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Fox was doing so well with the Deadpool marketing and then this happened.




Clearly, it seems like a no-brainer to capitalize on the film’s biggest stars for the last marketing push for X-Men: Apocalypse but this image is grossly problematic. Yes, you have a power struggle on display between Oscar Issac as the film’s villain Apocalypse and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique but it’s also an image of Lawrence at her most disempowered.

To most this poster might not seem like a problem but that is the problem. While we should know better, the truth is that we don’t. It’s perfectly plausible that it was ok’d simply because it showcases their most bankable stars and this shot in the film might be the only time they’re face to face. So no, my first reaction isn’t to raise a pitchfork and charge after Fox, I still want to see this movie but more than anger I felt embarrassment for them because they also didn’t see the problem.

In terms of advertising it just means the number of  people’s eyes seeing it and thinking,  “Cool, new X-Men movie”.

And that goes to show how much as a society we’ve been conditioned by advertising to be unconsciously misogynistic. On some level the image probably makes most women uncomfortable if not down right angry. It sends the message that the outdated use of violence against women is still very much seen as totally cool to use to sell a movie.

It’s not.

Out of context this still is cringe-worthy because it doesn’t show the complexities of how this goes down. By the looks of the latest  X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, it seems like we are very much getting an  X-Men team led by Mystique, the first time a woman is at the forefront of any Marvel team-up on film. That’s awesome and promising. The use of the scene in the trailer, which the image is taken from, in context makes sense. Mystique leads a charge against Apocalypse after he takes Charles Xavier (Who also gets his ass kicked in a scene too, why wasn’t that used?) and ends up in the position in question. Maybe right after it she kicks his ass or the young mutants work together to help her. We don’t know but the moment is more effective in the trailer to show Apocalypse’s cruelty and makes me want to see the movie. In a building sized ad without context it made me say, “What the fuck?” because it shows complete disregard and disrespect toward a female audience.

This powerful image of the villain choking out the heroine is selling the stakes on the sort of exploitative representation that women are tired of seeing. Frankly, it’s also inappropriate for kids to be exposed to the imagery in such a public way. The huge error on Fox’s part continues a practice that doesn’t reflect it’s whole movie going audience in the best light. They need to own up to it.

It’s not going to be silently and submissively accepted anymore. It should be known that we’re beyond that.

Its also tiring but necessary to explain to people who don’t see the problem why it’s a problem. And it’s generally guys who don’t think it’s a problem and can’t see why it is.

Simply put: it’s okay for women (your friends & relatives) to have a problem with this sorta thing because it shows us in a light that we don’t want to continue to be seen anymore in things we love to watch too. It isn’t meant to take those things away or to change them so it’s no longer what you love. And if this is meant to advertise to the sort of people who love to consume seeing women as weak in a power-play imagery, then that’s a huge encouraging misstep on the wrong side of history.

I’d like to think that continuing to talk about this will enlighten people who don’t see it that way to put themselves in the shoes of fellow fans who don’t want to be depicted as lesser to sell tickets or to stir up controversy and talk for the film to cause buzz. It’s just a reminder that the old status quo isn’t gonna fly anymore because audiences are getting smarter, more diverse and beginning to outnumber those who don’t want to recognize voices outside of their own.



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  • If they replaced her with Xavior I bet it would have been offensive that the female lead was excluded.

  • My child – my 8 year old daughter was disturbed by this image. She brought it to my attention just this morning while we were at a stop light. We have a choice to not take her to see the film but what choice do we have when she sees this image is plastered all over town? “Cover your eyes, honey?” That doesn’t cut it. She didn’t see this as a superhero film – she saw a man hurting a woman. Kids aren’t stupid. They see everything and are effected by violent imagery or maybe some are too desensitized to notice. That’s sad. Thank you for writing about this issue.

    • First, it’s a _villain_ hurting a _hero_. That’s kind of the point of this. Its meant to make people dislike the villain, not make some other kind of statement. If violent imagery offends you, don’t read or watch tv/movies, cause there’s loads more where that came from.

      • AMEN. I am sick and tired of women acting like EVIL villains have to be politically correct.

    • Maybe you shouldn’t raise a giant pansie and that wouldn’t happen now would it?

    • Your child is a byproduct of your level of thinking which is clear to see is very low brow if this offends you. Have a conversation with your daughter and explain that their are good women and bad women in this world and it’s up to each of us to decide who we want to be.

    • For those that are so fucking butt hurt about the pic, not 5 secs before it happens she tried to cut his head off with a sword, now butt hurting people can grow up and stop judging a book by its cover.

    • Your 8 year old needs to grow the fuck up and stop being such a fucking crybaby over a fucking billboard, and you need to get her off of your fucking tit and stop coddling her like she’s too fucking fragile. Because when she is 18 and off to college, and someone says or does something she doesn’t like, she’s going to crumble into a pathetic ball of fucking tears and drama because her cunt mother isn’t around to hold her while she sucks on your tit.

    • Please be a better mom then. Describe her what’s going on here. That it’s only a movie.
      If she sees it as a WOMAN getting hurt by a MAN, maybe your family life is just messed up. Why would she see that at home? Most people just see this as a big person hurting a smaller one. It should be distressing, because that’s what’s going on. Regardless of gender. Though if you think it’s strictly a MAN VS WOMAN issue (which it is not), then ‘cover your eyes, honey’ is less than nothing. Try talking with her. As you said, she is NOT stupid.
      you live in a country where Trump’s face is plastered all over the streets with way more sinister implications.
      There are way more frightening stuff going on in your neighborhood than this poster.

    • How about instead of sheltering your children and pretending “terrible” things don’t exist, you actually do some PARENTING and explain to your children why something is wrong/problematic.

  • Thank you for addressing this! I saw this poster and it shocked me. It’s bad enough it’s a picture of violent choking to death, even worse it depicts violence against women.

    • It’s Hero vs. Villian, there’s no gender involve in this. It’s not promoting violence whatsoever, it’s promoting a movie and showing how threatening this villain is.

      • also lets remember that technically this certain hero has no gender as it morphs from male to female. soooooooo

    • Some women need violence appropriated against them because they’re violent themselves. Grow up and teach your daughter that people are both good and bad and women are no different.


    • Yup. It vilifies violence against someone smaller, someone weaker, someone more fragile. And that is terrible. Because violence against someone clearly defenseless should be glorified instead. That’s what you’re trying to say? Are you just a paid troll?

      • So like, let the free market system do its thing? I don’t know, sounds wild to me. It could work though. Or it could be chaos, people just going around willy nilly making choices to see or do things.

