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Davina Tries to Best Lucien

This week’s The Originals begins with Camille awaking in her apartment after having been bit by Lucien. Lucien taunts her as she realizes, in terror, that her fate is sealed. Cami eventually is able to get a hold of one of her dark objects, and uses it against Lucien. It doesn’t do much damage, but it distracts him long enough for her to make her escape.

Camille Used a Dark Object Against Lucien

Cami makes her way to the compound to tell Klaus what Lucien has done to her. She tries to make Klaus promise that he won’t do something to get himself hurt, but Klaus sees the bite before she can. She confesses her love for Klaus, because she does not want to perish without Klaus knowing how she really feels. Klaus responds by saying that he will tell her he loves her tomorrow, because he will not let her die today.

Klaus Learns of Camille's Bite

A littler later, Cami wakes up on Klaus’s couch in a daze. Hayley, Klaus, Freya, and Elijah are all there to help figure out how to help her. Freya gives her a healing salve that will help with the symptoms, but will not stop the infection. Vincent walks in and tries to apologize for the fate befallen upon Camille. Klaus lets Vincent know that he blames Vincent for everything that has happened, since Vince is the one who turned Lucien into what he is. Camille defends Vincent and tells Klaus that it’s not his fault. It’s then that Klaus has a revelation, that Lucien’s blood may be the cure. Lucien has always been obsessed with Klaus, even to the point of making himself like Klaus. It would stand to reason that he would want the same power Klaus has over his victims, in that Klaus’s blood cures his bite. Cami informs the group that Lucien’s blood is all over her apartment from when she used the dark object on him. Hayley also suggests that Hope might be able to assist in their race for a cure. Hope is a Mikaelson witch that carries the wolf gene, so she may also be a key to unlocking their predicament.

Davina approaches Kol who is drinking at the anti-magic bar. She chastises him for trying to leave, but Kol explains that he can’t leave even if he wanted to. As soon as he hit the city limits last time, he began to desiccate. The hold the ancestors have on him is strong. Davina promises to find a way to help him, but begs that he doesn’t leave her side again. Marcel calls and asks Davina to help with Camille’s plight. However, Davina intends to visit Lucien’s first. Kol tries to stop her, but she will not hear him. She thinks that Lucien may know what the ancestors have done to Kol, and she wants to get answers.

Davina Visits Kol

At the compound, Freya has created an elixir that will help slow the infection. Klaus voices his frustrations at being reduced to a nursemaid, as he would rather be out taking action. However, Freya reminds him that if he truly cares about Cami, that he will take care of her. Klaus brings Camille the concoction, but it’s so nasty she pours it into a glass of bourbon before consuming it. Camille then asks Klaus to write a few things down for her, since she has no written will. Klaus clearly doesn’t want to take this task, since he has no intention of letting her die, however, he sees how much it means to her and eventually acquiesces.

Klaus Comforts Camille

Davina enters a bar where Lucien is celebrating with lots of minions. Davina pours what looks to be salt across the doorway and then casts a spell that gets everyone’s attention. She then snaps her fingers, causing everyone in the bar but Lucien to fall asleep Lucien tries to attack her, but Davina stops him. She then pulls a voodoo doll out of her purse, and tells Lucien that it will ensure that the words that come out of his mouth are the truth.

Davina Asserts Her Will Onto Lucien

Meanwhile, Camillie is dictating to Klaus what she wants to leave behind and to whom. By the time she gets to what she wants to leave to Klaus, he is too upset to continue. In a fit of rage he throws the book in which he has been writing in, and declares that what they are doing is pointless, since he intends to find a way to cure Camille.

Camille Dictates her Will

After a brief scene where we learn that the ancestors protect Lucien from spells, we see Vincent return to the compound with the blood that he was able to retrieve from Camille’s apartment. We are then cut back to a quick scene where Lucien explains that the ancestors are helping him because he promised to wipe out the Mikaelson family. We then see Camille drink Lucien’s blood, but are immediately taken back to Lucien explaining that he does not like loopholes. He says that his bite has no cure, and that Camille will die.

