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Captain America: Civil War is already 2016’s highest grossing film so far. However, today it reaches a notable milestone: raking in $1 billion dollars at the combined foriegn and domestic box-office.

This makes it the first billion dollar film to be released this year. Although Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice had the potential to get that kind of return on investment, its dismal reviews from both critics and fans clearly kept it from soaring in movie ticket sales. Marvel remains the unrivaled king of the comic book box-office for now.

Notably, Disney also produced this year’s current box-office runner-up Zootopia, which now stands at just under a billion in revenue (approx $975 million) so far, and it also holds the #4 spot with The Jungle Book, which is still pending release in a few markets such as Korea and Japan.

Captain America: Civil War has been in the theater domestically for 15 days so far, and 24 days in foriegn markets. It has some low-level competition in the form of Angry Birds and Neighbors 2 this weekend, but the real heavy-hitters come out to play next week with the debut of X-Men: Apocolypse (another Marvel-based franchise produced by 20th Century Fox) and Alice Through the Looking Glass, also a Disney property.

While the issue of comic book film-fatigue remains an increasingly popular talking point, it is clear from Civil War‘s current ticket sales that audiences are still more than happy to flood the theater for a superhero yarn that delivers a quality movie-going experience.

Source: Comicbook.com

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  • Superheroes may misunderstand and they make mistakes but, ultimately, they are morally incorruptible. If they find themselves on the wrong side of a fight it’s because they’ve misunderstood the nature of the problem. However, when reality finally hits home we can rely on them to admit their error and go off to fight together in the name of Truth, Justice and the American Way. People who die are unavoidable collateral damage, superheroes are beyond reproach and we need them too much to limit their powers. The world is just too scary and too dangerous to shackle the mighty with red tape and bureaucracy. Superheroes are better than us mere mortals, not just more powerful but also more moral. They don’t need to follow the same rules we do.

    After Winter Soldier I was under the (apparently mistaken) belief that Marvel’s Capt. America franchise was criticising neoliberal America. There was all that stuff about the ends not justifying the means and about how politicians use terror to convince the population they need to be oppressed for their own good. How wrong could I be! Now I see that it’s actually the opposite. It pretends to be anti-establishment but really it’s just about justifying a sense of self-entitlement. Like Donald Trump, Capt. America criticises the State for oppressing people whilst simultaneously adhering to exactly the sort of high-handed moral superiority that inevitably leads to that oppression. He (I mean Capt. America) obviously skipped school on the day they taught the importance of checks-and-balances and why one of the central principles of US Democracy is that of the separation of powers.

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