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Rachel Aparicio is currently a contributor to Legion of Leia, The Daily Fandom & Fan/Fic Magazine. She can be found on Twitter @rachelawrites and on Tumblr

This morning, veteran Star Wars actor Mark Hamill took to Twitter and made a plea to gain roughly 21,000 new followers, the number he currently needs to reach 1 million. The promised reward? A new Star Wars spoiler for episode VIII. While episode VII was on very tight lock-down, as is typical of J.J. Abrams, follow up director Rian Johnson appears to be a little more lenient and gave Hamill the go ahead to spill the beans.

However, Hamill has also assured fans that even if he doesn’t quite hit 1 million followers, he will still make good on the promised spoiler release.

So if you are a Star Wars fan, tell all your friends to follow @HamillHimself if they aren’t already, and stay tuned for the promised spoiler. Hopefully it is not just some cruel April Fool’s Day prank. That would be cruelty worthy of a Sith.

Source: Flickering Myth

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Rachel is a PhD drop-out and fangirl extraordinaire (at least on her better days). She is painfully addicted to genre TV and cute cat videos. Currently a contributor to Legion of Leia, The Daily Fandom and Fan/Fic Magazine, she also has a BA and MSc in Women's & Gender studies, and the student loan payments to prove it.

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