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Creepy Old Lady Damien

The Season 1 Finale of Damien begins with Damien and Simone running through the woods away from Sister Greta and her cult. They run into a convoy of military trucks that are being commanded by John Lyons. John pleads with Damien to trust him, but Damien won’t have it. John tells Damien just how powerful Armitage is, and that the entire company is ready for his rule. When Damien still refuses, John orders the soldiers to shoot Simone in the head, and then to capture Damien. However, Damien uses his otherworldly power to cause the soldiers to shoot each other, and the last soldier standing to shoot himself. Damien and Simone are then able to make their escape, and John Lyons is left all alone.

Damien Controls the Soldiers

Ann Rutledge and Amani have made it back home with a deceased Veronica. Amani tells Ann that her daughter’s death is her own fault. Ann brought her into this world of darkness, and therefore it is her fault that Veronica is now dead. Ann has her goons remove Amani from the room, and she breaks down in tears. John shows up at Ann’s house and tells her that they have to move. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for, and they can’t lose Damien now.

Ann Mourns Veronica

John returns to the woods with more soldiers and retrieves Sister Greta. Sister Greta feels that she has failed, but Lyons tells her that she has not failed, but turned the Beast loose. He asks her where Damien went, but she does not know. John then tells his soldiers to bring Greta along with them, but to kill the other members of her group.

Sister Greta Damien

A bloody, shirtless Damien is walking across a bridge and he and Simone begin to steal a car from a woman driving near them. The woman exits her car and immediately starts to profess her love for Damien. She is about to throw herself over the bridge when Simone stops her. Simone asks Damien to help her save the woman, but he seems more concerned with taking her car. Eventually, Simone slaps the woman, and she seems to snap out of her state a little. Simone doesn’t want to leave the woman alone, but eventually the gets into the car with Damien and they drive away.

Damien Steals A Car

John has brought Sister Greta to Ann Rutledge. Ann wants revenge for her daughter. Ann takes great pleasure in pointing out, once again, Sister Greta’s epic failure in trying to stop the Anti-Christ. Sister Greta says that her failure does not matter, because there are others at the Vatican who will pick up where she left off, and will succeed.

We are then taken to the Vatican, where a monk is gathering up the remaining Daggers of Megiddo into a steel briefcase. Several other monks pack various blades into similar briefcases, and then they all leave to go to war against the Anti-Christ.

Daggers of Megiddo

Damien and Simone arrive at the mobile home where Damien accosted Charles Powell. Damien cleans his wounds while Simone looks around. Simone finds pictures of Damien and Charles, and questions where they are. Damien tells her that it belonged to someone he went to school with, and that he killed him, too. Simone begins to clutch the Dagger of Megiddo she retrieved from Sister Greta closely, but Damien tells her that it will take a lot more than that if she wants to protect herself from him.

Meanwhile, Sister Greta is slowly bleeding to death while Ann taunts her. Ann and Sister Greta then get into an argument as to whether Satan or God is the better Lord. Neither is willing to change their opinions, and Ann tells Sister Greta that Satan is God.

Lyons questions Amani as to where Damien is. Amani doesn’t know, but Lyons doesn’t believe him. Amani asks what Lyons wants of Damien, but John won’t answer. John threatens Amani’s living relatives in order to try to get an answer out of Amani. John tells Amani that it’s too late for loyalty.

John Threatens Amani

In the mobile home, Damien tells Simone to run. Simone tells him that she’s dead if she leaves, so she’s not going to go anywhere. Damien tries to push her away by saying that he killed Kelly, and he doesn’t want to kill Simone. It doesn’t work, and Simone begins to clean Damien’s wounds. There’s a brief moment when she cleans his feet that is very reminiscent of Jesus cleaning the disciple’s feet in the New Testament. In this case, however, the disciple is cleaning the lord’s foot, further perpetuating the mirrored aspect between the Christ and the Anti-Christ.

