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Episode 614 of The Walking Dead, “Twice As Far,” starts off in the pantry in Alexandria, which has been restocked since the group’s deal with the Hilltop. We see Father Gabriel walking through town with a gun, and we see Eugene taking up guard duty. Clearly, a lot has changed. We then see Morgan having completed his jail cell when Rick appears.

“Why?” Rick asks. “It’ll give us some choices next time,” Morgan replies.

We then see the exact same scenes again, like Groundhog Day. This time, though, we see Carol and Tobin share a quick kiss. We also see a depressed-looking Rosita getting dressed and we realize that Spencer is in her bed.

Daryl is working on his motorcycle when he finds a toy soldier in his bag. Carol approaches and they share a cigarette and have a conversation about Daryl getting his bike back from the people who stole it from him, the ones he should have killed but didn’t.

We then see a shorter version of the same scenes yet again, this time ending on Carol holding her rosary necklace.

Cue opening credits.


When we return, Abraham and Eugene are heading out of Alexandria. Inside, Spencer is making small talk with Rosita who is clearly not that interested. “What are we doing?” he asks her. “Just tell me, it’s good either way.” Rosita reluctantly agrees to have dinner with him. Denise comes up and tells Rosita and Daryl she wants to go to a nearby boutique drug store. She tells them that she wants to go check it out herself, she wants to help. She insists that she’s ready, and they ultimately agree to let her come along, even though neither of them agrees that she’s ready.

Pretty soon, the three of them are driving outside of Alexandria. Daryl is struggling with driving a stick-shift. Before long, they come across a downed tree blocking the road. Daryl and Rosita get out to clear the tree and dispatch a few walkers. They clear the path and start the rest of the way on foot. When they disagree about which way to go, Denise follows Daryl but Rosita walks off on her own.


Meanwhile, Eugene and Abraham are walking in a back alley in another nearby town. It’s raining pretty hard, and they’re making small talk. Abraham comments that Eugene seems like he’s trying to change. Eugene goes on a long tirade about how in any role-playing game, you have to adapt to survive. “I’m a survivor,” he says. “Keep telling yourself that,” Abraham says and walks away.

Eventually, Daryl and Denise meet up with Rosita, who’s been waiting since taking the shorter route. The approach the apothecary to find it covered with bloody handprints.


Back in the other town, Eugene and Abraham break into a metal shop of some kind. Eugene reveals that he thinks they can manufacture bullets there. “That, my friend, is some damn fine genuine outside-the-box thinking.” Abraham sees a walker behind Eugene and goes to kill it, but Eugene “calls dibs” and goes to kill it. He slashes at its head with a machete but it’s covered in hardened melted metal from the machine shop’s smelting equipment. He struggles with it and can’t get free so Abraham eventually kills it for him. Eugene gets pissed that Abraham killed his walker, and they get into an argument. Eugene tells Abraham, “You’ve outlived your usefulness to me.” Abraham walks out and leaves Eugene by himself.


Back at the drug store, Daryl and Rosita take point and jimmy the door. The three of them walk inside and slowly search the store. They find the pharmacy section and it’s intact and fully stocked with drugs. They hear a thudding noise but Daryl and Rosita decide it’s just one walker and it’s stuck somewhere in the back. Denise gathers her courage and opens a closed door; inside she finds an empty pack-and-play and crib, and eventually a really deteriorated walker with a cast on its leg. On the wall is written “Hush” over and over again. She sees a baby shoe in a puddle of blood and rushes out of the room, visibly upset.

“Hey, you did good finding this place.” Daryl tells her. Rosita — less helpfully — says, “Tried to tell you you weren’t ready.”

On the way back, Daryl and Denise get to talking and we find out that Denise had a twin brother named Dennis. She tells him that her brother was brave but angry, and that that’s a dangerous combination. “Sounds like we had the same brother,” Daryl remarks.

On the way back, Denise breaks off from Daryl and Rosita when she sees a cooler in a car and thinks it can be useful. She approaches the car but there’s a walker inside. Daryl and Rosita tell her to leave it, but she opens the car door and grabs the cooler, but the walker grabs her and pulls itself out on top of her. She struggles and Daryl and Rosita come running to help. As they get close she yells “No, don’t!” and gets the upper hand. She pulls out her knife and stabs it in the head. She then throws up, but then opens the cooler and finds the sodas in it that Daryl couldn’t get a few episodes ago.


They get into an argument. Daryl and Rosita chastise her for not being ready. She tells them that this whole thing was important to her. She tells them that she wanted them along because Daryl is strong and makes her feel safe and because Rosita is alone for the first time. She goes on a tirade about how she hasn’t been brave or living her life and that it’s stupid. As she’s in mid-yell, an arrow flies out of nowhere and hits her square in the head, killing her almost instantly.


Daryl and Rosita pull their guns, but a group of about 20 or more Saviors come out of the trees, ordering them to drop their weapons. As they get closer, we see that they have Eugene prisoner as well.

Daryl and Roista lower their guns and are taken prisoner. We realize that it’s Daryl’s crossbow and that the savior is one of the people Daryl didn’t kill a few episodes back. Eugene looks around and we realize that Abraham is nearby behind a pile of barrels. The lead savior introduces himself as D, or Dwight. He tells them that they’re going to kill Eugene if they don’t let them into Alexandria. In return, Eugene sells out Abraham behind the nearby barrels.


As the Saviors are distracted checking out Abraham, Eugene (who’s on his knees) turns around and bites Dwight savagely in his man parts. Abraham — who isn’t behind the barrels anyone anyway — uses the distraction to start taking out Saviors with his gun. A massive firefight erupts and attracts some walkers. The saviors eventually fall back, and Daryl grabs his crossbow and starts after them but Rosita calls for him to stop. It’s then that we realize Eugene has been shot in the stomach, and their doctor is laying dead with an arrow sticking out of her eye.


Later, back in Alexandria, we find out that Eugene was just grazed, and they now have antibiotics from the drug store to help him. He says to Abraham, “I was not trying to kill you. I was looking for a moment.” “You found it,” Abraham replies. “Do you apologize for questioning my skills?” Eugene asks. “I apologize for questioning your skills. You know how to bite a dick, Eugene. I mean that with the utmost of respect,” Abraham says. “Welcome to stage two.” Eugene replies, “Don’t need to welcome me. I’ve been here a while.”

A little later, Abraham is waiting outside Sasha’s house, and she comes out to talk to him. “You said I had choices. You have ’em too. Could be 30 years for us here. That’s still too short.” After a long pause, she finally says, “Come inside.”

Later, in the graveyard, Daryl and Carol are burying Denise.  Then we see Sasha on guard duty, and behind her, we see an RV pull up to the walls outside Alexandria and park in a line of cars out front. We also see the townspeople wheeling carts of guns to the front gates.

A little later, We see Tobin reading a Dear John letter from Carol.

“I wish it didn’t have to end. Not this way. It was never my intention to hurt you but it’s how it has to be. We have so much here — everything we need to live — but what we have other people want too and that will never change. If we survive this threat and it’s not over, another one will be back to take its place. I love you all here. I do. And I’d have to kill for you. And I can’t. I won’t. Rick sent me away and I wasn’t ever gonna come back but everything happened and I wound up staying. But I can’t anymore. I can’t love anyone because I can’t kill for anyone. So I’m going, like I always should have. Don’t come after me, please.”

Fade to black.

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