  • hi, i was disturbed about them the billboards too. I contacted one of the the billboard companies Fox hired, Uprfront and they are taking them down from neighborhoods and school areas. The media manager at Upfront also contacted ClearChannel and advised them to do the same.

    • If you don’t like it then you can leave the country. I bet you will find way worse things than this in the real world Elana. Get a life and stop ruining our sacred Comic Book Universe.

      • Sacred? Really?!

        How would not having this exact poster ruin the “sacred Comic Book Universe”?

        99% of this comment thread is just awful and depressing, but this comment was just plain ignorant.

    • Congratulations, you feminazi. You can’t tolerate women being hurt by EVIL villains because they are precious wittle snowflakes and men are evil rapist brutes, right?

    • You’re a loser if this billboard spurred you to try and get these billboards removed. Wrap yourself in bubble wrap and go see a shrink ya dumb dumb.

  • There are so many other important things to be angry, uncomfortable, and shocked about than an X-Men Apocalypse movie ad (Considering the the woman that is being held by the throat is Mystique. She murders thousands of innocent people out of hate). Why not try being “angry, upset and shocked” over something like Cancer. It is a horrible real-life killer. I have liver cancer and my only hope is a liver transplant. Those in my situation are a far better reason to be stand up and start a tirade about than a freeway movie advertisement.

  • It’s an ad for a movie depicting a scene from the movie.

    So what?

    They’re a superhero team who fight super villains bigger than themselves, would you have been upset if it had been Apocalypse attacking one of the male X-Men?

    • would these women be upset if it was a female super hero beating down a male villian ?

  • Thank Odin you guys are trying to have the billboards taken down. Heaven for-fend there is an image of violence that is the daily experience of many people around the world and in america moderated through fiction to give an element of disassociation so the populace general and the victims of violence therein can see it and process it in an abstract sense. No. It offends you and there is no reason to introduce your children to uncomfortable and yet very real concepts. Nope.
    Check your god damn privilege.

    • Really? You invoke and thank a deity whose culture propagated strength through violence and war and are offended by a violent depiction of a fictional confrontation because the one getting choked is a woman? Have you read the comics or seen any of the X-Men movies to see just how devious and evil Mystique can be? Your ignorance astounds me.

      • I do believe you both actually are saying pretty much the same thing, but You can’t read the original comment’s sarcasm. I could be wrong.

  • Awww, seriously? Do you need a “safe space” now? An ad depicting a murderous, fictional villain/hero blue mutant woman from a household name comic book movie has you all uncomfortable? Wow.

    These kind of militant and Milquetoast JUST SO MAD overreactions damage the efforts of those who–like myself—fight in a legitimate manner every day to organically equalize the social paradigm for players of every race and gender. In your own vernacular, what you’re doing here IS NOT OKAY. It sucks. It fuels the Right Wing in the US and other such adversaries who see Feminism and Diversity issues as pet projects for those with too much time and butt-hurt on their hands.

      • You first f. There are more serious issues to worry about than a movie. If you support the ignorance this blog focuses on, then you can kys and gth where I will meet and greet you with open arms and a daily pineapple up the brown eye like Hitler does in Little Nicky.

  • What a sexist article. Mystique is an empowered female character that the general public are familiar with. Showing her being subdued by the new villain Apocalypse is an effective way of demonstrating how much of a threat this guy is to the team as a whole.

    Automatically assuming that Mystique is weak because she is being subdued is victim blaming. Assuming that women are immune to violence in media, or that violence against women is an “outdated concept” that films should never touch upon is sickening.

    This is frighteningly misogynistic, you should be ashamed for posting this.

    • This line of thought is sexist. There would be no outrage of this was male on male or female on male violence. This is a superhero movie. There will be violence… On everyone. Also Apocalypse is the bad guy. Getting upset when evil characters do evil things in art is self defeating and destructive to the creative template. Stop victimizing yourself. You can ask for equality or subjugation but the two are mutually exclusive.

  • Why the hell are you all so fucking -stupid?- It’s a fucking billboard! They’re -SUPER VILLAINS- for fuck’s sake, it’s not domestic violence, it’s two super-powered mutants fighting until one of them -dies!- Jump off a cliff.

  • Yeah it worked, but I realized it is not worth reading any of this.

    I have the feminist stories I like and I have the old fashion damsels in distress I like. This is a bad photo promoting a mediocre movie with a ton of Tumblr trolls butting heads over it.

    But then again, maybe you guys got to worked up over politics and are trying to work out your frustrations by restricting art in a bass-akwards way (either the art of the film or the art of the critics who wish for a better film).

    Search for the art you want, buy it, celebrate it, make people want to sell you more of it, and make art you truly wish to see.

    Peace out. Get back to politics if you want to be mad and let escapism be just that for a little while.


  • You all need to get a life. I am a victim of domestic abuse and I did NOT find this offensive. Everybody needs to stop getting offended by everything! It’s a movie about a super mutant battling mankind and other mutants. You misandrist nazis would have your panties in a bunch if there was NO woman. Stay out of our fandoms if you are a hypersensitive wimp and piss off.

    • I applaud you Tanith for this post and offer my deepest sympathy for your suffering. Thank you for understanding that this is nothing more than the struggle between Good vs Evil in the comic book world.

    • This! Thank you for your reply. I’m so sick of the ever-growing perpetually offended.

  • When I was a child, my sister and I rode bikes alone, camped outdoors, and even went hunting with our father. My parents never worried about how we would feel about looking at mean old cartoon pictures.

    I guess mankind is better with a bunch of ninnies screaming about “safe spaces” but I don’t see it.

  • THE MOVIE ENDS WITH A WOMAN SAVING THE DAY YOU FuCKING IDIOTS… STOP BEING PUSSIES YOU TWATS… I am so fed up with this bullshit dick sucking society being a bunch of little bitches – I purposely used female orientated insults to run home the shitty idea that its mainly women and their irrational whiney ass outlook on life and how things are unfair or one sided yadda yadda yadda… you all are so quick to take up a cause, but its such a stupid whiney ass thing like a MOVIE POSTER?? Get the fuck outta here with that nonsense… Y’all are the problem with our world… If children are afraid of this poster, GOOD! Apocalypse should scare them…

  • The ones crying about a female being shown as an unempowered victim are the ones twisting this thing and making it about sexism. You are all the sexism ones. Grow up. This is not the worst image oUT there, by far, but it’s the one full grown men are saying “I can’t handle dealing with this situation with my little girl”, yet I don’t see these same men having a problem with half naked underwear models plastered everywhere. Your kid has a question about the image? Discuss it with them. “The bad guy and the good guy are in a struggle…let’s talk about the real struggle between good and evil”. That’s what you need to be talking about with your children, so grow a set and be a man, and stop your whining. Women, same thing. You are all making this about something it isn’t. That’s just kind of twisted if you think about it.