Damien's Jesus Metaphor

John and Ann have brought Sister Greta and Amani to the site where Damien was tortured. John orders Amani to put Sister Greta into the grave that had been dug for Damien. John tells Amani that if he doesn’t, he will destroy Amani’s hometown. Sister Greta tries to comfort Amani, and Amani slowly lets her down into the grave. John then shoots Amani in the stomach, and pushes him into the grave. Sister Greta holds Amani, cries, and prays. She is not ready to die. However, as she is praying, one of John’s henchmen begins to pour dirt on them.

Amani and Sister Greta in Their Grave

Damien tells Simone that he plans on going against Armitage and the church. Simone tries to appeal to who he used to be, telling him that he isn’t a killer. Damien disagrees, though, and in that moment flies begin to pour out of Simone’s mouth. It almost seems as if she is about to die, but Damien grabs her arms and tells her that she’s ok, and the flies disappear. We then see that the mysterious old woman is standing outside of the mobile home, smiling.

Creepy Old Lady Damien

Ann and John have their goons searching for Damien, but they are having no luck. They feel as if they are on the even of Damien’s ascension, and they need to be with him. Neither Ann nor John know where Damien could be, however, when John says to set the church on fire, Ann realizes where Damien is, at the mobile home of the friend whom he set on fire.

After a quick scene where we see a hand pop out of the filled in grave, we see Detective shay driving down the road. He hallucinates hitting his son with his car. After he realizes it is nothing more than a hallucination, he continues on his journey.

Hand From The Grave Damien

A monk is waiting on a helicopter to land. The monks from the Vatican we saw earlier are exiting the helicopter with their silver suitcases in tow. They all get into unmarked vehicles and keep traveling.

Detective Shay has arrived at the Mobile home where Simone is sleeping, and Damien is looking at the Dagger of Megiddo. Simone wakes up to find Damien staring at her. Damien tells her that he is going to go to Megiddo. He knows that is where Armageddon is supposed to be fought, his father went there, and the daggers are from there, so he must go there.

Damien has a plan

Simone and Damien are able to sneak away just as Ann and John arrive with their soldiers. Damien and Simone are running from the soldiers, but Detective Shay stops them. Damien uses his powers to have the soldiers take out Shay with a flash bang, and he and Simone continue running. Eventually, the soldiers surround Damien and Simone. As they are trapped, John and Ann approach them. Damien reminds Ann that she swore never to hurt him, and Ann says she is there to protect him. Damien says that if they let Simone go, he will go with them. John begins to say that he will allow Simone to live, but Ann cuts him off and tells Damien that John is lying. She tells Damien that John will kill Simone, just as he killed Amani earlier. When Damien hears about Amani’s death, he is livid. Rottweilers appear and attack John. Simone tries to calm Damien down, because she does not want Damien to become a killer. However, Shay catches up with them in that moment, and accidentally shoots Simone in the head. Damien is beside himself with grief. He screams to the heavens that he will do whatever it takes if Simone is allowed to live. In an otherworldly voice, he commits his soul to his father, Satan. With this declaration, the birthmark on his scalp begins to bleed, and when the blood drops onto Simone, she is resurrected. Damien helps Simone to her feet, and when they look around they see that everyone around them is kneeling before Damien. Apparently this pleases Damien, and he begins to smile, ending the episode, and the season.

The Beast has Ascended

This episode was insane. I wanted to give it a standing ovation. It definitely deserved it. Damien has now come full circle and has ascended as the Beast. I really wonder what this is going to mean for the character. I really hope that the struggle between the light and dark is not gone now. What has made this season so completely compelling is the inner struggle that Damien has been fighting with. Bradley James has done such an amazing job playing into that duality, too. Also, what does the resurrection mean for Simone? Is she going to be the same, pure good character we saw this season? Or is she going to come back with a little extra darkness within her? I will eagerly wait for Season 2 to find out!

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  • When he said ‘father I commit my soul’ I thought he meant god! They should have written it as Satan, father. I only found out by reading this review that it was Satan he was talking to. . My friend watching thought the same and we were confused. Would have been brilliant if we’d have known. …

  • A few of us were watching and when he said ‘father’ we assumed he meant god. That sucked ! Had to Google it to figure out who ‘father’was …. Satan or god. Why didn’t they just say satan? Grrr

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