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This week’s Blindspot is heavy on Dr. Borden, which is great, because I’ve been wondering where he’s been.

Swift Hardhearted Stone begins with the discovery of a little girl covering in blood and scratches. She’s found wandering the streets and taken to a hospital where Dr. Borden works. He’s called in for a consult, because aside from the scratches, the girl is healthy, but she’s not speaking. He goes in to take to her, and sees her drawing in a sketch book. Her drawings are amazingly detailed, and one of them is an exact match to a tattoo on Jane.

Borden takes the info to the FBI. The drawing is of the Ahmadi family crest. The Ahmadis are a terror group out of Syria (because of course it’s a terror group), and the little girl is Maya Ahmadi, daughter of Tarek Ahmadi, one of the top dogs of the group. Maya also happens to have a severe case of autism, which is why she is non-verbal.

Mayfair wants to go through Maya’s sketchbook, because Maya has a photographic memory and is an incredibly gifted artist. However, due to her autism, she is not likely to give up the only thing she owns. They resort to somewhat nontraditional means to retrieve it. They have Jane talk to her, tell Maya her story, and show her the sketchbook Jane uses to clear her head. Maya begins to trust Jane, and allows her to take the sketchbook.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Russell Franklin, has been contacted. He has knowledge of the Ahmadis and fills Mayfair and the team in on the situation. A few days ago, three members of the Ahmadis snuck into the US using fake papers. He doesn’t know how Maya got into the country, but if she is here, then her mother, Nermin, will most likely be with her. They need to find her.

weller jane

Using one of Maya’s drawings, they are able to determine the general area Maya was in. They go to that specific street, and start searching for signs as to which building they need to look at. Weller spots some broken glass in the street, looks up, and sees a broken window with barbed wire on it. That seems like a good place to investigate. They have to break into the apartment, and when they do, they discover Nermin, dead and with her tongue cut out.

Thanks to Maya’s attention to detail, Tasha and reade are able to run some of Maya’s drawings through facial recognition. They get a hit. Jeremy Rance, a well known journalist, who has interviewed dangerous men like cartel leaders. They bring him in, but Jeremy won’t give up any information about the Ahmadis. At least, he doesn’t until Weller informs him of Nermin’s murder.

The deal was he would get Nermin and Maya into the country safely in exchange for an exclusive. They met once and were supposed to meet again. Nermin had been shunned by the family because of Maya’s autism. He never thought the Ahmadis would follow them into the country. Knowing that he is likely now a target, and as a way to try and make things right, Jeremy offers himself as bait. He goes back to his apartment, where he is attacked, but Jane is there to assist, and together they take out the three attackers. These are the guys who snuck into the country and one of them is determined to be Nermin’s murderer.

Maya’s grandmother has been located in a refugee camp in Germany. While they are trying to contact her, Mayfair wants to attempt to debrief Maya, but she may also still be in danger. Over Russell’s protests, they decide to use a cottage Dr. Borden owns as a temporary safe house. Patterson volunteers to go as back up. Weller and Jane go to back up the back up.

protecting maya

They arrive at the cottage. It’s a work in progress, there are signs of construction everywhere, and they get settled in. Weller tries to cook for Maya, but she doesn’t eat. Jane tries a banana, but no luck. Then Weller gets the brilliant to try the most essential food group of them all, chocolate. Finally, Maya eats. However, they decide they probably shouldn’t feed Maya only chocolate while they’re there, so Weller and Jane leave to get more food.

Mayfair and Russell finally get through to Maya’s grandmother, Rasha. Through a translator, she speaks with Mayfair, and the other shoe drops. Nermin was not the target. Maya was. Her sketchbook contains the faces of all the members of the Ahmadis.

Everyone goes into overdrive. Maya needs to be put in protective custody ASAP. Reade and Tasha are on the way to the cottage. They call Weller, who turns the car around, and he and Jane rush to get back to Maya, Borden, and Patterson.

Patterson and Borden get to have a few flirty moments, but then the power goes out. This has never happened. The landline is also down. She and Borden immediately start looking for weapons. There are none, except for Patterson’s side piece, but Patterson is able to Macguyver some of the construction equipment into a few weapons.