Davina Tries to Best Lucien

Later at the compound, Camille is resting in bed with Klaus holding her hand. Drinking Lucien’s blood has clearly not cured her. Klaus then enters Cami’s mind and takes her to a café in the French Quarter for a nice afternoon. Freya enters the room to check on Cami, but sees that Klaus is having a moment with her, and leaves them alone. She walks down stairs and informs Vincent and Marcel that Camille is getting worse. They are all at a loss as to what to do next, when Hayley enters with Hope. Hayley reminds them that possibly a “magical, miracle baby” can help them.

Camille's Perfect Day

Back at the bar, Lucien explains to Davina that he is doing all of this because Klaus stole Lucien’s true love. He now understands that love makes someone weak, and that when Cami dies, he will be able to end Klaus with no problem. Lucien then asks Davina to leave him alone. When she asks why he is letting her live, he explains that she is not his to kill. The ancestors have something else in store for her. They want Kol to kill Davina.

Lucien Explains Everything

Meanwhile, Klaus and Cami are still having a wonderful day in Cami’s dream state. Cami takes this moment to have a serious moment with Klaus. She does not want him to return to the damaged, manipulative, power driven man he was when she met him. She knows that he can be a better man, and she wants him to know that he is loved. Cami feels that love will make Klaus strong, and she wants him to remember since she will not be able to remind him once she’s gone.

Klaus and Camille

Davina makes her way back to Kol and questions him about what Lucien told her about the ancestors. He apologizes for not telling her earlier, but didn’t know how to casually bring up how much he wanted to kill her. He then pulls out one of the desiccation daggers and asks her to use it on him. The only way they both can know that Davina will be safe is for Kol to sleep until she can cure him. Reluctantly, Davina pierces Kol’s heart with the dagger.

Davina Daggers Kol

Freya is trying everything she can to fight the infection taking Camille, but nothing is working. Even using Hope’s blood didn’t work. Vincent, Freya, and Elijah all realize that there may, indeed, be nothing they can do to save her. In Cami’s mind, she and Klaus are spending their final moments together. Klaus finally tells her that he does love her, and that she is the one soul he will carry with him through eternity. Upon realizing there truly is no hope for her fate, Camille begins to break down into tears. She had been trying to be so brave, but in her final moments all of that is lost. In the most tear-jerking scene ever, she begs Klaus to let the cycle of abuse and revenge end, so that he can be the light that his own little girl needs. Camille then peacefully dies, and there is rain on my face.

Klaus Says His Final Goodbye to Camille

Davina returns to the compound and can see by the look on everyone’s faces what has happened. Vincent enters the room where Camille’s body lays, and vows to keep fighting against the darkness. He knows that even if he is cut down, she will be right there ahead of him. Vincent approaches Freya, who tells Vincent not to blame himself for making Lucien what he is. Vincent may have cast the spell, but they used Freya’s blood and the Mikaelson family magic to do it. Freya then says that now they have Lucien’s blood, however, they are going to find a way to unmake him.

In need of comfort, Davina returns to Kol’s side and tries to talk to his desiccated body. In that moment, though, the ground throughout New Orleans begins to shake violently. We are cut to scenes of all of our heroes taken off guard by this turn of events. Lucien seems to be the only one who doesn’t seem surprised by the sudden earthquake. While all of this is happening, the dagger begins to lift out of Kol’s chest on its own. The ancestors are using immense power to undagger Kol themselves, despite him being inside of the magic-blocked bar. As soon as he awakens, he attacks and kills Davina. As soon as she is dead, he comes to his senses and realizes what he has done.

Kol Killed Davina

This episode was incredibly emotional. As much as I have voiced my dislike for Camille in the past, I did not want to see her go out this way. I had real tears on my face for one of my least favorite characters. I just really appreciated all she did for Klaus, and how much she meant to him. This is going to make whatever vengeance is coming Lucien’s way so much more sweet. With only a couple episodes left, though, I’m wondering if they will be able to resolve it this season or not.

The Originals airs on The CW on Friday nights at 9PM ET.





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  • Would people feel just as strongly if it was 2 men or 2 women, or even a women doing it to a man? Domestic violence is pretty close in numbers when it comes to men being abusive to their femal partners and women being abusive to their male partners.

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