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Episode 612 of The Walking Dead, “Not Tomorrow Yet,” starts off with Carol (remember her?) in the pantry in Alexandria, pulling supplies off the shelf for some baking. We then see her gathering acorns out in the woods and dispatching a stray walker. Next up, we see her getting out of the shower and picking out clothes. Then we see her baking and delivering “beet and acorn” cookies to random people in Alexandria, bringing smiles and joy everywhere she goes. Eventually she ends up at Tobin’s house. While they’re chatting about the cookies, the RV shows up with Rick and the gang. Rick calls together a meeting in the church. Carol asks him what’s going on.

“We’re gonna have to fight,” Rick says.

Morgan shows up shortly thereafter and talks to Carol. He asks why none of them told Rick about the Wolf he had been keeping in the house. Carol basically brushed him off then walks off through a graveyard of Alexandrians who have died.

Cue opening credits.


Later, in the church, Rick is explaining the deal with the Hilltop to the townspeople. He’s making a case for why they should go and take out Negan and his Saviors. “We do this for the Hilltop; it’s how we keep this place. How we feed this place.” He asks if there are any objections. Morgan pipes up and says, “Are you sure we can do it?” Rick tells him that they can, and Morgan and him get into a debate about whether they should talk to The Saviors first or not. He wants to give them a chance. “What happened here, we won’t let that happen again. I won’t,” Aaron says, and the debate is suddenly over.

“We don’t all have to kill, but if people are gonna stay here, they do have to accept it.” Rick says as he walks out past Morgan.

That night, Carol is having a hard time sleeping. She pulls out a notebook and writes “Ws 7” and circles the number 18. She seems to be keeping track of something, but it’s not clear what. We cut to Maggie and Glenn discussing their options, and how to keep Maggie safe. Maggie is insisting on coming along because she made the deal. Outside, Carol is walking and smoking a cigarette when she passes by Tobin’s house. He’s outside sitting on his porch, so she sits down and shares her cigarette with him.  Tobin tells Carol that he’s worried about her going on the mission tomorrow. He tells her that she’s a mom to the people of Alexandria. “To you too?” she asks. “No,” he replies, “You’re something else to me.” Carol leans in and they kiss.


At Abraham’s house, Rosita walks in on Abraham packing for what she thinks is the mission. Abraham reveals that he’s leaving her. Rosita is less than thrilled, and insists that Abraham tell her why he’s leaving He finally tells her, “When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on earth. You’re not.” Ouch.

Next, we see Rick, Maggie, Daryl, and Glenn getting information about Negan’s camp from the Hilltopper that came back with the group, Eddie. Then we see Tara and Denise having a conversation about the mission. Tara tells Denise that she loves her, and Denise says she’ll say it back when Tara returns. Back in the planning room, Rick tells the group that the Saviors will let them right in because they’re going to bring them Gregory’s head.

Out on the road the next day, the RV and several tail vehicles come to a stop. The group splits up and a lot of side conversations break out. Eventually, we see Glenn and Heath dispatching a few stray walkers, and we realize they’re looking for a head to cut off to stand in for Gregory’s. Heath asks if it’s hard to kill humans, and Glenn tells him that it is.


When the group reconnects, they lay out their plan. Rick gives another little speech, saying, “This is how we eat.” Carol gives Rick a hard time about the fact that Maggie is even out with them in the first place.

Later at night, we see one of the cars drive up to a building with a huge satellite dish on it. The lights come on and the guards yell for Eddie to step out. He gets out of the car with “Gregory’s” head and the guards come out to meet him. They inspect the head but eventually accept that it’s Gregory. One of the guards goes back inside, and Daryl show up and slits the other guard’s throat. When the first guard returns with a hostage Hilltopper, Michonne kills him with her sword and the group enters the compound.


Inside, the group starts searching for the armory. Rick kills a sleeping Savior with his knife. Glenn and Heath enter another room with two sleeping saviors and pulls his knife. He hesitates, but he ultimately kills one of the sleeping Saviors, even though it’s clear that it pains him greatly to do so. Heath pulls his knife but is unable to kill the other sleeping savior, so Glenn does it instead.

Outside, Tara and Father Gabriel are talking. Tara tells him that she lied to Denise when she told her that she loved her; that she said it to cover up that she’d done something like this before. Father Gabriel asks if she does love her, and she says, “Yeah.”

Back inside, Abraham and Sasha come across a locked room. Sasha is trying to jimmy the lock when a savior comes out of his room and surprises them. They dispatch him but as he dies, he pulls a fire alarm. Outside, Maggie and Carol hear the alarm and rush in, but Carol admonishes Maggie for even being there in the first place and insists that she stay behind.


Inside, all hell has broken lose. Rick and the gang are under attack by saviors and they’re all split up. Machine gun fire is everywhere. Aaron gets attacked by a large Savior but manages to take him out with his knife. Glenn and Heath end up in the armory and take out a bunch of saviors with the weapons they find. Outside, an injured savior is discovered by Father Gabriel, who has him in his gunsights. Father Gabriel says a prayer and then shoots the man, killing him. “Amen,” he says.

By morning, the group seems to have killed all of the Saviors. As they break up and get into their vehicles, we see a man somewhere else welding something; it’s soon revealed that it’s Morgan. We don’t see what he’s building very clearly, but to this writer it looks like the door of a jail cell.

Outside the Savior’s camp, a door opens and a man speeds out on a motorcycle. Rosita shoots him, and as they’re questioning him a woman’s voice comes over the walkie talkie and reveals that they have Carol and Maggie.

Fade to black.

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