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It’s a season finale, so you know no one is safe. If there’s one thing we’ve learned through six seasons of The Walking Dead, it’s that if it’s a Season Finale or a Season Premiere, someone’s gonna bite the bullet. With a 90-minute extended season finale, who would it be tonight?


Episode 616 of The Walking Dead, “Last Day on Earth,”starts off with the sound of someone whistling, but then we quickly cut to Morgan walking through a field and coming across a sign that says, “You are alive.” He finds a horse with a saddle just chilling in the field. Then we see the Savior who was following him and Rick walking and following Morgan’s trail.

We then see see an unknown man running through the woods, and we hear the whistling again. We cut to Carl and Enid arguing, because she wants to come with Carl as he’s getting ready to leave Alexandria. We cut back to the running man to see him fall and become surrounded by Saviors. Then we see Rick, Abraham, Sasha, and Eugene loading up into the RV. We cut back to the man in the woods, and he’s being lectured about breaking the rules by one of the Saviors. Back in the armory, Carl tricks Enid into the closet and locks her in. Out in the woods, the Saviors are savagely beating the man.

Back at the RV, Aaron insists that he comes along and Rick acquiesces. Then Father Gabriel comes up and lays out his detailed plans for protecting Alexandria, and also tells Rick that if anything happens, Judith’s safety will be his first priority. Rick and the crew roll out.

We cut back to Morgan, who’s riding his horse down the streets of a dead town, very reminiscent of Rick in Season One. He comes across Carol slumped in a doorway. She’s alive. “I told you not to come,” she says. He inspects her and finds that she’s got a nasty wound in her abdomen.

The Saviors drag the man out of the woods to a nearby street. The head Savior tells him that this is where they make an example out of him. We see a long shot of the group of Saviors blocking the road.

Cue opening credits.


When we return, we see the RV driving down a road at a good clip. Inside, Rick is talking to Maggie about getting to the doctor at The Hilltop. He gives her a little pep talk, but she’s clearly very worried about the baby.

Back in town, Morgan patches Carol up. He tells her that at dawn they will head back to town and get her some help, and she simply says, “No.”

Back at the RV, they come upon the Saviors with the beaten man in the street. They all get out of the RV and approach the Saviors. “He’s someone who was with a whole lot of someones who didn’t listen,” the head Savior tells them, referring to the beaten man lying at their feet.

Rick tells him they can make a deal, and the Savior agrees, telling Rick to give them all of their stuff. “All you have to do is listen,” he says. One of the saviors spray paints a V on the beaten man. Rick tells the Saviors that they’re leaving. “You want to make today your last day on earth?” Rick asks him. “No,” the Savior replies. “Maybe you should be extra nice to those people on that RV, because you never know. Be kind to each other. Like it was your last day on earth.” “You do the same.” Rick replies. Rick and the gang get back on the RV. The head savior kicks the beaten man in the head. Abraham slowly backs up the RV.

Back in the RV, Eugene and Sasha are trying to plan an alternate route to The Hilltop. We cut back to Morgan and Carol where Morgan is telling her that Rick came looking for her as well. They get into an argument about why Carol can’t be at Alexandria anymore. “If you care about people, there are people that you will kill for. If you don’t want to kill, or if you can’t, then you have to get away from them. You do not get both.”

“Out here on your own, you’ll die,” Morgan says. Carol tries to get him to leave, but Morgan refuses. Carol pulls a gun on him, but puts it down resignedly.

Back in the RV, Abraham asks Sasha if she thinks that they could raise a child. Sasha looks at him like he has three heads and asks, “Could you?” “Yeah,” he replies. “Now.”

Then they come upon another Saviors roadblock in the road. Sasha asks if they’re going to make a stand, but Rick realizes that they’ve been planning and it would be their five against the Saviors’ sixteen. He wants to do it their way. The RV backs up once again. The Saviors take some potshots into the air but let the RV go with no real trouble.

Back in the town, Morgan finds a walker hanging from a tower of some sort. There are more walkers outside a gate. Morgan climbs up the tower and dispatches the walker, then cuts it down. He returns to the library that he and Carol were in to find her gone. He goes outside to look for her and gets back on his horse, riding off to find her.


Back in the RV, the group is realizing that the Saviors have some significant numbers, and then they come upon yet another roadblock. This time, it’s a line of walkers chained across the road. They realize that some of the walkers have something on them that belongs to one of the group: Michonnes hair, Daryl’s arrow, etc.

Suddenly automatic gunfire rings out all around them. They scatter and Rick yells for them to get back to the RV. Sasha fires back into the woods and Rick, under heavy fire, cuts apart one of the walkers and shoots a bunch of them to clear the road. They finally get back into the RV and drive off.


