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Candace Payne

By now, we’ve all seen the video posted by Candace Payne, having the time of her life, trying on a Chewbacca mask. Currently, the video has 142,101,409 views, and has gotten the attention of media outlets such as Good Morning America, The Washington Post, NPR, and as well as people like James Corden and Star Wars Episode VII director, JJ Abrams.

James Corden invited Candace to come on the Late Late Show and hang out in the car with him. JJ Abrams surprised her. Candace said meeting JJ “blew her world away,” but  little did she know, there was still more to come.

Back at the studio, James informed Candace he had received a message from Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew. The message read, “Candace, you are an inspiration. Your attitude and lovely message really resonates and with spreading the good word of Star Wars with a heart, well, it’s so much of why we do what we do. I’d love to get to meet you and your family in person. In two weeks we have the Dallas Fan Expo in your hometown and my hometown. I have acquired four VIP passes for you and your family to come to the show. I’ve also set up a private meet and greet so we can catch up while you’re there. All my love, Peter.

As you can see from the video below, Candace can’t believe what’s happening, and her response makes this even better. I adore this woman!


Source: YouTube

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