While they’re doing that, Maya leaves the house. Patterson and Borden race to get her, just as a black SUV approaches and the men inside open fire on all of them. Patterson covers Borden as he get Maya inside. She takes down several men. Borden has Maya hide in a closet, while he goes to hep Patterson. In a move that is a little reminiscent of Home Alone, but deadlier, Borden saves Patterson by using a nail gun on one man’s head. He’s in shock, but Patterson keeps them moving. The house is surrounded, so Patterson leads them upstairs.

patterson on rooof

By now, Reade, Tasha, Weller, and Jane have all arrived. They are helping outside. Patterson exits one of the upstairs windows, and is about to shoot a nearby gunman, but Weller waives her off and takes care of him. Knowing that there is some help, Patterson instructs Borden to take Maya off the roof and she’ll follow shortly. He does, and Patterson goes to the chimney, grabs a rope, throws it over the chimney, and lights it up. Then she runs. She hurts her ankle getting off the cottage, but a hurt ankle is nothing compared to what would have happened had she been any closer to the cottage, which has gloriously exploded with all the men inside.

In the aftermath, Russell arrives at the scene, yells at everyone for putting Maya in jeopardy, and  puts her in his car to take her to into protective custody. Borden tries to talk him out of it, saying Maya will close up and won’t communicate. He offers to ride along with them, but Russell refuses. Maya is distressed and she holds up a picture of a hand with a scar and a ring on it. Borden is confused, until he looks at Russell’s hand. Maya’s safety was compromised by Russell. Russell takes Borden at gunpoint, and claims no one understands. Weller tells him to put the gun down and explain it to them. Russell won’t, but Maya opens the car door, hitting Russell’s leg, allowing Borden to get away and Weller to shoot Russell in the shoulder.

It turns out Russell had been funneling money to the Ahmadis in the hope that they would use the money to overthrow the Assad government. Instead, they went on to become an even bigger terrorist group. The three guys who snuck into the US weren’t even Ahmadi. They were members of a group Russell put together.

Maya is reunited with her grandmother. She is still a threat to the Ahmadis, so the CIA and FBI will work to put out false intel stating Maya died at the cottage.

Patterson apologizes to Borden for blowing up his cottage. He’s okay with it. It means he gets to start from scratch. Patterson offers to help paint his walls, once he finally has walls. Borden takes her up on it, and thus we see the beginning of at the very least, a new friendship, maybe one day, more.

mayfair alexandra

When she’s not dealing with Maya and the Ahmadis, Mayfair is trying to move on from Sofia Varma. She replays her reappearance, and decides she’s done. She burns love notes, cards, and other memories as a way to clean the slate. She almost chickens out when Alexandra contacts her to meet up, but she’s Mayfair; she doesn’t back down from a challenge. She agrees to go to Alexandra’s hotel room for drinks. Alexandra tries to help Mayfair feel less nervous and promises they can take things slow, but Mayfair needs a moment, and leaves the room to get ice. When she returns, she’s good, but Alexandra isn’t. She’s been stabbed. The phone is ringing. Mayfair picks up and is told to stop looking into Tom’s disappearance or she will be next.

Other points of interest:

~ Oscar gives Jane another mission. He hands her a flash drive and asks her to use in on any computer at the FBI. They need to copy some files. It should be untraceable. Because she remembers the threat to Weller, Jane does it.

~ Oscar opens up to Jane. He invites her to a loft where jazz is playing. There’s a jam session happening above them. The song being played was one his mom used to play. She was a jazz musician before she died when he was a child. Jane takes this small insight into Oscar as a way to ask him to let her meet the others in the group. Not now. Oscar tries to get close to Jane, but she leaves instead, and later, tails him to his apartment.

~ Jane takes Weller up on the offer to join family game night. Jane agrees. Sawyer is the reigning champ. Weller and Jane also talk about Weller’s dad, and how Weller wanted to be like him, but now, due to his dangerous line of work, he can’t imaging ever having a family. Weller doesn’t think he could be the type of dad he wants to be. Jane disagrees. She thinks Weller would make a great dad.

~ Dr. Borden’s first name is Robert. And now only Patterson is left without one. Part of me doesn’t want her to have a first name. Leave that as a mystery we only get the answer to during the very last episode of Blindspot.

~ Dr. Borden has played Oregon Trail and is a One Direction fan. I feel like he is the biggest mystery of them all on the show.

~ Reade and Tasha’s partnership is being affected by Reade’s reluctance to tell her what is going on with him. Reade noticed Tasha digging into the Tom Carter files and told her to back off. Tasha asks why and only gets an “It’s complicated.” In her frustration, she decides to play it very straight with him. She tells him she knows something isn’t right with Tom’s disappearance. She thinks Mayfair has something to do with it, because everyone seems to die around Mayfair. Reade disagrees and believes Mayfair is the one person who has always had their backs. They are at odds over this, and Tasha makes it clear she will keep digging.

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