    • Ha…Dang auto correct. “You are all the sexism ones…” should read “You are all the sexist ones…”

  • Everyone is retarded and should calm down. Its just advertisement. People over react to trivial things. There is a war going on in the middle east, China is building military bases in other country’s, the worlds biodiversity is declining and the climate has changed for the worse. There are bigger problems than crying over spilt milk.

  • … Are you serious? If this is feminism, we need to put women back in the kitchen. Mystique is actually a strong lead, and you thinking she’s weak just because apocalypse is about to choke her, is pretty sexist. Its clear you think women are the weaker sex. You’re probably against women in the draft, because they can’t handle it. You’re probably for abortion, because you think most women are too weak to be mothers.
    Feminists. They are too stupid to figure out how bad they make women look.

  • Why are you offended on behalf of a _fictional_ character? The billboard shows a _villain_ attacking a _hero_. It’s designed with the express purpose of making people dislike the villain. Not every image, word, or phrase that you find offensive has something to do with anyone’s struggle for equality.

  • You wouldn’t be whining about it if he were holding a male character. The superheroes and villains fight, it’s why these movies even exist.

  • you’re a dumb asshole and im only saying that here because i cant comment on your stupid facebook post.

  • seriously??? There are more problems in this world then a fucking billboard about superheroes and villains!!!!! Grow up and get that stick out your ass already. Geez a bunch of sensitive fuck heads

  • Jesus Christ calm the fuck down. If you’re disturbed by this, then you’ve never seen the real world. This is an entirely fictional story, and this billboard is not advertising sexism and abuse, it is advertising a struggle far greater than that. As someone who has actually been physically abused by a man before, this does not “trigger” me or disturb me in the slightest. Glad you decided to write a clickbait article so you could get paid, and further encourage overly sensitive and highly impressionable people to find everything offensive and triggering. Shit like this is literally breeding teens and young adults who can’t handle the real world.

  • If you’d like I have a broom so you can knock the sand out of your vaginas, you are the only female that I can find offended by make believe characters, you do know it’s all a movie right, or did your parents not teach you the difference between movies and reality

  • I love your point. It 100% isn’t about the movie, it is about making domestic violence something common place. The worst part is, it is all over. I was disgusted with Iron Man 2 advertising because it clearly has a racist tone with an African American Don Cheadle as War Machine fighting a very White Robert Downey Jr showing that even in 2016, people are bigoted and uncaring. Lastly, the worst of them all is the entire Deadpool campaign. In one billboard, Deadpool is lying on his side. I was extremely offended. Beyond words. I had sciatica, 2 herniated discs, and required back surgery last year and now am only fully comfortable when I lie on my back on front. I feel completely excluded that in our day and age they would not consider my disabilty. Showing a character who can lie down on his side facing the camera is uncalled for an excludes so many who many have mild discomfort or back pain, let alone those who many not even have a back or arms or legs. It’s a really horrible time.

    • Are you retarded? How do you get racism from War Machine and Iron Man fighting. This isn’t promoting domestic violence. He a super villian idiot what is he not supposed to fight a hero because she is a woman? Guess he should pat her on the head instead

  • I’m willing to bet the writer of this article is an over privileged white woman who makes frequent trips to Europe on Daddy’s dime. And if not on Daddy’s dime then with the money from her “job” that Daddy pulled some strings to get.

    The world is sick of overprivileged elites like yourself making light of bullshit like this. Wanna do something for women? Speak out against Islam. But you’re a coward and you don’t actually care about women so you won’t.

  • Feminist: a person who believes in social, political and economic equality of the sexes. Apocalypse is definitely a feminist. He doesn’t care about who he kills or what gender they are. To even suggest this image is misogynist is the most anti-feminist statement anyone could make.

  • First of all, he’s a mutant God and not a MAN! Plus, it’s a work of fiction, if you’re seriously offended by this, then you have no sense of imagination. This is uber ridiculous!

  • People wont stop bitching for anything.

    Don’t you have something better and useful to do?

  • You guys that have a problem with this are all very very dumb as fuck that shits not when you’re asks about it tell them it’s a movie and if they can’t comprehend that maybe you should be worried that your kid is dumb as shit ladies and gentlemen of the internet there is enough drama in the world stop trying to stir the pot so on that note fuck off

  • Seriously? THis is the most important thing in your day today. How about going and finding the homeless guy in Downtown LA that I met last night who gave me a freaking glade plug in and told me to have a nice day. When I tried to tell him no he said “You take it, I don’t have a plug in, I’m homeless!” and again..wished me a nice day. I think that is a lot more important than a billboard of FICTIONAL BLUE PEOPLE having a battle that the WOMAN eventually wins. Geezus.

  • It’s an action movie and there will be violence. Looking at this doesn’t want to make me want to hurt women. Violence does not discriminate either. When kids see this, they don’t see a gender issue, all they see is violence and violence in general against any gender is not right. How the heck do you want to promote an action movie like this? It’s just efficient and effective marketing. If I had to convince people that my movie is worth their time and money, I’d put up one poster of an oscar winning actress, who’s been getting so much publicity of late and a women’s rights activist, going head to head against apocalypse (the end of the world). Out of context, it might look another way but most of the people seeing the posters have the ability to just google it and understand the position she’s in. And that’s the role of the adult present: provide context for the kids. People are obsessing over how things seem rather than how this actually are.

    If you really are a fan, then you would know that she is having a stare down with Apocalypse, someone who has total control over the molecules of his body, enabling him to alter his form as it suits him, such as allowing his body to become extremely malleable and flexible or change his size, enhance his physical abilities, transform his limbs into weapons, wings, or jets, regenerate from fatal injuries, adapt his body to apparently any disease or hostile environment, as well as give himself virtually any superhuman power, while in a chokehold. Still being alive in her position is a feat in and of itself. If that’s not empowering, I don’t know what is. If you didn’t know that and you’re THAT concerned, then google it. You have a smartphone that literally gives you access to all the information you could ever want.

    You are basing a big chunk of your argument on the assumption that only women can be helpless victims of violence. Saying that women portrayed like this is degrading is essentially saying that a role reversal would be empowering to women and that is a bullshit double standard. There are men who are victims of domestic abuse but nobody talks about it because who gives a crap, right? Men are strong and they should be able to suck it up, right? All you’re doing is creating conflicts and rifts between men and women where there shouldn’t be any by blowing this poster out of proportion.

  • Ridiculous.
    He’s a villain and he’s going to hit anyone, male or female.

