified and begins to hyperventilate. Paula and her team come back in the room, fresh from dispatching some walkers they clearly weren’t expecting to be there. They ungag Carol and one of them recovers a rosary necklace Carol had in her pocket.

Carol finally gasps, “It doesn’t matter what happens to me. Just don’t hurt Maggie. Don’t hurt the baby.” Paula and Maggie get into a philosophical debate over bringing a baby into the world before Paula storms out.


A little later, Donnie — the Savior that Carol shot in the arm — is crying out in pain. Maggie tells them that he’s going to lose his arm and maybe his life without treatment. She tries to get them to bargain for Primo, the Savior that Rick and the gang have, but Paula doesn’t go for it. Donnie starts ranting about killing Carol and Maggie, but again Paula doesn’t go for it. Donnie strikes Paula, but Maggie kicks him and knocks him over. He grabs her and is about to punch her but Carol grabs his leg. He gives her a couple of painful kicks before Paula knocks Donnie out with the butt of her gun. Paula orders one of the other Saviors, Chelle, to take Maggie and, “See if she knows anything.”

Maggie ends up in a room with Chelle, who makes some derisive comments about her. She tries to get Maggie to tell her where they’re from. “You’re not the good guys. You should know that,” she tells Maggie.

Back in the other room, Carol thanks Paula for helping Maggie. Paula tells Carol that she’s pathetic. She asks if Carol really believes in religion, and Carol tells her that, “My faith got me through the death of my daughter.”

In the next room, Chelle is wrapping her hand up and we see that she’s missing a finger. Maggie asks what happened. “I stole something. Got caught,” she replies. Chelle reveals that she had been pregnant (although she doesn’t reveal what happened to the baby), but things remain extremely tense between the two. “I’m not planning to die today,” Maggie says. “Yeah, me neither. Thing is one of us is wrong,” Chelle replies.


In the kill floor, Paula’s radio crackles and we hear Rick saying, “Have you thought about it?” Paula tells him that she was going to contact him, and Rick tries to negotiate. Paula plays hardball, though, and refuses to deal. Paula asks Carol why they killed the Saviors. Carol starts crying and tells them that their people ambushed her people on the road and tried to take everything they had. Paula asks why they didn’t stop after killing the Saviors on the road. Carol tells them that they heard about Negan and were scared and needed to stop him. “Sweetie, sweetie,” Molly the older Savior says, “We are all Negan.”

Carol bums a cigarette off of Molly. Paula chastises her for being so weak that she can’t even stick to her principles. Carol says, “You don’t want me to stay true to my principles.” Paula reveals that she used to be a secretary, and tells a story about an inspirational email she used to read. She tells her how she was at work when the government took over DC and she wasn’t allowed to leave because they had to evacuate all the politicos first. She had to leave behind her husband and her four girls, and she killed her boss so that she could live. “I stopped counting when I hit double digits,” Paula says. “That’s around the time I stopped feeling bad about it. I lost everything, and it made me stronger.”

“You’re the one who’s afraid to die,” Carol says. “And you’re going to. You will die. It’s gonna happen if you don’t work this out.” “Are you going to kill me?” Paula asks. Carol thinks about it before replying, “I hope not.”


A little later, Paula calls Rick on the walkie and tells him they want to make the trade. She tells him to meet them in a large field in ten minutes. When she’s off the walkie, she decides that it was too easy and that they must have followed them back. She calls to the other Saviors and they tell her that they’re just a few minutes away. They make plans to leave. Paula opens the door and there are two walkers waiting for her, but she kills them without even breaking a sweat. Carol is alone and we see that she’s been sharpening the cross on her necklace into a sharp edge. A moment later, she’s free and out of the room. She finds Maggie and frees her. Carol wants to just leave but Maggie insists that they can’t leave Paula and the others alive.

They go into the other room and find the unconscious Donnie, but he’s turning into a walker. When Molly comes back into the room, she gets bitten by Donnie who Carol and Maggie set up as a booby trap. Molly manages to kill Donnie, but Maggie finishes his job and kills Molly with no small amount of anger and violence. Soon after, Paula comes back into the room and sees what’s happened, and she is pissed off.


Carol and Maggie are making their way through the halls and find a booby trap of a bunch of impaled walkers being used to rope them in. As they’re trying to dispatch them, Paula appears and shoots at them but runs out of ammo. Carol pulls a gun and tells her to, “Just run.” Paula launches into a tirade about all the things she’s given up and the things she’s had to do. A walker grabs Carol and she instinctively shoots, hitting Paula. Chelle comes up on the altercation and gets into a fight with Maggie. She punches Maggie in the stomach, and as the fight goes on she slashes at Maggie’s stomach with her knife and draws blood. Carol sees this and walks up to Chelle and shoots her point blank in the head.


Paula gets up and says, “If you could do all this, what were you so afraid of, Carol?” Carol replies, “I was afraid of this.” Suddenly, Paula knocks her gun away and they get into a vicious fight. Carol eventually gets the upper hand, impaling Paula on a spike that was part of the walker booby trap. The walker starts to eat Paula’s face, and she begins to scream. Eventually, her walkie goes off and the other Saviors announce that they’ve arrived. Carol takes her walkie and imitates her, telling them to meet them on the killing floor.


“I think I might have killed 18 people. 20,” Carol tells Maggie as they wait. “I should have killed Donnie too in the woods. I had a clear shot. I didn’t miss.” Then they hear footsteps coming. A group of men pass the room they’re in and Carol lights up a cigarette. Then they step out behind the men and close the kill floor door. Carol drops the cigarette inside as they lock the door and the floor erupts into flame, engulfing the men.

Carol and Maggie make their way outside, to find Glenn and the rest of the gang waiting for them. “Are you good?” Daryl asks Carol. “No,” she says, and Daryl gives her a big, comforting hug. “Are you okay?” Glenn asks Maggie. “I can’t — I can’t anymore,” she replies.


Rick still has Primo in his custody and is grilling him about Negan. “I’m Negan, shithead,” he tells Rick. Rick shoots him in the head. Carol looks on in shock, and we see that she is squeezing her sharpened rosary so hard that her hand is bleeding.

Fade to black.

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