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Arya is Training Blind

The following recap contains massive spoilers (DUH). Please don’t read ahead unless you are perfectly ok with that fact or have seen the episode.

After last week’s incredibly mean cliffhanger, the wait is over. This week’s Game of Thrones begins Ser Davos looking upon a newly resurrected Jon Snow in disbelief. Davos asks Jon what he can remember, and Jon tells him that he remembers being stabbed, but that’s it. Davos explains that Melisandre brought him back. Melisandre then enters and asks Jon what he saw after he died, but Jon says there was nothing. Davos asks Melisandre to let him have a moment alone with Jon. Jon asks Davos why he was he back, and Davos tells him that it doesn’t matter, but that Jon just needs to fight as hard as he can to make sure things are set right. Jon thinks that he failed before, but Davos has faith in him. They exit the room so that Jon can present himself to the rest of Castle Black. Those waiting outside can’t believe their eyes. The Wildlings believe Jon must be some sort of god to be able to return from the dead.

Jon Snow Lives

Sam is not fairing the sea well. Gilly tries to take his mind off of it, but it is of no use, seasickness has gotten the best of him. Gilly is excited to see the Citadel and can’t understand why she can’t be there with Sam, even if they don’t allow women. She was in Castle Black, which doesn’t allow women, and so why should Oldtown be any different. Sam tells her that he is taking her and Little Sam to his hometown, to live with his family, while he becomes a master. He wants Gilly and Little Sam to be safe. Gilly eventually acquiesces and says that she trusts him, and considers him to be the father of her son. They almost share a kiss, but Sam throws up instead.

Sam Is Sick

We are then cut to The Three-Eyed Crow and Bran watching another memory from Eddard’s past. The time is just after Rhaegar has been assassinated and Eddard has come to retrieve his sister. Upon asking to see his sister, a fight breaks out between Eddard and his men, and Ser Arther Dane and his men. It was a story that Bran had heard a lot of times, and he knew that his father would win that fight. However, how Bran had heard it, wasn’t how it played out. Howland Reed, Meera’s father, stabbed Eddard’s foe in the back, therefore giving Eddard the upper hand. After the fight is over, Eddard hears a woman screaming from the top of the tower. Bran wants to follow his father to the top of the tower, but the Three-Eyed Crow tells him that’s enough for that day. Bran protests, but the Three-Eyed Crow doesn’t give him an option. He ends the vision and the two are returned to the cave.

Young Eddard Stark

Meanwhile, Daenerys is being brought to the house where the other Khaleesi who have lost their Khals go. She is stripped of her clothing and given a new dress to wear. Daenerys protests being kept there, but another Khal widow tells her that she will be lucky if she is allowed to stay there, since she did what was forbidden by going out into the world after her Khal died.

Khaleesi is Marched

In Meereen, Varys calls for Vala in order get information on the Sons of the Harpy. Vala assumes that Varys wants to torture her, but Varys says that he gets information from people by making them happy, not by torturing them. Varys lets Vala know that he knows about her son, Dom, and about his asthma. Varys offers her a new life for her and her son in exchange for information. Varys will not only send them to a new land in order to protect them from the Sons of the Harpy, but also offers her a bag of silver in order to get on their feet.

Varys is a spider at work

In the royal conference room, Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Missandei are trying to kill time until Varys arrives. Tyrion asks them what Grey Worm and Missandei talk about when no one else is around. Apparently, they don’t talk about anything other than reports. Tyrion proposes playing a game, but just as he is explaining the game, Varys arrives. Varys got the information that they had been looking for about the Sons of the Harpy. Three rich foreign cities, the Masters of Astapor, the Wise Masters of Yunkai, and Volantis are funding the Sons of the Harpy. Tyrion asks Varys if his birds can get a message to the three cities. Varys says yes.

Tyrion Smiling

In King’s Landing, Qyborn is busy trying to buy the affections of the children Varys used to get his information. Qyborn offers them candied plums from Dorne in return for the whispers the children hear. Ser Gregor Clegane, The Mountain, enters with Cersei and Jaime. Jaime asks if Ser Gregor can kill the militants. Cersei says that even if he could, he would not be able to over take them all, but it won’t matter, since he will only have to take out one. Jaime realizes that Cersei means to use The Mountain in a trial by combat. Cersei also tells Qyborn that she wants “little birds” (the name given to the children spies) in all major cities. She wants to know anything and everything going on.

Maester Pycelle is voicing his concerns about Qyborn to the royal council. As he is talking about having The Mountain destroyed when Cersei, Jaime, and The Mountain enter. The small council tells Cersei that she has no place on the council, as she is not the queen, and even though Jaime technically could have a seat on the council, the council refuses to discuss matters in front of them.

Game of Thrones

Tommen goes to The High Sparrow to order him to allow Cersei see Myrcella’s final resting place. The High Sparrow refuses, as he feels Cersei has not completed atoning. Tommen reminds High Sparrow that he is king, and therefore High Sparrow should respect his wishes. High Sparrow tells Tommen that is it not himself, but the gods who want Cersei to finish repenting. He also tells Tommen, that a great ruler accepts the council of the gods, since a great ruler knows they are the wisest council of them all.

High Sparrow

In the House of Black and White, Arya is beginning new training. She has to truly give up who she was. Arya is still blind, and has to train as such. She trains in fighting, potion making, and also has to tell her story to The Waif. The scene is difficult to watch, since much of it is Arya getting the tar whipped out of her. However, by the end of the scene, she has gotten better, and is finally able to block The Waif’s hits, and is even able to land one of her own. Jaqen approaches Arya upon seeing her improvements, and asks Arya who she is. Arya says she is no one, and Jaqen allows her to drink from the well, giving her back her eyes. He then asks her one last time who she is, and she still replies, “no one.”

Arya is Training Blind

Ramsay Bolton is discussing the fate of the North with Lord Umber. Ramsay tells Lord Umber that if he swears loyalty to Ramsay as Lord of the North, then he will assist Umber in fighting Jon Snow and the Wildling armies he may bring with him. Lord Umber refuses to kneel, however, and offers a present instead, a wild female and a young boy. However, when he removes the bags from their heads, we see that it’s actually Osha and Rickon Stark whom Umber has captured. Ramsay asks who the boy is, and Lord Umber informs him of the boy’s true identity. Ramsay asks how he knows it’s really Rickon, and Lord Umber presents the head of Rickon’s direwolf, Shaggydog.

Rickon Stark

At Castle Black, Jon Snow is preparing to have all of the dissenters hanged. One of them states that it’s not right that Jon Snow is still alive. Jon replies that it wasn’t right for them to murder him, either. Ser Allister stands by his decision to kill Jon, as he feels that Jon betrayed the Watch by fighting alongside Wildlings. Jon then cuts the rope, and hangs his murders. Afterwards, he hands off his robe and announces that his watch has ended, and he leaves Castle Black.

Jon Snow's Watch is Over

This episode didn’t give us a whole lot of earth shattering information, but did move the story along nicely. We now know who the big bads behind the Sons of the Harpy are, we know a little more about the predicament Khaleesi has gotten herself into, and Ramsay now has Rickon and Osha in his possession. I’m really curious as to what is going through Jon Snow’s mind. What is he going to do now that he’s left the watch? We will just have to wait to see.

Game of Thrones airs live on HBO and simultaneously streams on HBO Go on Sundays at 9PM ET.

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