    I bet the reason they have Misteeq as the person he’s holding up is because it’s one of the biggest stars out there today.
    Off course everything is out to there to offend.

    Fox didn’t see a problem because you made one up.

    • If children shouldn’t be exposed to violence in such a public way, stop them watching shows like Power Rangers, Pokemon, ect.
      Stop them from reading comics.


  • wow looking at the comments againts the billboard and the movie i wonder how some people tie their shoes in the morning by themselves lollll

  • Well there Are some things to be outraged about, like a megalomaniac obtaining the fucking nuclear codes to the country…… lolll

  • You’re a fucking idiot. It’s a movie, they both have superhuman abilities and are fighting. The billboard shows one of the movie’s biggest stars, and illustrates that the new villain is a very real threat to the X-Men. Give me a break. You just want sensationalism and to get attention. Grow up.

  • I am quite sure the parents of little kids that know about the xmen franchise have assured their kids that mystique got away and probably helped kick his ass. for those that do not know perhaps they should read up on the movies and the characters. this is not a woman being abused this is a super hero fighting a bad guy. plain and simple stop making everything anti- woman. I am a woman and it is not the least offensive to me its the life of an imaginary super hero and a bad guy in a movie.

  • Uhhhh, did you ever stop and ask Mystique if she identifies as a woman? I mean, she is literally like gender fluid. You are such a bigot.

  • Fuuckin get bent yah over sensitive twats im offended you’re poking at a classic list of characters and shes by far not frightened

      • *sarcastically* Ohh no…Sansa Stark is forcing some guy to look forwards as Lazers jet out his eyes…much offense…

  • Utter garbage, even going so far as to use the ridiculous phrase ‘the wrong side of history’, and who is it exactly who doesn’t want ‘to recognize voices outside of their own’?!

    Of course you know who else it was who wanted to expunge ‘disturbing imagery’ from all commercial art?

    Yeah the Nazis. SJWs = fascists.

  • The REAL problem here is the bored blogger using a non-issue to boost views on her blog…pathetic. The billboard shows a fictional battle between a female hero (get’s a female lead in a huge blockbuster superhero movie…still finds something to whine about) against a villain who happens to be a God (not a man). Guess what…..the hero wins!!!! Taking something out of context and using it to promote your blog is NOT OKAY (a term that’s apparently very popular here, lol). Honestly, you people cry and whine so much that nobody cares or listens to you anymore. Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? Give it a break, I know you need money but there’s better ways of doing it than selling your intelligence for blog clicks.

  • Like even what?! So women are equal to men, but female character in a movie about superheroes can’t be hurt by a villain? If women can fight as much as men do, they can occasionally lose just as much as guys can.
    Mystique is also bisexual, so I guess that means this poster is also biphobic, because the character that is getting hurt is bi?

    • If the author considers herself a feminist, she is a shitty one. This poster is FREAKING AWESOME for feminism!!

  • Fuck you and your politically correct bullshit. Grow up, this is real life and this world isn’t custom made to please you.
    What a whiney cunt.

  • you roleplay/cosplay as fictional children. what the fuck place do you have trying to correct anyone else’s behavior? this is not some display of male-female power play. the fact that Mystique is in such a prominent place to be featured in a promo show that female characters have been elevated into a place of prominence as worthy fictional opponents rather than relegated to the cadre of support characters. see it for what it is, retard.

  • So, the billboard makes you shocked and appalled that a villain would do something as horrible as this? Then clearly he is a very compelling villain and the actor and actress in this scene are doing a heck of a job making you believe in the roles they are playing. Good job, Jennifer Lawrence and Oscar Isaac!

  • Its more of a God/mutant chocking another mutant… I don’t really see gender playing into this. The poster is suppose to evoke a sense of uncomfortableness and hopelessness as a way to sympathize with our protagonists. Also its fictional characters, its not really promoting gendered based violence in my opinion

  • you people have life so good you will find anything to complain about. do you even know anything about x-men? or the movie? or comics? or anything aside from one sided feminism?
    take yourself back to your California home and enjoy your privilege. and stop being stupid

  • Seriously…. yall r complaining about this….. a movie scene (acting) you all have crusted dingle berry’s rubbing you the wrong way. Let’s not complain about a movie billboard and go on with your day and continue turning your back on real problems….

  • Wow! People have become so sensitive. What happened to having a some intestinal fortitude. Oh wait! I forgot! Your parents raised you to be a pansy. So, if you’re a pansy, that makes your parents…… Well, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, does it?

    Awwwwww… so innocent and fragile you are……. you little PANSY!

    Guess what, people!!! Your right to free speech is protected by people, myself and my brothers doing more serious acts than what is pictured on the billboard. Your sensitivity and your lack of intestinal fortitude disgust me.

  • Oh my god, feminists are still being fucking over-offended pussies… FFS why don’t you guys get a fucking life instead of writing a whole damned article about why a fucking billboard for a MOVIE is offending you…

    • It is very anti-feminist to see women as dainty victims who cannot be put in peril. If this woman considers herself a feminist, she’s a super shitty one. Feminism is about wishing we could see women get shot in the head as often as we see men. Even Deadpool wouldn’t shoot that woman in the brain on screen, RIGHT AFTER discussing the sexism of the situation?? What?? If you aren’t being sexist, SHOW US A WOMAN’S BRAIN SPATTER!!!

  • Grow up and learn to be adults and stop whining for EVERY LITTLE THING. I hate you sensitive little fucks.

  • Calm your tits you stupid feminist, nobody cares if you get triggered by everything. It’s a picture, and if the genders were switched, nobody would bat an eye. Stop being so butthurt over everything, get over yourself. Get a life, and stop being a whiny bitch.

    • It is very anti-feminist for her to have an issue with this image. Feminism is about equality. Seeing women as dainty victims is not equality. This woman is a bad feminist if she considers herself one.

  • As a victim of domestic violence myself, I have no problem with this image. I think it’s awesome and feminist that we can have a strong female character in peril as if she were a strong male character. Not a soul would have a problem with this image if the one being choked out was a man. Do not pretend you would have written this ill informed blog post if it was Beast getting choked out. You are being sexist. You are being anti-feminist. It’s like how we can’t get a headshot in a movie. Even freakin Deadpool cut away before shooting a woman in the brain RIGHT AFTER essentially discussing the sexism of the situation. Then show us her brain splatter!! That’s equality!!

  • This article is literally brain damage. Why don’t you spend some time protesting an actual negative portrayal of women, one that’s broadcasted thru the radio everyday to millions of people. I’m sorry this scares your kids, I’m sorry this scares you, why don’t you do your job and do some actual parenting and explain the billboard to your kids in a unbiased light instead of immediately getting offended?These are comic book characters, it is a FICTIONAL universe. It is a classic tale of heroism trumping evil portrayed in a 21st century template. I cannot stand how easily offended people have become, seriously. Would you feel any different if it was a woman choking a man?!

