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Deadline has posted a first look at the doc about Neil Gaiman, the patron saint of geeks and fantasy lovers everywhere.

The documentary about Gaiman, (exalted just as much by yours truly as the next nerd over) is told from his point of view interspersed by interviews with Terry PratchettBill HaderMichael SheenLenny HenryWil WheatonLev GrossmanBrea GrantMerillee HeifetzCharles BrownsteinSam KeithJill ThompsonColleen Doran and more. George R.R. MartinJonathan RossJohn BarrowmanGrant Morrison, and Phillip Pullman also make appearances during chats with Gaiman. The doc chronicles Gaiman’s life as a young boy through his time writing the seminal The Sandman, up through his chilling stories Coraline and The Graveyard Book.

Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously will be released on Vimeo. You can watch the trailer and pre-order the film (available Jul 8, 2016) here!

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