Back in the RV, Rick says, “They were firing at our feet. They want us to go this direction.” Aaron tells Rick that Maggie’s burning up, and then the RV comes across another roadblock, this time manned by about 40 saviors or so. “Go back,” Rick says. “Where?” Abraham asks.

Morgan is riding his horse through another section of town when he sees a freshly killed walker and spies Carol’s rosary on the ground next to it. We then see Carol walking next to an abandoned building of sorts, clearly still in pain. She’s attacked by a walker that almost gets the better of her but manages to stab it in the head. Just then, she’s tackled by the Savior that’s been following them. He pulls a gun on her and tells her that she’s going to lie there and he’s going to watch her die slow. Then he shoots her in the arm.


Back in the RV Rick is comforting Maggie, who is pale and sweaty and not in good shape at all. Rick tries to reassure her that they’re going to get to the Hilltop safely and the baby is going to be okay. “I believe in you, Rick,” she says.

Back in town, Carol starts laughing. The Savior gets angry with her, asking “What’s wrong with you?” “I’m gonna die, so there’s nothing wrong with me anymore. ” The Savior smiles and shoots her in the leg. Then he turns and walks away. Carol taunts him for walking away, and he turns back and walks up to her, pointing his gun at her head. “Stop.” It’s Morgan, he’s got a gun pointed at the Savior. Morgan begs him to stop and tells him he can survive this, but the Savior says no and aims at Carol. Morgan unloads the gun into him and kills him. “Please just let me go,” Carol says. “Not your time,” Morgan replies.


Suddenly, the man with the armor from last episode appears behind him, with another man in armor on a horse. “I found your horse. Found my friend too. She needs some help,” Morgan says. “Then lets get you some help,” the man says. He puts his hand out and Morgan shakes it.

Back at the RV, the group comes across a huge roadblock made of giant fallen trees. As they’re looking at it, the beaten man is thrown over the overpass behind them and hung to death in a noose. Then the logs start to burn. The Savior from their first encounter on the road taunts them from behind the burning roadblock. They get back in the RV and drive off again.


A little later, the RV is parked and the group are trying to figure out a plan. Eugene lays out a plan to keep the RV moving, because that’s what the Saviors are after, while the rest of the group sets off on foot. Eugene gives Rick a “recipe” for making bullets, and Rick thanks him for everything. Abraham and Eugene have a nice moment. “You’re a survivor,” Abraham tells him, “You always were. We just didn’t know it.” Abraham puts out his hand, and Eugene hugs him. Abraham hugs him back.

Next, the group is making their way in the dark, carrying Maggie. Carl dispatches a walker. Carl says to Rick, “I heard what you told her. We can do anything and we will.” Then we hear the whistling again and see Saviors coming out of the woods. The group starts to run and suddenly a spotlight shines on them. They are surrounded by dozens and dozens of Saviors, and they see the RV parked behind them all. Eugene is tied up and on his knees. There are Saviors with guns as far as the eye can see. Frankly, its pretty terrifying.


The first head Savior shows up and says, “Good, you made it.” and takes the group’s weapons. He gets them all on their knees. “Lots to cover,” he says. He calls out Dwight, who opens up a truck and pulls out Daryl (he’s alive), Rosita, Glenn, and Michonne. The head savior knocks on the door of the RV and finally… FINALLY… we see Negan. He steps out of the RV carrying a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.


He asks which one is the leader, and the head Savior identifies. Rick. Negan says, “Hi, I’m Negan, and I do not appreciate you killing my men. You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes. You don’t mess with the new world order. The new world order is this: Give me your shit, or I will kill you.”

Negan launches into a speech about how things are going to be from now on. “This is your life now. The more you fight back, the harder it will be.You didn’t really think that you were gonna get through this without being punished did you? I don’t want to kill you people. You work for me. You can’t do that if you’re dead. But you killed a whole damn lot of my people. And for that, you gotta pay.”


Negan introduces his bat to Rick. “This is Lucille, and she is awesome.” Negan sees Maggie and tells her he should just put her out of her misery. Glenn yells no and rushes Negan, but he’s subdued. Negan taunts them and draws it out. Then he starts whistling. Finally he starts counting eenie meeny money mo.

He finally settles on one of the group, and we see Negan and Lucille from that person’s perspective. He tells the rest of the group that they can breathe, blink, or cry, but nobody better move or they’re going to cut Carl’s other eye out and feed it to Rick. Then he hauls Lucille up into the air and savagely brings it down on the head of the unknown group member. We see blood start to cover the camera, and we hear several more horrible crunching hits, but we never see who it is.

Fade to black.

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