  • I can’t believe this website let the author spew out this bullshit on the site. As an Autistic comic book nerd, apparently this bitch never read X-Men comics or has seen how evil or badass Mystique (the fictional mutant she’s defending so hard) can be! She can fucking kill people with her bare hands while shape shifting for fuck sake!

  • You’ve got to be ignorant as fuck to believe this is problematic. Have you even read comics before? Everyone is treated like garbage by villains. If you have an issue with it because the villain is choking a woman, the you need to take your biased feminism roll it into a tight ball as shove it so far up your ass where it never sees the light of day.
    You wounld make a big deal about it if he was choking another guy. Oh right, feminists believe women > men, but also that they deserve to be equal. However until you fucks can finally get off your high horse and truly believe and accept that men and women are equal, then nothing will change.and your ignorance will continue to reign supreme. Have fun making people consistently despise you.

  • Jesus titty fucking Christ on rubber crutches. IT’S A COMIC BOOK MOVIE! It’s not like it’s a bud light ad with some dude choking out his wife for burning the lasagna. It’s a supervillan choking a supervillian. It’s not ANY deeper than that. Even if it was they’re both bad guys(in the comic books) It’s not like it’s an ad with Corey taking his day out on Topanga.

  • it’s a damn movie…apocalypse kills everything he wants man, women, children he see’s you he gonna choke you. Why are you retards so sensitive to what happens in a comic book movie. bad vs good. all it is if your kids are disturbed or you read the comics before judging the billboard before thinking its domestic abuse because it’s not he just going to kill her cause she is a hero and he is a villian.

  • The REAL problem with the X-Men Apocalypse Poster is this blog…

    Anyone who has a problem with this poster is taking it way out of context. It is a snap of an actual scene from the movie. It is not promoting violence and damned well isn’t domestic abuse. It is Good vs Evil and right in that moment, Evil has the upper hand. Now get your heads out of your asses, teach your kids that this is based on a Comic Book, and grow the fuck up. Or just get out of my country you pussy ass maggots. It is people like you who ruin great movies and stories because we have to make them all fluffy for you to feel comfortable. Well guess what, the world is way scarier than most of the movies you find “offensive” and instead of targeting forms of entertainment, why not target the actual abuse and violence happening IRL.

  • Bahahahahaha so much butthurts on thise days HAHAHAHAHA , poor weak girls 😀 stay on the kitchen. This is a freaking movie , villains fights heroes , deal with it and if you don’t like it , don’t watch it , simple or kill yourselfs if you found it so so so so EVIL! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

  • It seems incredibly sexist and misogynistic that anyone would find this offensive.

    Basically the subtext is that men are indeed stronger and physically superior to women, and this is why it’s wrong to publicly show a man strangling a woman. Your post basically reifies all cis-patriarchal gender norms.

  • hate it when billboards depict mutant vs mutant violence! It’s unfair to the mutants who are, for the most part, peaceful. Maybe the marketing team has something against blue mutants specifically since they chose to pick two blue mutants as opposed to the green or purple ones. We should start a petition to get the studio to change this ad to a butt-hurt mutant choking out this fictional, blue, super powered female mutant! IT’S A MOVIE DAMNIT. Panties get bunched for the stupidest shit these days!

  • If she actually watched the film, she’d know it’s not sexist at all but quite empowering towards women because… (spoilers) Mystique symbolises all Mutants in the eyes of humans and she’s admired by humans and mutants for her activism in bringing acceptance and love between the two and there’s multiple examples within the film where other mutants said she inspired them to accept and love themselves and to come out and be proud.

    And no, Apocalypse chocking Mystique isn’t sexist because the picture has nothing to do with gender. The picture has to do with Apocalypse’s mission (destroying all humanity) and Mystique representing humanity. So him chocking Mystique is a perfect visual metaphor for his goal within the film. You’re just seeing it out of context and conveying it to be sexist, even though Bryan Singer (the director) has never written a sexist role for a female and has MULTIPLE examples of powerful women in his movies and the X-Men franchise. Hell, the most powerful mutant is a female (Jean Grey) and all of the females in this film are badass, from Storm, Psylocke, Mystique, Jean Grey to Jubilee.

  • This is a stupid article that has generated a lot activity. Despite being you going full retard about a fictional movie you’ve generated steady views and traffic for your site. Congratulations. You are a genius. Still a dumb ass article though. Where we’re you in those tons of other movies with fictional rape and fictional violence against other women? If a woman chokes a man to death are you okay with this? Again congratulations on the article. This is marketing genius. I am now a loyal follower.

  • It is a VILLAIN hurting a HERO.

    Gee, Mystique totally never got STABBED in the past X-Men movies, and women have NEVER been hurt in movies ever, this is SO PROBLEMATICCCC guys, so problematic that a very cOMMON THEME OF VILLAINS BEING EVIL IS SHOWN ON SCREEN.

    There are /no/ undertones, that’s LITERALLY all it is.

  • Technically, neither of the characters depicted in the billboard identify as male or female… You are only putting your predisposed ideals of what a man and a woman should look like onto this characters… Apocalypse could be self identifying as a woman and mystique as a man in the billboard… Also, to say that the actors playing them identify as a male and female is prejudice against the trans community as a whole

  • Actually Apocalypse isn’t necessarily a man, he/she can transfer his/her consciousness into any other body he/she desires. and mystique is able to transform into men and women, so really its a trans choking out a trans. stop assuming genders based on looks, you feminazi.

  • ALSO: Mystique is idolized in this movie, and she empowers every woman throughout the movie, AND a woman is the person who kills apocalypse in the end by melting his body and turning him to dust, so should we bash women for domestic abuse?

  • It’s rather interesting that you do not get offended when a children die in Haiti by hundreds(one of the many example) because of hunger! You get offended by a poster of some random movie and that’s ok! That’s the place where you draw the line!That’s the white man madness!

  • Mystique can hold her own. She’s hardly helpless here. People that aren’t cool enough to know she’s a mutant and not a chick should probably not have an opinion. All anyone wants to do nowadays is find a reason to whine about something.

  • Oh but If it was Someone like Wolverine or cyclopes this article wouldn’t exist would it, you sexist tool.

  • For everyone saying its a “hero” vs a villain clearly hasn’t seen many Xmen movies. I’m a girl that has been watching these films since they came out. I was probably 10-12 when the first one came out and I watched it. Mystique (blue girl in picture) is a villain. Just FYI. Oh and if you watch the official trailers the last 7-8 secs of two of them is this part. Sooooo it’s probably an important part in the film.

