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Episode three of this season’s Orphan Black certainly didn’t waste any time, did it? Right out of the gate we started with Rachel, who we hadn’t seen since last season. She is still working on her speech therapy and on walking after her traumatic pencil to the eyeball, and she is sequestered in some kind of compound with little for company – the young Charlotte (also a clone), her robotic eye implant, and a Castor clone named Ira. Rachel tries to pry some information out of him about where her mother, Susan Duncan (half of the team that created the clones for Project Leda) has been, but Ira isn’t telling. He’s pretty infuriating, especially to someone like Rachel. We soon see Rachel practicing her walking, and she tells Susan to go to hell. Rachel would never admit to being hurt by her mother’s continued rejection, but it is quite obvious.

Back at Rabbit Hole Comics, which I am dubbing the Bat Cave since it is science and hideout HQ, Kira is playing a tabletop game with the comic book store employee. She’s also being a little creepy by saying that even though her mom, aunts and Mrs. S don’t tell her when things are bad, she always knows. Then she sweeps the entire game off the table and onto the floor. Just to get all the creepy Kira business out of the way at once, later on Cosima is talking to her and Kira tells her that she was “dreaming” that Cosima was setting her mom (Sarah) on fire, even though Cosima didn’t want to.  Is Kira gifted with precognition? Sarah does have a “robot maggot” (as Allison charmingly puts it) in her cheek, so we don’t know what is going to happen with that. One thing is for sure – Sarah wants that thing out of her cheek straight away and spends this entire episode chasing down leads to make it happen.

Sarah has not yet told Felix about the worm, and she tells Mrs. S that she’s going over to his place to bring him up to speed. Only there is a derpy lady there who seems drunk and weird and thinks Sarah is Felix’s drug dealer. Felix comes in as Sarah is asking just who the hell she is, and then he tells Sarah in a huff that her name is Adele and she is his biological sister. Sarah wants to tell him about her potentially fatal problem, but he insists that he doesn’t have time for her latest crisis and that his life is important too. While I see Felix’s point, I would like to state that as an adopted person myself, with a brother I grew up with and a half-brother that I met only a few years ago, that Orphan Black is not exactly getting it right here. In addition to this being quite out of character for the deeply loyal Felix, your sibling that you grew up with takes priority, every time. That is the person who knows you backwards and forwards. I am slightly disheartened to see that such a progressive show as Orphan Black is handling the adoption/bio-family issue in this way, but I will give it a bit of leeway. It is hard to know what that is like unless you go through it yourself, but Felix is definitely being an arse. Sarah tells him to piss off and they part on poor terms.

Also on continuing poor terms are Rachel and her mother, Susan. They share a tense meal and Rachel realizes that Susan failed to capture Kendall Malone – the genetic original – and Susan responds by turning it around on Rachel, saying she is a huge disappointment. Real nice. We can see where Rachel gets her charming qualities.

Meanwhile, Allison has decided to be helpful regarding the cheek worm development by digging up Dr. Leekie, who is buried under her garage floor. She and Donnie leave Helena with the kids and begin to exhume Leekie. Who stinks to high holy hell, as he should, and is all kinds of decomposed. Unfortunately, partway through the un-burial, the police come knocking, asking about the three dead Portuguese mobsters that Helena beat to death last season. Oops. Helena herself answers the door and has to pretend to be Allison, which is pretty hilarious as usual. Mad points for Helena, though, as she knows all the names of the volunteers who worked on Allison’s campaign (a flyer was found at the crime scene, which is what led the police to Casa Hendricks).

Sarah goes to see MK’s contact, the one who showed her the scary video of the cheek worm erupting. He’s a hacker it seems, and has his own theory about what the cheek worm is for. He’s not sure what it does, but proximity to the brain seems to be important. Not good, but we still haven’t really learned anything. It could be recording and transmitting biometric data, it could be lying in wait until it gets a signal, who knows. He does give Sarah a name – Alonso Martinez is the man in the video – and she calls up Art to pull records on the guy. Sarah also talks to Helena briefly, and Helena tells her that she is having twins. Sarah is genuinely happy for her, and they agree that they don’t want the babies to grow up like them.

So, it appears that Leekie had a cheek worm too, as evidenced by a gross protrusion from his rotting head. Allison and Donnie don’t know how to deal with it, and call Cosima over video chat. They share for the first time what happened to Leekie, and Cosima is floored that Donnie is the one who killed him. She agrees to help remove the worm from the “gross polyp” – a scene I hope we get to see!

Back at the compound or wherever, Rachel sits painting with Charlotte, the little girl cloned from her genetic material. Rachel paints a question – did you get my message out? and Charlotte writes back “yes”. Charlotte then coughs blood, so she seems to be afflicted with the same problem as Cosima and the other clones, only at a much younger age. As to who Rachel contacted, that seems rather apparent once the evil Ferdinand (James Frain) pops up at a meeting that Mrs. S is supposed to have in the park – she is looking for a doctor to remove Sarah’s cheek worm. Ferdinand tells her that Susan Duncan is alive, and since they have a common enemy at the moment, Mrs. S should really let him have a crack at Sarah’s cheek worm. Understandably, Mrs. S is hesitant – Ferdinand is a total gross murderer! But at this point, aren’t most of them?

Since Art supplied Sarah with info about Alonso Martinez’s comings and goings, she heads over to a dental office that specializes in implants. A blond nurse recognizes her – as Beth. Which is super weird because Beth stepped in front of a train and wasn’t her death like, all over the news? This nurse isn’t very bright. But then again, Sarah really doesn’t act very smartly here either. She tries to play along with the nurse, saying she knows about the experiments and that she has an implant. Sarah is so desperate to get the thing out of her cheek that she doesn’t stop to think about this woman’s motives. After making Sarah hold very still in the dental chair and telling her that if she moves, the implant will erupt and kill her (this is my worst nightmare come to life, you guys. I hate the dentist with a fiery passion), she says that she ‘had to call her superiors’ and Sarah is basically a few minutes from capture. Someone walks in and slits the nurse’s throat – it is Ferdinand. I guess Mrs. S decided to tell him where she was (info supplied by Art) and he’s helping them now? I don’t trust that skinny bespectacled fool. He does not, however, hurt Sarah even though he could easily do so. That is where we leave them for now – so much going on!

In the episode’s final scene, Susan comes to see Rachel as she lies in bed, spouting some nonsense about why she’s a crappy mother and how she had to be impartial as a scientist. Rachel is pretty over it. Susan reminds her that their joint purpose is to serve the greater good – controlling human evolution and creating a more perfect species. OK, crazy lady!

Did you enjoy this episode, Clone Club? I thought it was quite good aside from the weird Felix vibes – lots of new info, more Helena being awesome/amusing, and I’m glad they aren’t dragging out the cheek worm thing. Sarah wants answers immediately, and so do we. She is not known for her patience (none of the clones are, except maybe Cosima), so I think we’ll get some good movement on that next week. I really hope Kira’s setting-on-fire prediction isn’t true! I’d also like to see more of the clones interacting with each other and not just over the phone, which I know is hard to do since Tatiana Maslany is but one person. OR IS SHE? At this point, I am willing to believe that she is secretly triplets, so fantastic are her acting skillz.

Sound off below or on Twitter, @legionofleia or my personal account, @lightstar1013 with your thoughts and observations! Also, don’t you just hate James Frain? He always plays a raging a-hole, but I guess since he does it so well, he is perfectly cast. Homie needs a sandwich, though. Every time I see him on something, he looks skinnier and skinnier. What is with Euro dudes and their love of tight pants? Another international mystery. Til next time!


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