  • OMG, If he were strangling a man you’d be fine with that, but upset there was no female representative. So if a violent struggle is used in a movie billboard the only way to get you to not complain would be to have a woman having a man “at his most unempowered”. Why am I sure you’d be more than fine with that one

  • Femtards at it again, getting offend at anything that doesn’t put women as the victors. Getting offended over a comic book/movie poster is the epitome of moronic. Poor little girl feelings are hurt again and everyone should bow to their greatness. Grow up.

  • Are you serious? It’s a movie about good vs evil, about super heroes. Do you expect Apocalypse to come and be all bad ass but when Mystique shows up he asks her politely to leave so he won’t have to hit a girl? If the picture had been of a male character being choked you would not have batted an eye? Stop being hypocritical. It’s a movie about heroes we all know the heroes are going to win, so yes the female character is being choked here but at the end of the movie she will have helped kick his ass. Stop creating issues when there are none, this particular scene create suspense for potential viewers, how did she get there? What’s going to happen? People are way to sensitive these days. Yes there are issues with domestic violence and violence in general towards women but talhat does not mean that every fucking phrase, action, picture, reference is a slander to these issues.

  • How ridiculous. This is a superhero movie and its a villain vs hero scenario. It has nothing to do with violence against females, or any other way you see it. If its not one thing, its another that people seem to complain about. Were you offended about Deadpool’s crotch shots? How about ass shots? No? You weren’t worried about how tight his outfit was and how that may be inappropriate for children?

  • Firstly, the dudes being assholes and showing extreme disrespect to others, go find something better to do. Your ignorant comments are pathetic. if you want to be a productive part of the conversation, there is a proper way to do it. Being an asshole about it makes you more ignorant and unaware than the people you are harassing for being offended by the billboards.
    Now, that out of the way,
    I saw alot of negativity towards this advertisement that I have to very much disagree with. Firstly, for the movie, this is a fantastic image. Its essentially man VS God. It shows just how dire the situation and how aggressive the villain is. You dont have to see a scene of the trailer or even any other marvel movie to see what the picture is meant to represent. If you want to label it in simplest terms, it is a very very large alien dude just on the verge of ending another persons life. And the title “Apocalypse” adds to that feel as the term is often associated with world ending occurrences. Its suppose to portray intense violence and show in just how much danger the woman is in. if you hadn’t ever seen the trailers or any other marvel movie, then this billboard does an excellent job of portraying the danger the woman is facing.

    But, I wanna dive a little more in depth about the picture itself.

    The picture is highlighting the heroic leader. Which, is in fact female. This isn’t portraying man vs woman. Its hero VS evil doer. That they have gone with a female lead is awesome IMO. But I dont understand why there is an issue showing mystique. It makes perfect sense to highlight the 2 main characters of the story.

    This also dives into the gender equality issue for some. So, I genuinely ask. Why is it ok to show 2 dudes in this same pose, but not a woman and a man? Id also ask, would the same outcry be had if it was a woman choking out a man? Not a chance. In fact, the discussion would more realistically be along the lines of, “The man isnt strong enough to defend himself from the female aggressor, therefore he deserves it and it is dismissed. Or would be widespread support for a woman standing up for herself and coming up dominant over the male”. One thing pointed out in the article comments was that if they had showed Xavier instead of Mystique, you could have the same discussion of a dude beating on a disabled man. But that discussion more than likely wouldn’t come up. So, why is it being a female a topic when that would be glossed over? That hardly seems fair. If people feel that these kinds of things need to be discussed, it should be UNIVERSALLY discussed no matter who is in what position. For one gender or one specific group of people to cry foul only serves to demonize things for personal gain.
    These problems absolutely exist in society. of that, there is no doubt. But if you feel that it MUST be discussed, everything should be discussed, not selective topics for discussion.

    We as a society should be pushing for universal equality. I personally believe that hating on an poster like this does nothing but hinder efforts to reach equality.

    Its the 2 main characters of a movie. which everyone already knows, the woman wins (worded simply). Now, if mystique was a mere side character. Or if this was a picture taken from a massacre scene, then I would agree that it isn’t appropriate. But it isnt that. It’s a strong female lead stepping up to the challenge of what is certain death to protect her friends and others. I think this is a perfect picture. One of inspiration and something for the female population to connect with the character.

    Now, that being said, violence against women is an awful thing and unfortunately, is a common reality. So, some negative reactions are understandable if you were a victim or know someone who was. And seeking help is always encouraged. Targeting a well developed movie poster is not the right way to help those who need it.

    And some children are also understandably concerned. It is an image that is suppose to invoke fear and distain of the enemy, and concern for the heroine through the demonstration of life threatening violence. So, while I do believe the billboard is great for what it does, location is also important. I saw it said one was in a school area, or was close to one. That, I believe absolutely should be replaced by something less intense. But, I also believe it is a parents OBLIGATION to monitor their own children and to have these important kinds of conversations. It is not the job of poster makers to do that for you.

    If there is to be a discussion, I believe the discussion should be about violence in general as society continuous to glorify it more and more.

  • This blog post is honestly one of the most self ritoueous, backwards attempts to convey an opinion that I have ever read. Mystique doesn’t even have reproductive organs, you fucking idiot. Maybe try to check out the source material before you go on a feminist tirade that ends up just making you look stupid.

    This post just makes u look like a dumb broad.

    • “Mystique doesn’t even have reproductive organs”
      Then I sure wonder how she gave birth to children.

  • Can we remember this is a fictional universe? And again remember the Context where this moment happens and it is supposed to be [email protected]$$ Mutants fighting and yes, as the First Mutant (how and why in film) he may have the ability to kick any of their @$$es regardless of their gender until he is not able to…

  • I feel as though her getting blasted is somewhat understandable. Don’t get me wrong I feel as though a images like would normally would be unexpetable. However this particular image is an exception. One it clearly states X-man(in bold! Mind you) on it, and there blue. Giving one a fictional mentality at first chance. Two, due to it being a fight scene in a super hero like movie. If one was to hold back on fighting a girl that happens to stand in your way, they’ll loss, and people would dislike the movie. Three, if a female were to take martial arts, and you have people holding back, that would hinder there progress. So in summary it’s ok if it’s a fight between skilled warrior
    Also some may argue it’s It’s 2016 (But that’s going to different level). So yes I see why she’s getting slandered. Also we where she’s coming from and there nothing wrong with the billboard, unless if your coming from a serious case of abuse.

  • I am not a damsel! Stop acting like women can’t handle being in the same situations as men! We see plenty of men in movies in the same position she was in. No one blinks an eye. Acting like this will only condition girls to think that they cant handle themselves in problems, that they aren’t capable of fighting back! Coddling our children will damage them just as much as sexism.

  • Bitch, shut the FUCK up! Honestly, what the FUCK is wrong with you? Do you really want it to where in movies females NEVER face ANY harm or violence at all? Do you want women to be unfairly portrayed as god modding cunt bags who are completely invincible? GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  • There are certain kinds of people that just have to find something to complain about and get in an uproar about comma even though when they’re home alone they probably don’t think about it or cry about it at all. Thank you social media for the new generation of internet critics and cell phone Warriors.

  • I’m getting entirely sick of this nonsense. There are REAL WOMEN out here, in the REAL WORLD….actually getting hurt, raped, molested and otherwise by REAL ACTUAL PEOPLE be it MALE OR FEMALE, and yet somehow the adults cannot explain and to a child no less the proper context of a VILLAIN, that takes place in a FICTIONAL/COMIC BOOK WORLD where people can morph into other people, fly, shoot lasers from their eyes and all other sorts of feats that defy technology, logic, science, reason and religion…….

    BUT yet somehow a VILLAIN doing something bad to a HERO is now sending the wrong message?

    Ohh for the love of god you people are the very type that take away from actual victims of actual real violence because none of you seem able to explain fictional violence vs real life violence.

    If it wasn’t Mystique, and Mystique wasn’t being played by a woman…..would that be better? If they had sat in a room and decided you know what the fact it is a woman in this ad we’re not gonna make said ad, you’d be the first one’s complaining about they don’t think women are strong enough and are special snowflakes that needed to be coddled because they can’t handle a fictional character being choked by a villain in a movie……

    Either women in these kinds of films get the same treatment as men or they do not, it’s that damned simple. You people want to read politics into this….you got Angel kickin the crap out of others dudes, you got Professor X constantly manipulating the freewill of other people, you have Mystique herself using violence as a means against other people, ironically most of them men without any repercussions at all or compunction about doing so either…but of course no complaints about that…

    This is always the problem. Women always want into Men’s spaces, then can’t handle it and want a million changes to said Male space. You think for a second if this was Black Widow/ScarJo choking out let’s say Don Cheadle without his War Machine armor any of you would seriously give a second thought to perhaps how it may appear racist this White Woman is choking out a Black Man? Or would you, I posit, more likely say how “progressive and powerful” such a scene if for woman and ignore the entire racial dynamic. Or most people would just see Black Widow choking out Rhodes…..

    Apocalypse for those who don’t know is a arch villain who tosses heroes around like rag dolls from Wolverine, Cyclops, Professor X, Cable and whoever else because he wants total and utter universal domination. He wasn’t choking a woman out in the ad, he was chocking out a hero who just happened to look like a woman or a female who identifies as a woman to put it in 2016 speak who can morph into other people….

    But I supposed new rules should be established right….women have any violence directed towards them at all, in any film, ever…..even if doing so would make them equal to the male characters. And if the villain is another female, instead of fighting they are to talk it out and be catty towards one another but not engage in any actual physical combat as it promote the idea of female aggression which is bad. At the same time, any and all violence towards male characters is perfectly fine as they are disposable males.

    Maybe your real issue deep down is the fact Apocalypse is African, and he’s choking out Jennifer Lawrence who is White….which to me would symbolize Black people unleashing unto us, what has been done to us by y’all for centuries. So really, maybe this is an all reality a positive message for Black folks to throw down and to end their oppressors. Yet to think of it, Storm is also Black, and nothing but White characters attack them….so when Black people rise up, once again here come White folks to the rescue to put an end to that…all powerful Black characters can’t win, even in a fictional universe far far away.

  • The difference in seeing a blatant promotion of domestic violence and a simple sensory marketing message is usually education.
    The cognitive lesson learnt between ‘glass half full’ and ‘glass half empty’ is not what you see, but what you know.

  • And your first assumption is that Mystique identifies as a woman? How very cis of you.

  • It’s a villain choking a hero. That is all. It has nothing to do with gender violence or anything. The only reason it’s an issue is because everyone is way too sensitive and reading way too much into things. This scene was shown as the poster because it was an important part of the scene the cemented how good Mystique is. Now if it was a blue women with a black eye that had a burnt sandwich in her hand, I’d see the issue.

  • Another shitty article written by a fat middle class feminist, If this poster offended you then you are by definition, retarded.

  • ‘It sends the message that the outdated use of violence against women is still very much seen as totally cool to use to sell a movie.’

    No, It sends the message that Mystique (who is an INDIVIDUAL character with unique abilities is getting hurt by apocolypse).

    Mystique is a strong character with her own moral compass. She is generally the bad gal. But thats her perrogative. Why do you always complain when women are shown to be INDIVIDUALS. When a woman is a femme fatale : its oppressive. When she is a good girl: it’s oppressive. When she isn’t in fight scenes: It’s oppressive. DO you want every super hero movie to have a female lead, who never fights but still has *depth* of character, yet she is neither on the good or bad side? Jeece. Feminism seems intent on taking away women’s choice, yes I said it, choice to be their own moral agent. And that involves fighting bad guys who will beat them. Is apocalyse supposed to be a woman??? is that what you want? Because that undermines the feminist message also, it suggests that women are not capable of fighting ‘men’. Which, would be acknowledging the strength difference between the sexes. But women are the same as men!!!! they can fight men tooo!

    My head hurts. At this point I don’t care what the feminist utopic vision is any more. I just want it to be consistent.

  • Shut up already! Geez, it is people like you that perpetuate problems for real feminists who are actually changing the real issues that women face. Not this, good vs evil representation. It just so happens, Mystique is the one being choked but I have seen other “male” mutants being choked by other “male” and “female” mutants and nothing is said. So please do us all a favor and just STFU until a real issue arises. #deuces

  • wow. the comments here are BEYOND revolting. for those of u with no lives who are hardcore into this stuff, sure, u see an exchange between mutant villains or whatever the fuck they are. for those of us who date and live in the real world, and have no fucking idea whatsoever who these characters are, all we’re seeing is a man choking a woman, and it appears that she’s completely okay with being choked. THAT’S WHY EVERYONE IS FUCKING UPSET. go crawl back into your caves. or better yet, learn to socialize in actual human society and maybe you’ll see why this is a problem.

    • “those of us who date and live in the real world” The real world consists of blue skinned, scaled naked women and grey-blue, helmet-for-a-head men? Or is that just your ideal for dating? I’m not going to judge you for your preference.

    • “real world” “it appears that she’s completely okay with being choked” Because grabbing the arm that’s choking you is a universal or even a common sign that you’re completely ok with it?

  • Grow up Sabina. This is a damn movie poster. The UCLA shooting is a much more important issue to be discussing but you’d rather discuss this bullshit. Human lives have been lost, but a poster offends you. Humanity is fucking disgusting.

  • I guess villains can’t be villains anymore. This false outrage over fictional villains has to stop.

  • The main question should be, “Why the f**k does anyone with an IQ over 2 remotely care about the X-Men in 2016?”

    I guess the majority of you ‘muricans still love feeding the shit spewing Hollywood machine after all these years.

    After all, it’s because of you that ‘people’ like Adam Sandler are allowed to still make movies.

  • “Genre writer and professional film enthusiast. Fighter for equality and better representation for women and people of color.” Nuff said 😀 That makes me an “in depth commentator and professional media guru. Champion for wholesomeness, critical thought, kindness and progress in comment sections, shooting down godly rays of enlightenment on unworthy pariah (such as yourself), driven only by the most selfless kindness and love”.
    Or you can call yourself ” An occasional film blogger”, and me an “occasional forum-guest nobody”.

  • Oh boohoohoo. You wouldn’t have said squat if the roles were reversed. You think it’s great if there are female superheroes but only if they always have the upper hand? What a bunch of pseudointellectual BS that you need even a comic book movie to address historical imbalances of power. Crybaby.

  • You are a retard. If it was a man being choked then you’d be whining about the industry being sexist and women given marginal roles.

    You must consider addressing your sexual frustration in a more productive way, like using a sex toy, instead of crying about a movie poster.

  • I usually dont agree with people who keep saying things as “if it wasnt a women, it would no be offensive” because this people does not understand context… But as this post is also ignoring context, its mandatory I disagree. It is an action movies. A lot of action movies has posters with action scenes. Posters in which the mainly character is facing the villain, the mainly character is suffering because the villain. Mistique is one of the mainly characters and she is fucking awesome. This is the reason SHE is in this poster and not Mercury. He did almost the same with mercury. You know, this kind of meaningless complain is what makes people think “lets not put a mainly female character, because if you hit a woman you are being sexist”. And then we have the paradox “theme” that a lot of machista people like to point: “You say women are as strength as men. But if some man hit a woman he is sexist”. They point this because they are fucking dumb people that does not understand context between violence against women and awesome fights in fantasy world. And now you are being as dumb as them. You dont need the trailer to put this poster in context. They are all suit up as Mistique and Apocalypse. THIS IS THE FUCKING CONTEXT. This is what makes it a scene of a awesome fight with an awesome female character being one of the mainly warriors; and not a scene of violence against women. Even the few people who doesnt know a shit about xmen (mostly canadians… haha sorry by the joke), can see that this is an action scene in a fiction movie with an kickass women fighting against a jerk. Well… But I will not change your opinion and of a lot of sensible people, and you will not change mine. I just wanna to leave this thought: Dont you think you are feeding the concept “Women cannot be warriors, because a guy cannot hit a women without being considered sexist. Therefore, if women are warriors, they can only fight against other women”. ?

  • What a pathetic article. With pathetic people defending it, why the hell are people so soft now. Is it cool to find everything offensive now? It must be.

  • What’s sad is how deeply you believe this is a problem and don’t understand why many men (and women) are bothered by your kind of reflexively can’t-see-the-forest-for-the-trees thinking and the immediate corporate (or in other cases) government capitulation to it. Historically in comic books (and now in films and tv shows with a fantasy element), women have had superpowers and fight the BAD guys. In fantasy type films now, heroic women are routinely smacked around as they fight. These changes make these films appealing to women. It doesn’t (and for the past 40 years in comics) make the smacking around acceptable.

    If you’ve seen the film, you are well aware that the studio has made a decision to assume the audience is at least somewhat familiar with these characters.

    This image is taken from the film itself and conveys the sense of “Apocalypse” written in the poster by placing the film’s biggest star (and the studio almost certainly assumes the kind of person interested in seeing this is familiar with Mystique) in jeopardy.

    I’m sorry but unless you are an idiot parent, you can easily tell your child “Yes, the bad man is strangling her. He is the bad guy”. Even as subtext this image is not problematic since it is the villain doing the strangling.

  • Cool. Another wannabe social justice warrior/author trying to make a mark by hopoing on the lamest of bandwagons. What a hack.

  • Have read ‘most’ of the comments here yet have not read one single response from the author. I have some questions for you.

    Do you actually want female equality? Do you pick up half the cheque when a man takes you out for dinner? Do you let a man hold a door open for you or does that offend you because he is belittling you? Would you marry a man who earned less than you did or would you look down on him?

    It seems to me you want ‘equality’ where it is beneficial but not where it may require a little hardship. Its not all peachy being a man you know. There are certain expectations society puts on you. Would you be willing to pick up some of that responsibility?

    If you really, REALLY want equality then you need to accept it in all forms. Facile arguments like this distract from the real arguments that in some walks of life there is still genuine inequality. The problem is you do not strike me as intelligent enough to structure this debate and so resort to a ‘flame war’ in a bid to expunge that feeling of self imposed injustice in your life. Would love to here your response.

  • What do you see? We see a villain being violent against a female protagonist.

    If anything, this poster shows us that violence against women is a bad thing, because it’s what villains do. No kid is going to see this and be like “I wanna be like Apocalypse” and choke his sister. No. They’re gonna go: poor Mystique, she needs help. So any subconscious conclusion would end up being against violence towards women.

    Kids don’t want to be like the villain. If this poster is controversial, then Thor is controversial because Loki tried to kill his own father. It teaches kids that they should fight their family. In Iron Man 3 Pepper gets beat on as well. But once again, by the bad guy. If there are kids out there identifying with super villains, then violence against women is the least of our concern.

  • Sounds line a bunch of overly sensitive bull to me. You just find things to be upset about. Get some thicker skin and grow up.

  • Women are equal, so they arent excused from ciolance you entitled cunt!

  • This is fucking retarded. Women are just as strong as men, and dont need this pandering that says that they cant be in violent situations like men. You are all entitled shitbags. This is why no one likes third wave femenism besides you overprivledged fucking retarded bitchs!

  • When Tom Martin tried suing a college over his experience in gender studies classes, specifically also about posters that he felt were against men, this is what was said: “Mr Martin would have had to prove that he experienced a “bullying-type scenario” at the LSE, adding: “Whatever Mr Martin says about all this, no objectively reasonable person would feel degraded or humiliated by posters on the wall or course content.”
    Will you know write on behalf of his case, and how men can feel victimized as well?